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Apparently, Anonymous is a Homophobic Men’s Rights Activist

Not shockingly, Men’s Rights Activists have descended on this blog since I posted a statement from the organizers of Rad Fem 2013 about the intimidation of the London Irish Centre by MRAs. You can read the comments there to see how violent and paranoid MRAs are. There are more comments I need to scrub of […]

All Hail Greggawatt, King of the Feminists!

Oh San Francisco, I love you, but your porny bullshit is tiresome.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

This is a post on my OBSERVATIONS of Transwomen. As this post is only my observation based on my personal experience, your experience may vary – or you may notice similar patterns of behavior from “Transwomen.” Not all Transwomen behave like these clowns. Sadly, these clowns are LOUD. Let’s begin! Transwomen sound like Violent Men. […]

Facebook Bans Political Speech, But Porn is A-OK

Facebook has removed a photograph of Object! Women Not Sex Objects‘ Spot the Difference birthday card to News International that demonstrated how male-dominated media portrays men and women differently, with men seen as fully human and women relegated to the role of sex object for male pleasure. In Facebook’s world, Political Speech critiquing Pornography and Exploitation […]

What’s good for the goose…

Keep talking, Facebook. We Know Why you leave up porn and rape “jokes.”

Just Say No to Transing Kids

“I’m for health coverage for trans ops and sexual reassignment surgery from age 8.” – Roseanne Barr. No. Just no. Mutilating children and “delaying puberty” when society is “the problem” is child abuse. You can read why transing children is child abuse here. Nonetheless, Roseanne, thank you again for standing up for Women and speaking out […]

More Facebook Misogyny

Because this photograph deserves a 30-day ban: Facebook hates women.

Dear Trans Women: Now Would Be A Good Time To Support Women

We Know Why

Facebook is a pit of misogyny. But, there are a number of pages that document Facebook misogyny, including: Misogynistic fan pages: stop pretending they’re ironic. We Know Why Face Book Supports Misogyny Wipeout Misogyny Wipeout Sexism on FB Because 12-year-old slut meme pages are allowed. Seriously. Because Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg hate women.

Gender Rights Maryland is DTF

So this man seems, um, a little off. These comments are from The Bilerico Project, a well-known woman-hating Gay blog (h/t to Mansplainin’ & Transplainin’). Oh! But it gets better. Or worse.