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Announcing a New Blog: Gender Identity Watch

Gender Identity Watch is a new blog devoted to tracking legislation and case law that attempts to codify “gender identity” into law and to override protections based on sex. Gender Identity Watch monitors organizations that push gender identity and thus engage in the erasure of female reality, including: National Gay and Lesbian Task Force: “Transgender people and issues are […]

Conway Hall: Happy to Host Pedophiles, But Not Radical Feminists

Source. Source.

For anyone with a sincere interest in intersex conditions…

For anyone with a sincere interest in intersex conditions, this site is a good place to get started. It explains the difference between the various intersex conditions. Please note that “intersex” does NOT equal “trans”. Intersex is a congenital biological condition; “trans” is a mental condition in people with otherwise healthy-ish, normal-ish XX female or […]

Reflections on the EEOC Decision in the Mia Macy Case

Discrimination based on so-called “gender identity” is sex discrimination. Thanks EEOC! Here is the decision! EEOC in Macy Case Also, for all you stupid recent “trans activists” who think the EEOC decision “upsets” me, a history lesson (also reproduced below – and my thinking has evolved since 2000 some, because, at root, gender identity is sexist). […]

Christy is more of a woman than me

She wins the femininity war, hands down. She somehow came to the conclusion I disdain her. I don’t disdain you. I hope you are happy! You look happy. I think you disdain females, though.

Nice To Meet You

Dear Online “Activists,” Hi. You don’t know me, but you still talk smack about me on the Internet. That’s cool – I know how that goes. Makes you feel better. Go ahead – vent your spleen. Spew it on me – I am a dyke. I’ve been taking this for years. Feel better? Take a breath. […]

It’s Groundhog Day

Transsexuals in the Lesbian Community: The Ultimate in Male Power-Tripping?

The Emperor Has No Clothes

December 6 stands out as a significant date in history for many reasons, chief among them the Montréal Massacre in 1989. That day, an anti-feminist, female-hating man murdered 14 women at the École Polytechnique for daring to study engineering. Because, you know, females aren’t supposed to study engineering. Rigid adherence to sex stereotypes allowed that murderous man to think […]

A Way Forward

Late last month, a small group of concerned folks gathered in front of the KAGRO building at the corner of Maryland and North Avenues in Mt. Vernon.  After a few minutes, another small group joined the assembled people, having just marched from Maryland Institute College of Art. The reason for the gathering? A series of […]

Group Protection vs Individual Rights

Last April, the world watched in horror as video of Teonna Brown and a juvenile beating Chrissy Polis at a Rosedale McDonald’s aired repeatedly on major national and international media outlets and spread virally over the World Wide Web. In response, a number of local activists, including me, organized a rally against hate and violence. […]