Jocelyn MacDonald @AfterEllen @bbjoce, Another Fraud

So Jocelyn MacDonald is another fraud lesbian. I first heard of her around fall 2016 when women were organizing online around the election of trump.

I believe I have been around this person exactly twice – once was a dinner with two other women, and the second time was at the Women’s March in DC in 2017.

She’s in this video at 46 seconds in.

I have no idea what she is talking about in this post from winter 2018:

IMG_5605 (2)

About my “narcissistic gaslighting and abuse,” I think she is referring to whatever bullshit her friends have told her after I didn’t want to date them anymore, but I cannot be sure, as there are never any details.

She’s already been put on notice that this is garbage, but I figure I’d also post it here since now she’s the editor of AfterEllen: A Farewell From Your Editor in Chief, and Here’s to New Beginnings – AfterEllen.

Letter to JT MacDonald 12.13.18 (00144989xA34F2)

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