I honestly can’t tell if this is some trans activist or a gender critical asshole, they’re kind of the same people.

New York is an ‘at-will’ employment state (so is every other state in the U.S., with some limited exceptions). Without a contract restricting termination, generally an employer has the right to discharge an employee at any time for any, or no, reason, providing it is not an act of illegal retaliation or discrimination. There are […]

Amy Dyess finally published her big expose and it is pretty boring.

So Jocelyn MacDonald is another fraud lesbian. I first heard of her around fall 2016 when women were organizing online around the election of trump. I believe I have been around this person exactly twice – once was a dinner with two other women, and the second time was at the Women’s March in DC […]

Here is an explanation around Julia Beck, her participation in the Mayor’s LGBT Task Force, and her decision to insult people at Pride 2018. The first voice mail is Julia, VERY PROUD of her actions at Baltimore pride in 2018.

A presentation for Solidarity: A Radical Feminist Conference¬†produced by Radical Feminism by the Sea (April 14, 2019). Click here:¬† Gender Identity and the Law With much gratitude for Ann Hopkins  

Pride is a joke and is overrun by entitled men.

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