Just Say No to Transing Kids

“I’m for health coverage for trans ops and sexual reassignment surgery from age 8.” – Roseanne Barr.

No. Just no. Mutilating children and “delaying puberty” when society is “the problem” is child abuse.

You can read why transing children is child abuse here.

Nonetheless, Roseanne, thank you again for standing up for Women and speaking out about misogyny in the GLBT Community. Although we strongly disagree with your stance on allowing children to be surgically altered, we agree that the time is long past due for the GLBT Community to acknowledge the abuse that Lesbians suffer at the hands of the GBTs.


  1. Continuing story of UKs youngest transgender ‘patient’, courtesy of Gendertrender:


  2. Teri Burnett · ·

    I agree that a teen is too young to know what she or he will want for the rest of his or her life. But after puberty, people who transition from male to female are less successful at achieving a female sounding voice (e.g. speaking, laughing, coughing) than are those who transition before puberty. This is because once the vocal structures in the neck grow to masculine proportions (causing the pitch range of the voice to lower), they cannot be made smaller without drastic surgical procedures that are minimally successful and may cause more harm than good. In contrast, administering masculinizing hormones to a female body at any time in life will cause laryngeal growth that permanently lowers the voice frequency to within the typical male range. So I see medically delaying puberty in boys who express a strong desire to become female as a good thing because it gives them more time to decide if being a woman is what they truly want to do. Then, if they do make the decision to transition physically from male to female, their change will be more physically successful than if they had not delayed puberty.

    1. Gross. There is no “female sounding voice.”

    2. Becky Green · ·

      ” it gives them more time to decide if being a woman is what they truly want to do”

      This statement falsely implies that such a choice can ever be made by anyone at any point in their life. A male can choose to be a femme looking, dress wearing male, which is fine, but he simply doesn’t have the option to become a woman. An effeminate eunuch is the pinnacle of what hormones and surgery can achieve.

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