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When Will We Be Wed?

By the time you read this, Governor Martin O’Malley should have introduced the marriage equality bill to great fanfare in the Maryland General Assembly.  Maryland’s GLBT Community has been ramping up for this moment since the painful collapse of the marriage campaign in the House of Delegates in the 2011 session.  People in our community […]

An Open Letter Regarding A Radical Profeminist and Other Would-Be Helpers

This is an open letter about men who claim to be feminist and to the women who believe them. This letter is directed at women who — without any analysis or criteria — believe men who claim to be feminist. This letter is not directed at anybody else, so please ensure that you are indeed a member of the intended audience […]

Organizing For Our Lives

For all of my adult life, I’ve self- identified as a “Gay Activist.” I became politicized while attending a Jesuit university in New York City, where I worked in a progressive student’s organization and loosely affiliated with the newly emerging gay student’s organization. The virulent homophobia of other students on the campus politicized me and […]

It’s Groundhog Day

Transsexuals in the Lesbian Community: The Ultimate in Male Power-Tripping?

Gender Identity

I-dentity (aka trans) politics is fundamentally LIBERTARIAN. It is ahistorical and acontextual. It essentializes sex stereotypes by renaming them consensual “gender identities.” It invisibilizes power structures that give rise to female oppression. It is anti-feminist.  By UP

Females First

The last thing Females want to be called is “Feminist” – because that might mean “Man Hating.” That’s bad for Straight Ladies, because then someone might think them Lesbian.  Even though Lesbians don’t want to couple with Males, Lesbians are “supposed” to be socially available to them and not “Man Haters.” (I know I‘ve been […]