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Tumblr Supports Festishistic Transvestite Over Women and Gay Men

Read GenderTrender’s Take Down here. You can follow my new Tumblr here. sissykrystaltg née Reed Barrow is a violent woman-hater. Source. Sissy Reed Barrow “My Life as a Sissy Transvestite” I Love my Life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite What”s really important to me more than anything is that everyone knows I’m a Sissy Transvestite […]

GUEST POST: Back In The Day

Back in the day, When we were young and Full of hope, When women had their places To dream and plan A future for their daughters, Where women could love women Freely And not be defined by tv, fashion mags And porn. We were so innocent then, We thought that we Could fix it all […]

An Examination of Strategies to Obtain Legislation that Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity in the State of Maryland, 2000

Reblogging for history only. An Examination of Strategies to Obtain Legislation that Prohibits Discrimination Based on Gender Identity in the State of Maryland A. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to explore the ways in which civil rights advocates in Maryland may win the fight to obtain protections against discrimination based on gender identity. […]

Nothing New Under the Sun

Source. Fun Fact: I was Mary Poppins in a production of Mary Poppins when I was in 5th grade. It was my crowning achievement.

London Radical Feminist Conference, July 2012

  London Radical Feminist Conference, July 2012 Statement from organisers This July saw radical feminists from across the globe converge in London for the first women-only, radical feminist conference in 25 years. What happened was important, urgent and necessary. Women of all ages and from many different backgrounds connected, discussed and organised, and the result […]

The ordeal of Ronald Gold

From here. I grew up in the Age of the Closet. While I came out in college to some close friends, I was aware that perceptions of my identity needed to be carefully managed, if I was to have the career I sought. There must be no public declaration—and no open defense of the rights […]

This is Why We Need Women-Only Space

In this video, a white, “formerly” male heterosexual person calls for Rachel Maddow  – out Lesbian Rachel Maddow – to be tarred and feathered.

GUEST POST: Weighing in on MichFest

What I would say to a trans*sister, whoever you are: I first went to MichFest in 2002, and it was wonderful and amazing. When I left, my feet stood on the earth more solidly, and my gaze was level. When I first heard about various trans* conflicts on the Land, I stopped and thought about […]

Compulsory Heterosexuality, Queerified

Much has been written over the last 15 years regarding the issue Transgender inclusion within the Gay and Lesbian Movement. The argument for inclusion originates in the notion that we are all Queer, that we are all read by the larger heteronormative society as Queer, regardless of how our own identification varies on this theme. […]

GUEST POST: You don’t care about some girl…

You don’t care about some girl… You don’t care about some girl in the 80s who was raped a week before her 18th birthday. You don’t care about her being raped in the 90s. You don’t care about her daughter being raped at the age 8. You don’t care about another daughter being raped 10yrs. later. You don’t care…. because it’s so fucking “normal”. If […]