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Happy Halloween

Transing Children: Never A Good Decision

  You can read more about Roseanne Barr here. You can read more about Transing Children here.

Let’s Be Honest

Ok, let’s be honest. I am trans. You are trans. Everyone except a (female) Barbie Doll is trans (because male Barbie dolls are Trans).

Just Say No to Transing Kids

“I’m for health coverage for trans ops and sexual reassignment surgery from age 8.” – Roseanne Barr. No. Just no. Mutilating children and “delaying puberty” when society is “the problem” is child abuse. You can read why transing children is child abuse here. Nonetheless, Roseanne, thank you again for standing up for Women and speaking out […]

More Facebook Misogyny

Because this photograph deserves a 30-day ban: Facebook hates women.

Dear Trans Women: Now Would Be A Good Time To Support Women

Well That Didn’t Take Long

Any time a Woman speaks out for Women over Men, that Woman is bound to face the wrath of Men angry that she dare stand for Women. Roseanne Barr has come out in defense of Women over Men who exploit “Gender Identity” as a means to penetrate Women-Only Space. For that, she has earned violent […]

Roseanne Stands for Women

Recently, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein whiffed on the question of men in women-only space. Roseanne Barr, running as the Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate along with Cindy Sheehan, did not whiff.  Indeed, she is the only presidential candidate who has stood firmly for women’s space.  Here is what she said when asked about this on Twitter […]

Tobi Hill-Meyer Sees Trees, Misses Forest

Pornographer Tobi Hill Meyer recently penned an article for Bilerico regarding the failure of the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in California to house two men who think they are women in the same cell.  In the article, Tobi attrributes the failure of these two men to be housed together on “feminists.” Seriously. But, more importantly, […]

Awww NGLTF Knows What A Woman Is, After All