Straight Man Says Women “Bad” For Knowing Sex =//= Gender


I don’t mind casual racism when it goes with my hipster lifestyle and political views on gender!

Dan Solomon is a  “straight, white cisgender man” from Texas who has things to say about Women like Suzanne Moore and Julie Burchill who dare to (1) notice that transwomen are men and 2) have the guts to speak out about it.

Dan wants you to know that he’s got the backs of his fellow Men, err transwomen.

And he wants you to know why he takes transgender issues personally…

Because I or someone I love might get cancer at some point, and a trans person who is capable of discovering the cure is otherwise occupied defending their right to exist. (Um, hi, Dan. It’s also possible that a Woman would cure cancer, let’s see you show some love for the Women-only space that allows Women to get together as Women and discuss things other than how we constantly have to defend our right to bodily autonomy).

I live in a world that needs leadership, and a smart, tireless trans person who should maybe be President is busy arguing that they deserve basic human respect. (Hai. Women.)

I want to drive a fucking flying car someday, and the trans person who might invent it is stuck responding to Guardian editorials that treat them like they’re subhuman. (Hai. Women.)

Oh and also compassion. Dan Solomon has oodles of compassion for transwomen because “transgender people live under a constant threat of violence” (from Men, sir. From Men. Just like Women live under a constant threat of violence. Also from Men).

Oh but there’s more…

But these fights aren’t anyone else’s struggle. They’re mine, too. They belong to all of us because the only way the world ever gets better is when people are able to use their talents to make better things for the rest of us to enjoy. And that doesn’t happen much when those talented people are busy fighting for their own survival.

Yes, Women would love to stop fighting for own survival too, sir.

There’s a part in The Autobiography of Malcolm X …




“Look at the women in America , young and old. Hardly any moral values are left in them. You can measure this by their dress and attire. Their spiritual values are almost destroyed, because of their emphasis on material things” From the Autobiography of Malcolm X (he was great in many ways, but not as a Feminist).

Dan Solomon wants you to know he is here for the transwoman, and he’s gonna pull out all the lefty stops to prove it to you.

I know that I’m never going to cure cancer or discover a process that converts carbon emissions into funk-soul hits from the ’70s or whatever. But I can speak up when things like that Guardian editorial go out into the world. That way, someone who’s exhausted from having to constantly assert that they have a right to exist can relax for a minute when they see that there are other people who have their backs, and go do whatever else it is that they want to do. That’s the world I want to live in.

Hey, Man.

Here’s why I care about Women’s Issues.

Women want to live in a world where we can relax for a minute, too.

Women would love not to defend who we are and why we have a right to advocate for Women’s issues, too.

Women – and Lesbians in particular – would love to have a supportive world where we aren’t constantly defending our lives and sexuality from transwomen and their allies.

Women would love it if anyone had our backs.


  1. sapphocles · ·

    Invoking Malcolm X in this “argument” is hilarious. Poor Dan is confused about many things. But what a fine dudebroally he is.

  2. what an ass. jesus.


  3. ” otherwise occupied defending their right to exist. ”

    ” busy arguing that they deserve basic human respect.”

    ” stuck responding to Guardian editorials that treat them like they’re subhuman.”

    I find it amusing that all the examples Straight Man lists about trans people being held back in society involve them wasting their time arguing on the internet. We’re not going to get flying cars because there are women on the internet who refuse to comply with men who demand to be called ladies. I don’t see how this is different from any other article that has blamed the nation’s problems on women who talk back.

  4. … but we can’t feel unnerved when transwomen shave down their jawbones because that’s phobic or something.

    1. If the peen is keen…

  5. Another weirdo straight guy. I don’t think danny boy is smart enough for this to be sarcasm so… I can only imagine he’s an MRA or he’s hot for tranny cock.

  6. Motherhood · ·

    That was the dumbest thing I have read in a long time. Dan may have a sobriety issues, certainly not the smartest tool in the shed. He has an old fashioned hard on. Period.

    1. I LOL’d.

      Yes, it was derp-tastic.

    2. this made me LOL too, thanks. 🙂

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  8. With the overwhelming outpouring of sympathy and support for twanzwomen from their fellow dudebro’s, it beggars belief that these speshul snowflakes would not feel safe using the men’s bathroom and locker room. I mean, since us women (especially radfems and Lesbians) are soooo horribly scary and oppressive of them and stuff.

  9. because a handful of mentally ill males and their alleged ladybrains are more likely to be productive members of society and invent stuff, solve problems, etc than half the human race (women) with our actual ladybrains.

    so which is it? do M2T have ladybrains or not, and if so, what the value of a ladybrain anyway if 3.5 billion of them (ours) couldnt invent or solve our way out of a paper bag? i think men know these doods dont have ladybrains at all. they are all men, all the time, and a handful of them — warts, mental illness and all — are worth more than every single woman on earth.

    its pretty obvious. and yes, they do seem to get hard just thinking about it! how weird.

  10. cherryblossomlife · ·

    (Hai. Women.)


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