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Oh, Yes, “Creating Change”

You might recall that last year, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force waited until the last possible moment to remember that L in NGLTF stands for Lesbians. As a result of pressure put on NGLTF by Lesbian activists, NGLTF begrudgingly allowed Lesbians to have our own caucus for actual lesbians (that is, women-born-women, not […]

It Starts With P…

NGLTF used to recognize women-only space and didn’t actively and relentlessly seek to destroy it. What happened? Trans happened. Trans activists have turned women-only space as something akin to Nazism or the KKK.

Awww NGLTF Knows What A Woman Is, After All

Preserving the Distinctly Private and Personal

On November 21, the Howard County Council will take up County Bill 54-2011, which intends to ban discrimination based on “gender identity” in housing, employment law enforcement, financing and public accommodations.  Like many of the bills pushed by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and others, the bill defines “gender identity or expression” as […]