Well That Didn’t Take Long

Any time a Woman speaks out for Women over Men, that Woman is bound to face the wrath of Men angry that she dare stand for Women.

Roseanne Barr has come out in defense of Women over Men who exploit “Gender Identity” as a means to penetrate Women-Only Space.

For that, she has earned violent threats like this:


Ann Tagonist, the Radical Feminist Activist who brought this issue to Roseanne’s attention, has since been suspended from Twitter.

For what?

For asking a question?

For acknowledging reality?

For standing for Women?

Ask yourself, what kind of ideology demands rigid adherence to its tenets and threatens violence against you when you decline?

It starts with P…


  1. I wonder if ll the hate speech writers here who are attacking women’s rights to our spaces, (and I mean more space than toilets), are also banned as twits for 30 days… oh i forgot, the patriarchy supports them, and anyone who colonizes women’s identity

  2. “Transwomen are women.” That will go down as one of the biggest lies ever told. It is a perfect example of what Mary Daly called the Strategy of Biggest Lies, an old and time honored patriarchal strategy. And the truthtellers are persecuted…..

  3. whaaaaaah, the goliath is so oppressed, whaaaaaah

  4. is roseanne backpedalling?

    1. I would be THRILLED for trans ppl to have their own bathrooms. Indeed, many trans ppl would be THRILLED to have their own bathrooms.

      I would be MORE THRILLED if Men would stop threatening to kill Women for pointing out male violence is an issue.

      1. yes of course. not sure what her reasoning is here though. is she saying its bc of young girls “prejudice” or is she sticking to her previous guns? inquiring minds want to know. the reasoning matters. whether shes caving to the violent trans matters.

      2. I agree. It is for sure something to watch for.

      3. yes it is awkwardly worded, and Twitter’s character limit doesn’t help that. She could be sympathetic to MtT’s, saying they are being forced (by someone else) into a place with people who hate them, or she could be sympathetic to the girls, saying that the MtT’s are being forced on the girls who (rightfully) hate the MtT’s being there. I hope she means the latter, but we’ll have to see.

  5. roseannes bf is getting the picture

  6. Their tantrums are just…I have no words. I’ve never seen a more childish, delusional group of people in my life. But of course they’re not mentally ill though. Nooo. Perfectly sane. Yes siree!
    Roseanne take a deep breath and stick to your guns and common sense. You know people with a wiener are MEN not WOMEN.

  7. What’s twitter’s excuse for suspending Ann Tagonist’s account? What a bunch of friggin maniacs. Does a tranny run twitter?

    1. Apparently she used the “reply” function too many times…

    2. I think it was Slutwalk Philly who reported me for using the reply function.

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  9. Just saw Vast Left call her ‘transphobic Roseanne’ in my Facebook feed. The word is travelling faster than people’s ability to read the original exchange.

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