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This Is Not A Lesbian Issue

Autostraddle, this is not a Lesbian Issue.

Gayhood is Significant

As I have mentioned in the pages of Baltimore OUTLoud before, I attended a Jesuit university in New York City in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although my university selection plagued me somewhat at the time, I recognize, on reflection, that the school perfectly prepared me for a life of advocacy in the GLBT Community. Located […]

In Which I Make Dana Beyer Angry

Happy Valentine’s Day. Bullshit is still bullshit, even when your “friends” sling it.

Sisterhood Is Powerful

A funny thing happened on the way to GLBT Equality – Lesbians, long the worker bees of the Movement, got left behind, with Lesbian-specific issues abandoned in favor of advancing socially regressive causes such as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal and Gender Identity legislation. For years, Lesbians have dropped out of the GLBT Movement or simply […]