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Radical feminism isn’t “intolerant” of anything but oppression. It’s empowering to a class of humans who have been suffering the most extreme forms of oppression imaginable. Women have been considered chattel (property) — first of our fathers, then of our husbands — for thousands of years. We have been systematically mutilated, beaten, raped, enslaved, imprisoned in harems […]

This is the “kid gender expert” Sheryl Rindel

THIS IS A REBLOG FROM This is the “kid gender expert” Sheryl Rindel The one peddling her wares in this irresponsible article. Degree from North Texas University Interests: “I love reading the Bible.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I have a hunch about why she wants to transify “nonconformist” kids. To stop […]

Joelle Ruby Ryan – Because You Lecture on Women’s Issues

You idiot. Because you lecture to women on women’s issues, and you cannot be assed to call out blatant misogyny. Because you discuss student work on your Facebook page. Because you are ahistorical. Because you think women should die because they disagree with you. Because females aren’t allowed to meet and discuss things without you! […]

Meet Jon V Green AKA Jonathan Grindell

Meet Jon V Green – ALSO KNOWN AS Jonathan Grindell Jon is a self-appointed social justice warrior. Jon does not like that females are getting together in Portland to discuss radical feminism.

Female-Only Spaces

HOW THIS CONVERSATION SHOULD GO Female: We respect trans women as women, but they are not female. Females have a right to organize as females, apart from trans women. Females suffer because of our female biology, which is used to keep us second class worldwide. So, we have issues we care about as females. Perhaps […]

DOMA and the Reckoning

A few months ago, Huffington Post featured the story of Kathryn Lehman, a Republican lawyer who helped pass the 1996 law the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as between one man and one woman. HuffPo heralded Lehman – who has now come out as a lesbian – for now lobbying to repeal the law.

Because Females Wanting Our Own Space Away from Males is EVIL

Because Females wanting space free from Males is evil. Because accepting trans women as women – which I do – is not enough. Because Females are not entitled to any space. Because, because, because. Source.

This is not a civil rights movement

For anyone with a sincere interest in intersex conditions…

For anyone with a sincere interest in intersex conditions, this site is a good place to get started. It explains the difference between the various intersex conditions. Please note that “intersex” does NOT equal “trans”. Intersex is a congenital biological condition; “trans” is a mental condition in people with otherwise healthy-ish, normal-ish XX female or […]

Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine

You should read this book. If you cannot afford this book, and do not have access to a library, I will mail you a copy.