Roseanne Stands for Women

Recently, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein whiffed on the question of men in women-only space.

Roseanne Barr, running as the Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate along with Cindy Sheehan, did not whiff.  Indeed, she is the only presidential candidate who has stood firmly for women’s space.  Here is what she said when asked about this on Twitter by Radical Feminist activist Ann Tagonist:

The  Peace and Freedom Party demands “full equality” for Women in all aspects of life. Sexism is a major instrument for teaching relations of domination and inequality and for keeping one-half of the workforce underpaid or unpaid. The Peace and Freedom Party wants to end oppressive sex roles in society, ensure equal rights and responsibilities in child raising, and will work with unions to “do more to organize women and promote women’s leadership.” The Party demands:

  • Adoption of an equal rights amendment.
  • Equal pay for equal work, and for work of comparable worth.
  • Enforce non-discrimination in hiring and promotion with affirmative action where necessary.
  • Provision of free, high-quality, community-controlled child care.
  • Convenient provision of safe, free birth control information and materials to men and women of any age.
  • Free abortion on demand.
  • No forced abortions or sterilizations.
  • Safe prenatal care.
  • End violence against women.

If Roseanne is on the ballot in your state, support her as she supports us.

Thank you Roseanne!

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  1. Best platform EVER.

  2. query: does roseanne understand the giant pile of shit she has just stepped in here? i hope this was deliberate. if not, prepare for a bindel-style cheek-turning as she experiences the full wrath of trans nation. staying tuned to this one….

  3. Go Rosanne, I vote for you. Appreciate your support for women only space. So important for us.

  4. I am now suspended from Twitter.

    1. Gosh, it looks like you got suspended from everything? I went to go find out more from you about what lead up to the twitter ban and I couldn’t get your tumblr or WordPress blog either! What is up with that?!

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  6. Luna Lovegood · ·

    Roseanne is who I wanna be when I grow up.

  7. An equal rights amendment would make it unconstitutional to have separate bathrooms for differet genders, which seems a little counterproductive for the whole “every transwoman wants to rape me” schtick you’ve got going on here lately.

    1. Um. No. No, it wouldn’t.

      1. The language of the original ERA suggests that all laws that dichotomize people by gender be invalidated. Therefore, all public spaces would need to remain gender inclusive and non-discriminatory. You know, the whole separate =/= equal thing we established 60 years ago.

    2. Surely, there is an intelligent way to pass a civil rights amendment while protecting the privacy and providing personal space for both women and men when it comes to using a restroom – that point is well taken and interesting but chalks up to white noise in the grander scheme of things – America needs the ERA – Women and girls need access to female only facilities – These two things are not mutually exclusive

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