Awww NGLTF Knows What A Woman Is, After All


  1. Yes, when push comes to shove, most everyone does!

  2. doublevez · ·

    I can only offer support to my Lesbian sisters, but I was waiting and losing hope this was going to come up: VP comment:

    “Amazon Amer

    Another lesbian issue NOT addressed by NGLTF is the violence and hate and fetishsizing of lesbians from the trans factions they defend. HELLOOO are any of you listening to us on this? It’s been going on for more than 20 years now and there’s been nary a peep from you all.”

  3. NGLTF just needs to remove the L from its title. This organization in providing NO lesbian only events at creating change until a big online fuss about this brewed speaks volumes. To not honestly address the needs for lesbians to organize within lesbian only contexts, excluding trans seems like a passive way of ignoring completely lesbian political needs. The organization is just a fraud at addressing the conflicts lesbians are having with mto trans, and what this means for lesbian communities worldwide. So what else is new? Forget about lesbian only events, or loads of workshop specifically dealing with lesbian issues— its all about gender queer, pomo or trans thrown in with lesbians as if this makes any sense at all.

    Pink cover on the graphic– was that from NGLTF too or just a satiric add on via photoshop?

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