Oh, Yes, “Creating Change”

You might recall that last year, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force waited until the last possible moment to remember that L in NGLTF stands for Lesbians. As a result of pressure put on NGLTF by Lesbian activists, NGLTF begrudgingly allowed Lesbians to have our own caucus for actual lesbians (that is, women-born-women, not men who think they are women) – hence, the Lesbian Caucus was born.

What a difference a year makes, right? This year is going to be the year of the Lesbian resurgence. I mean, the Lesbian Caucus has a 600-woman strong Facebook group!


I joke.

Here is the 152-page Creating Change Program.

There’s not much in it for Lesbians.

Oh, there’s a “Lesbian Caucus,” though.



Ok, so NGLTF is probably NOT going to recognize that Lesbian means Female Homosexual.

But at least they care about Rape Culture, right?

lc1Oh, but there MUST be a session on the Cotton Ceiling, which is, of course, supports  “unwanted sexual demands, pressure, propositions, or requests for sexual activities.”


Ok, but surely NGLTF recognizes that Women have a right to establish boundaries, right? I mean, they used to support women-only space.lc2Nope.

This doesn’t surprise you, right?

Have fun in Hot-Lanta with all the Heterosexuals, my Lesbian sisters.

The change you are creating looks pretty retrogressive and woman-hating, NGLTF.

Oh, and sticky.



  1. Yeah, dirty pool, how ’bout we have women’s, men’s and mixed, so each has a choice? I personally don’t want penises in MY bathroom! Or to have to deal with misses on the toilet seat, or sitting down and the seat is up, and I end up on cold porcelain! This is NOT a safe environment for born FEMALES. You wouldn’t do it to little girls, well some of us grown women feel the same way! But then, ah, the trans agenda comes first, Lesbians last! And that whole ‘Lesbian identified’ business, I feel so much like a Lesbian, even though I retain a ‘ladystick’. PLEASE!

    600 strong, and NGTLF still hasn’t learned….nor has their Lesbian lackeys who go along with it all, like Sue Hyde! where ARE the Lesbian advocates?
    Guess we’ll have to have OUR OWN WBW conferences, or go to Michfest, which if there’s any way I can financially swing it, I WILL!

    1. So what exactly IS the Facebook group doing about this, Feisty?

  2. Oh, and I’m used to pissing in male environments. I mean you work on a construction site and have to go after the men in their outhouses, with their HUGE drawings of cocks and vaginas and various insults against other men for being ‘fags’ or against women, ect. and then a pool of pee in the pee urinal, that one has to make sure one doesn’t brush up against in sitting on the toilet….or drop one’s tools by..I mean, going after men is NASTY! So it’s nice when we HAVE OUR OWN female bathrooms on the jobsite with locks on them that only WE know the code, cuz then our bathrooms stay clean and no offensive nasty sexist graffiti or piss pools. I mean I’m USED to going after the men in their outhouses, but I HATE IT. Same when I go to a street fair, I go early in the day, before the drunk men come out and piss all over the stalls…peeing or using the toilet after men is NASTY, and gay men are just as nasty to use the bathroom after as straight men, tTHERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!!! So if you want a ‘gender neutral’ bathroom , designate ONE. But some of us don’t want ‘gender neutral’ bathrooms cuz men are such apes they mark their territory with their urine or don’t give a damn about others, espeically women who come behind them! THIS I know from too many experiences…give me a women’s room anytime!

  3. Are there any good charities or advocacy groups that are actually for lesbians? I’d like to keep it in mind for donations when I have money.

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  5. LC is DEFINITELY BY AND FOR WBW Lesbians! No doubt about it, which is why I continue to subscribe to it….OLOC I know is debating about ‘trans inclusion’, I don’t know what the outcome is, but a friend of mine who is in OLOC is hearing the debate constantly…..

    1. Sorry, the Lesbian Caucus seems to be for “Lesbian Identified” people. Good luck with the Facebook group, cause that’s really more important than defending a RL boundary.

  6. No, LC, LESBIAN CONNECTION, the magazine…..they state very explicitly in the back that they ONLY take commentary, articles, ect. from WBW(bio female) LESBIANS…and they have been a Lesbian institution for close to 30 years, maybe more….

    1. Yes, I know.

      So no thoughts about the Lesbian Caucus?

  7. Lesbian Caucus GROUP, the online Facebook group, feels VERY STRONGLY about keeping it for WBW Lesbians ONLY. That whole debate came up again this week when an individual claimed she was ‘genderqueer’ or something like that and that she had been on the group for months and found it to be ‘transphobic’ because it supports a Lesbian/Female Homosexual WBW only policy. Basically there was post after post stating how strongly we all felt about KEEPING the group with that focus, and she eventually left, and the moderators eventually took that particular thread down after many posts and when she left. So the GROUP is very strongly supportive of Lesbian and WBW space and Being. (I hate the term ‘identity’ cuz it seems too shallow and too easy to manipulate these days).

    On the OTHER HAND, it is the 3 Lesbian workshop(s) at Creating Change this year which have been listed as for those who are ‘Lesbian Identified’, which basically means ANYBODY, including the born male who consider themselves a “Lesbian” could come, and that Sue Hyde and the Program committee DID NOT take ANY of the suggestions offered by the group to heart..and members felt sold out once again by Creating Change, in a group of 600 WBW Lesbians. It is one of the few Lesbian groups I can really support at this time online….the group made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR they wanted more WBW Lesbian workshops, to 20 trans ones! Creating Change won’t be getting MY business!
    -That’s my two Cents,

    1. Y’all did nothing to make Creating Change or its Lesbian Caucus WBW. But so long as a Facebook group is a “safe space,” that’s magick.

      Plot, you’ve been lost.

  8. Best one can do is vote with one’s pocketbook, not attend and go elsewhere..for me that would be Michfest.

    1. No, I don’t think so.

      1. Well, then, what do YOU recommend, that will WORK? Other than create our OWN Lesbian conferences…which is what we may have to do…again. For me, it’s Michfest. That’s that! I’m too burnt out to recreate the wheel all over again, at this point.

      2. I HAD suggestions for taking back space at Creating Change but it was the will of the Facebook group to enforce boundaries by policing women. You can’t be visible if you don’t show up – and the Lesbian Caucus failed in its mission. Creating Change won’t change unless YOU change it.

  9. Michfest is a lifelong community, and the Dykes there have MORE sense of community and wbw struggle, than ANY community, realtime or virtual that I know of….and so that’s where I’m putting MY marbles! And they are supportive of one another in a way no other group of Lesbians I’ve come across has EVER been.

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