Threats, We Got Threats!

threats plural of threat (Noun)

  • A statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not…:  “the family has received death threats”
  • A menace of bodily harm, such as may restrain a person’s freedom of action.

Old Roz K. post “explaining” threats.

documented threats/actual violence

Lanyard throw at Julie Bindel at 3:55.

Male C.O. threatens incarcerated trans women.

Male murders Sanesha Stewart.

Male kills Shelley Hilliard.

Police officers in Hondurus threaten and beat trans woman. (I AM GUESSING THE POLICE OFFICERS ARE MALE)

Anthony Casebeer and Monica Roberts.

Anthony Casebeer and Monica Roberts.

Kelli Busey.

Random Person.

not threats/not violence

saying …

“a penis is a male organ”

“trans women were born male”

“difference exists”

“respect females”

respect female-only space

“cathy brennan is an asshole”

“radical feminists need to get laid”

the fact that you, dear reader, find something “threatening” to your identity does not make it a threat.

Post your own view on threats below! Is it a threat to ask someone to stop talking about you? Is it a threat to be trans critical? Is it a threat to say radical feminists are nazis or terrorists? Is it a threat to say “Cathy Brennan is kind of hot“? Is it a threat to post photographs available on the internet as part of a trans critical analysis? Is it a threat to post photographs available on the internet as part of a analysis of “transphobes”? Is it a threat to call someone a “human rights violator“? Is it a threat to violate female-only boundaries?


  1. For me, I have been threatened, harassed, bullied and even had my personal info posted online by trans nut jobs and their transenablers. I took them all on and took them down.

    1. Oh I forgot about the posting of personal information. Hi Xander!

      1. Xanader, who’s he?

      2. Xander is the counselor at Sherbourne who posted my home and work information to a blog.

      3. Ok, because I have encountered people like Xander within the trans community who have threatened me and posted my home and work info as well. So it just goes to show how extremist and militant trans can be.

  2. threat = everything “they” say even when its not a threat. not a threat = everything “we” say even when it is a threat.

    are we done here? cause its time for my mashed ‘nanas. then a nap!

    (thats me, being a trans politicker and a BIG FUCKING BABY).

    1. a nap sounds nice.

  3. Here we go with the “insults” now! Oh noes!!

    Didn’t I just say something about how as females we’re real damn USED TO being grossly insulted by MALES (including you all) yet we still don’t resort to violence or threats of violence?

    Why is it that when you all are INSULTED you start *whipping out* the FTSU threat tactic your right-hand men the MRAs love so much?

    Spoiled. Rotten. Brats.

  4. wonderful, another bash blog, under the assumption all trans folks are the same,
    Thanks for reminding me not to put any faith in humanity, some asshole the other day posted a link to a trans suicide prevention site with a request to target it. So no your words are not an attack, however the toxic attitude encourages it.

  5. and yes some are millitant, it comes from having to defend all sides at once. I do not approve of outing anybody it is always a scummy move as is threatening violence. As for bindel, I read her bile and felt sick, her opinions are woefully lacking academicallly on the issue of trans people. Callinmg an entire section of humanity rapists is nothing but outright prejudice.

    1. Hey, please learn to read. I DON’T think all trans folks are the same. Unfortunately, the loud pricks are ruining it for everyone.

      Also, gotta love your ability to READ RIGHT OVER evidence of threats because it makes YOU feel bad.

      1. actually no I added threats that I had encountered, shoulda known better than to speak really, no matter what is said gets twisted. or censored

      2. Are you kidding? Censored? I published your inane comments.

      3. it is when the result is the place you work every single day of your life is then attacked repeatedly by the people in question

      4. Life is hard. Sorry to hear this.

      5. and yeah thanks for publishing you’re the first who did.

      6. You wrote “some asshole the other day posted a link to a trans suicide prevention site with a request to target it”

        How is that a threat YOU encountered? It’s not.

        Oh and BTW, I don’t support that.

    2. Oh look, you “acknowledge” some Political Trans Activists are “militant.” Aren’t you nice?

      1. name me 1 political organisati
        on anywhere in the world that doesn’t have idiotsvand you’ll be doing the impossible

      2. Thanks for the derail. That’s so helpful!

  6. combine that with my work being deliberately destroyed at college, being threatened at knifepoint multiple times and some stuff I’m not ready to talk about yet as it’s too fresh and yes I can with a clear mind state that I have been threatened over my transness. Yeah life is hard but I’m not ashamed of who I am but I am getting mighty sick of being treated as sub human, we get attacked the police treat it like it’s our own fault, or claim they will help then don’t. If you are raped they often send in a man to check on you, which straight after something like that is , believe me, not good in the least. I’ve had police using my old name at demos in front of a bunch of BNP filth, because we’re so privilieged that law enforcement are allowed to place us in danger without even a slap on the wrists.

    1. yeah females are used to being treated as subhumans. it sucks, right?

  7. indeed it does,there is no justification for ever treating another human being as lesser regardless of sex sexuality disability or gender

    1. Yes. That’s why feminist activists are asking trans folks to stop doing that to females. We all deserve respect.

      1. if we weren’t treated like male, the enemy, men in disguise, or unwelcome interlopers when we try to make peace, or even ask for help. If we weren’t excluded from all safe places it would help. People keep telling us get your own spaces, create your own places. There are only 2000 of us in the entire uk, a large majority approxomately 70 percent go stealth after transition for their own safety
        leaving about 600 to gather that is 7 people per county nationwide, as the rest are in hiding (either from themselves or people who would hurt them) , where would we create our own space? How would we even safely hold it if wer had it, I remember how hard it was to keep climate camp safe from violence, and the majority of folks were not hostile towards camp. Imagine trying that with 600 trans people, then picture the results.

      2. You know, Females do not exist to protect you from misogyny. Females are victimized by misogyny. And I have to say, it’s not Females who are threatening harm to trans women.

        Your anger is misplaced.

  8. no it’s somehow considered acceptable to exclude a person based on their history, yes people of trans origins have different experiences, doesn’t make treating them as lesser any less unfair or discriminatory, doesn’t make it right to push for laws that protect sex and against laws that protect gender identity whether binary or otherwise.

    1. Females have a right to establish a boundary.

      Irrational discrimination against trans women is sex discrimination, which I abhor. I think this conversation has reached an end.

  9. I’m not asking for you to protect I’m asking you not to push for one persons rights by undermining somebody elses, was under the impression feminism sought equality.

    1. But that is precisely what gender identity legislation does – it pushes for your rights at the expense of rights based on sex.

      1. ok if you will allow I will tell you my story , and what sex based legislation without gender protection does, but only if you allow it and I warn you it isn’t a pretty tale, or particularly good to remember. So trigger warning in advance.

      2. I am sure your story is sad. In the United States, sex discrimination includes “gender” (i.e., sex stereotyping). I believe you are in the UK. I don’t claim to know UK law or anything, and I don’t ever claim to speak for or to non-US experiences. So, I won’t have a response to your tale, but feel free to post it.

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