Lisa Vogel Speaks for Me


Pride is a joke and is overrun by entitled men.


  1. Well, I disagree that Pride is a “joke” and is overrun by entitled men…having Pride in your identity is personal. Who are you to tell me that MY Pride is a “joke”. Would be like me telling YOU that YOUR identity is a “joke”…which I just wouldn’t do, because I believe we all get to choose our lives and our paths, and no one has the right or the credentials to govern or police ANYONE else’s choices, paths, journeys, and identity. Nope, not in MY world. I am a Butch Lesbian and fucking Proud. ~MB

    1. Wow, I am super powerful that you feel policed by my opinion. Thank you for honoring me in that way.

    2. Oh I see – you are a pro-trans “butch” into BDSM and butch/femme dynamics. Yes, I am absolutely oppressing you with my opinion.

      Here is her page –

  2. The LGB-T community is highly divided due to infiltration of liberal postmodern ideas. The T has become a problem, but not all T’s. Some trans-people are gender critical.
    We must be proud of being lesbians and our lesbian community, which I believe is growing fast, but we also must be aware of the infiltration and it’s obvious patriarchal roots.

  3. Lisa said what I and so many others have been saying for a while. Absolutely true. When I see so many lesbians prioritizing males it breaks my heart.

  4. Stick It! · ·

    I’m with you and Lisa, CB. I wonder what MainelyButch thinks about the “women’s” pride events described by Shannon?

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