The Unexamined Life Makes You A Trans Ally These Days

I will hit you with my car.

I will hit you with my car.

Mail, I get mail.

I get mail from lots of you who express utter amazement at the things your peers are doing – things like planning workshops to promote Penis in Lesbian Vagina and threatening to rape and kill Lesbians.

Yanno, stuff that happens to Women on a regular basis in the Trans-Critical world.

This gem comes to us from Bowling Green State University’s campus newspaper, the BG News.

So, apparently, Krishna Han of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Bowling Green State University brought in Lilian Briggs, a transwoman, to speak about her gender journey, yadda yadda,

Fine. Bored as I am by these narratives, I read.

I am rewarded.


“Transgendered people don’t just struggle with their family’s acceptance, Briggs was also discriminated against by others.

During one instance, Briggs was trying to get away from someone discriminating against her. She hit the person with her car twice to get away and was sentenced to six years in jail.”



Briggs stated (paraphrasing) “I hit someone with my car because they were discriminating against me.”

And the reporter… did not think this was worthy of a follow up or an explanation?

Like, what exactly did someone do to you that earned getting hit by a car?


Oh, and you went to jail for that?

I will hit you with my car.

I will hit you with my car.

So, what, exactly, would someone have to say to a transwoman that would make it “discrimination”?

I am guessing – and this is a guess – that the “discrimination” (if it actually happened, which we’ll get to in a minute) was actually someone (rudely, boorishly) saying something like “You are a man.”

Now, when I (and most Women) think of “discrimination,” we think of things like getting fired from our jobs, sexual harassment from the boss – you know, instances where someone (Male) exercises power over us (to our detriment) in a way that harms us (that’s discrimination).

“Discrimination” is not the word I use to describe instances of street harassment, or being “misgendered,” or generally asshole behavior from other people (Men).

Oh, and also – neither discrimination nor general asshole behavior means the discriminator or asshole deserves to GET HIT BY A CAR TWICE.

Apparently, a court agreed with me (and most people), and Briggs went to jail.

I could not find evidence to support Lily’s story, by the way.

What I DID find was a criminal case involving one Cameron J. Briggs (which happens to be Lily’s man name).

Cameron J Briggs was convicted of felonious assault and sentenced to six years in prison.

I will hit you with my car.

I will hit you with my car.



Let’s see what happened in this case, shall we?

At approximately 10:30 p.m. on November 16, 2005, Briggs drove himself and Rebecca Vezina (“Vezina”) to the home of David Jette (“Jette”). Briggs, Vezina, Jette, Tyrone Maddox (“Maddox”), and several other people met in Jette’s living room to discuss some gossip, allegedly started or spread by Briggs. In particular, the group discussed Briggs’s allegation that Maddox had stolen money from a mutual friend. When the discussion concluded at approximately 11:00 or 11:30 p.m., Jette returned several DVDs, which were packaged together as a box set, to Briggs. Maddox and Briggs exited the apartment and walked to Briggs’s car. The evidence is conflicting as to whether Maddox helped Briggs by carrying the DVDs and whether people outside the apartment made threatening comments to Briggs as he walked to his car. Briggs opened the front passenger door of his car; put the DVDs in the car; removed his coat, shirt, and apron; removed a box-cutter from the apron; put his coat back on; and put the box-cutter in the coat pocket. Briggs testified that the box-cutter had been in his apron pocket from work, and he keeps the box-cutter in his apron because of how often he needs it to cut open boxes of food. 

The evidence is disputed as to what occurred next. Briggs contends that the people gathered outside the apartment were threatening him, and three people had come close to the car to prevent him from getting in the driver’s seat and driving away. Briggs testified that Maddox punched him and they began fighting. Briggs stated that Maddox put his right arm around Briggs’s neck so he could not breathe, which is when Briggs grabbed the box-cutter and stabbed over his right shoulder at Maddox. The witnesses who testified on behalf of the State of Ohio (“State”) all stated nobody made any comment to Briggs as he walked to his car, and that nobody was near his car except himself and Maddox. The State’s witnesses testified that Maddox had helped carry Briggs’s personal belongings to his car, that Briggs was the aggressor, punching Maddox when he turned away, and that Maddox and Briggs began fighting. The jury apparently found the State’s witnesses more credible than Briggs. 

Eventually, Maddox realized he had been cut and walked away from Briggs, who got in his car and drove back to his apartment. Maddox went into Jette’s bathroom where Jette attempted to administer first aid after calling 9-1-1. 

Paramedics took Maddox to St. Rita’s Hospital, where doctors performed surgery, using over 300 stitches to suture approximately six cuts. Maddox suffered a cut to the left side of his face, from his temple almost to his jaw; a cut across the bottom of his neck; a cut to his right ear; and several cuts on his left arm. Officers from the Lima Police Department arrested Briggs at his apartment that night.


The reporter who wrote about Briggs’ speech had the chance to investigate what happened when Briggs said “I hit someone with my car for discriminating against me” and she didn’t (which, by the way, strikes me as a journalism failure). Of course, this is not the first time we’ve had bizarre reporting on alleged Trans discrimination that took a liberal view of facts and reality (hello Tobi Hill-Meyer).

At the very least, Lily Briggs, who is, according to the article, the president of the Owens Community College Gay Straight Alliance and the LGBTQIA Student Initiatives Director, has a very creative way of explaining her past.

And instead of actual journalism, we get this:

Freshman Jazmin Baldwin attended the event for a class and said Brigg’s story and the event really opened her eyes.

“I never really thought about trans,” Baldwin said. “I knew it was there, but I never thought about what they go through.”

Baldwin said she thinks other students should learn about transgendered people as well.

“To do what it did for me,” Baldwin said. “To have people open their eyes to the world and accept what the world really is.”

Accept “what the world really is.”

Try this on.

Briggs stated that she hit someone with her car because she was discriminated against.

That’s criminal, violent behavior.


That’s entitlement.

That’s (some) transwomen!

Oh, and Briggs’ story turns out to be false.

Are your eyes opened yet?

Have you thought about it yet?

H/T to a sister with a sense of humor.

H/T to a sister with a sense of humor.

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  1. Thanks for posting the truth. The more we expose the truth from the lies/delusions of trans, the more we are protected from these delusions and lies. And therein lies the anger from the trans community, we hold the truth up to them and refuse to buy into their delusions/lies.

    1. The bullshit detector goes off so frequently with these stories. So, so frequently.

  2. so did the car thing never happen? i dont get it — does he think that running someone over with his car TWICE is less disparaging of his character than slashing someone about the head and neck with a box cutter? why not just say he slashed someone about the head and neck with a box cutter for discriminating against him? or you know, that it was self defense?

    youre right of course about the shoddy journalism. LOL factchecking is transphobic now. what a disgrace.

    1. srsly, its *almost* as if these doods compulsively lie!

      1. I am beginning to think there is something to that.

      2. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

        Ya think? 0_o


        Lying is the default for males. Whatever it takes to get their way.

    2. As far as I can discern in the hour it took me to do this research, the car thing never happened. And yes, I don’t understand the thought process behind the determination that cutting with box cutter = bad, running over with car = acceptable.

  3. I’ve been singing “I’m gonna hit you with my car” to DMX all day.

    1. loveangellove · ·

      Actual lols

      1. Right? Theme music. It’s important.

  4. I went to the BG News site and posted a comment outlining the facts of Briggs’ case and saying that I hope that, in future the journalist will investigate stories before publishing. At least I tried. The comment doesn’t seem to be there yet. I hope it will appear soon.

    1. I have a feeling they won’t approve any comments. If you are inclined, you can also comment here:

      Thanks for reading and commenting and trying and caring.

      1. Ha, Bowling Green State deleted this post from their Facebook page. Maybe they realized the horrible mistake they made?

        The page you requested was not found.
        You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.
        Return home
        Go back to the previous page

    2. It will be interesting to see if ‘journalists’ such as this one start seeing blowback from shoddy reporting in the wake of the whole Notre Dame fiasco. Perhaps we could see a return to he actual performance of due diligence before trying to send something to print…quite frankly, other than the fact one was picked up with extensive national airplay while the other (this one) has had little exposure, the comparison remains apt in that both stories contained journalists essentially accepting at face value and running with the hoax.

  5. Engage in violence then goto the oppressors jail: Appears to be an an acceptable loss historically to advance any movement. That’s why if you call a black person “n****r” in the past they beat you up, sure the black person went to jail but the slur isn’t used anymore to the extent it was in the past. Sad that the violence trans women self inflicted didn’t get your attention. Now the violence is turned against the oppressor with obvious ramifications. Can you name one group in history that didn’t have to engage in some form of violence (self/outward) to advance their rights?

    1. You’re a violent man.

    2. If he was engaging in the act to ‘advance a movement’ then it begs the question of why lie about WHAT the act involved. But trans has never been known for accurately telling a story…instead they have historically been narcissistic grandstanders.

      There is NO acceptable excuse for his conduct here, especially since the whole red herring of ‘trans’ does not even appear to have been at issue for the jury who rejected all other elements of any justifications for the violent conduct.

      1. Grace is a violent man who apparently thinks cutting a man with a box cutter has anything to do with a political struggle. Of course, if it did, why would Briggs lie and say “I hit someone with my car.”

      2. i have to say, ive been thinking this one over in my mind….how could anyone run someone over TWICE *in order to get away from them*. hmm. even if the alleged “aggressor” (the pedestrian) was standing in front of his car while threatening him, he would only have to run over him *once* to get away. hitting him twice would require putting it in reverse, or turning around to “get away” from him, again.

        in other words, this is a threat. dont discriminate against me, or i will kill you — and *i* get to define what “discrimination” means. i cant believe people are falling for ANY of this. its a threat, what else could it possibly be?

        if the trans had a theme song, i think it would be a very loud, continuous fart, while the video would consist of everyone pretending they didnt hear it. and…guns.

      3. I hit you with my car, twice, because you discriminated against me. Like this guy:

      4. it bothers me a lot that this dood is being allowed to speak at a university. like women arent traumatized and threatened enough every day. like we arent propagandized and groomed enough every day. in fact, this reminds me of the time i was forced to watch a video of a woman giving birth, and the doctor cutting her perineum with scissors, *and* i had to watch this in a mixed group with boys and a male teacher present, IN SCHOOL. sex-neutral education? hardly. schools and universities are a cesspool of misogyny, but it isnt just “hatred” it includes implied threats by violent men, and violent patriarchal institutions. we are supposed to make these connections and become increasingly traumatized and increasingly well-groomed and it works. i am so sick of this shit.

      5. Yeah, it bothers me too. I have commented on Bowling Green’s page over this, with no response. It’s manipulative bullshit.

        Krishna Han (a man) was responsible for bringing Briggs:

        Krishna Han is the Assistant Director for Diversity Education Program. Krishna provides leadership for Diversity Peer Educator Program, the Mosaic Series and administrative leadership for the National Coalition Building Institute. Krishna supervises Ethnic Student Center, co-lead Safe Zone workshop, and also provides support for multicultural student organizations, Enrollment Management Programs, SOAR, and Multicultural Cultural Advisory Board. He teaches and/or co-teaches Diversity and Inclusion classes (UNIV 4100 and/or BGSU 1000). Krishna came to BGSU after working in the Bonner Center for Service and Learning at Oberlin College. Originally from Cambodia, Krishna earned his undergraduate degree in Education from Royal University of Phnom Penh. After completing his master degree in Community Forestry at Shinshu University, Japan; Krishna pursued and earned his Ph.D. in Regional Environmental Resources Management at Hokkaido University, Japan. He studied the impacts of economic development policy on the livelihood of Indigenous people in the northeastern part of Cambodia and traditional farming system. Krishna is also passionate about global and multicultural education, social justice, and student’s academic achievement and retention. Beside his native Khmer, Krishna speaks fluently English, Japanese, Thai and some French. He travels extensively to almost thirty countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. While working full-time, Krishna is currently pursuing another graduate degree in College Student Personnel at Bowling Green State University.

      6. Yeah, the more that I think about this, the more upsetting it is. This man has demonstrated a PROPENSITY FOR VIOLENCE; I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as him (given my own experience with violence and violent men). Distressing indeed.

      7. @Michelle,

        Agreed there is no excuse for the violence. Any oppressed group that is marganilized for years; abused, discriminated, murdered, raped and beaten, etc. will eventually resort to violence as a push back. It makes the news. Its monster event; a dark omen. A lesson to heed, “Don’t abuse [us] me .” Briggs goes to jail, then on a speaking tour? Wow! I assume like many others in the transsexual community who have been dealing with this abuse for years, as in this case I suspect it didn’t just happen and Briggs flipped out over this one event–it was years of systematic abuse that rose the ire.

        Passavisim is a myopic notion the oppressor wants from the oppressed to obey and non-violent protest alone accomplishes little if nothing–thus radicalism. Any prominent feminist mirror those sentiments?

        It doesn’t help to employ the Klan Fallacy; Brennen trolling, baiting and goading me, “You’re a violent man.” Assuming facts aren’t we? All people, men and women, have the propensity for violence, just takes the right push.

      8. No, sir. You are a violent man. This is clear from your words.

        Also, you have worn out your welcome here. Bai!

    3. This reminds me of Cece. Crossing the street to confront and then kill a stupid drunk who is yelling at you from yards away is not a Stonewall situation. Neither is slashing someone with a box cutter when you are the physical aggressor. It will not gain you sympathy except among the hopelessly partisan. It just makes you look like stupid, crazy, hair-trigger tempered trans.

      Can you execute someone for insulting you? With the defense of actions like these and “Die Cis Scum” many trans activists appear to be saying yes. Does Grace think violence will get such a tiny minority anywhere? “Cis flight” would be a hell of a lot easier than white flight, wouldn’t it? If the majority decides you are best avoided, you and your Bash Buddies are SOL. Capiche?

      Also, there must be something in the water at BGSU. That’s where Joelle Ruby Ryan’s PhD (in “American Studies” *snerk*) was obtained.

  6. loveangellove · ·

    Reblogged this on loveangellove.

  7. Since my comment has not appeared in the BG News, I wrote the news and the multicultural center. I don’t know if I will get a reply. I’m hoping I will because I am a resident of the area. I said that I did not like this type of person coming into my community to represent transgender rights. I asked if they couldn’t find a better role model for transgender rights as this one probably did more harm than good for the cause.

    I’ll let you know if I get a response.

    1. Thanks. So far, Krishna Han has not responded to my request that he provide a contact number.

  8. […] was alerted to this story by reading Cathy Brennan’s blog The account there is much more complete and is the source of some of the information […]

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