For Every One of Us You Silence, 100 More Will Rise to Take Her Place

I received the following (unsolicted) email from Gallus Mag at GenderTrender, which I present unedited:

“As some of you may know, my posting access to my GenderTrender blog was suspended at the end of the business day on Friday January 18. My last post, on Friday morning, was a collection of screen caps: a random sampling of the abusive and threatening tweets directed at Suzanne Moore following her “SEEING RED: THE POWER OF FEMALE ANGER” article re-publication.

Prior to Friday morning’s post I did five controversial posts in succession:

  1. I outed an MD and Phd who threatened to murder a bunch of radical feminists, also specifically targeting myself and Cathy Brennan. 1/10/2013 FRI
  2. I posted the text of Professor Sheila Jeffeys’ submission to the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 1/12/2013 SUN
  3. I posted the entire text (and published imagery) of Julie Burchill’s “Transsexuals Should Cut it Out”, which was subsequently censored in toto by the Guardian/Observer and for which she is now facing a government criminal inquiry. 1/13/2013 MON
  4. I posted commentary and photos and a partial re-blog of Dirt’s article calling out the racism and homophobia at the core of the initial trans response to Suzanne Moore’s use of the term “Brazillian transsexual” in her “SEEING RED: THE POWER OF FEMALE RAGE” article. 1/16/2013 THURS
  5. I posted a video of Precious “Jewel” Davis, a (self-professed) gay drag queen who recently “turned trans” from the “We Happy Trans” project . 1/16/2013 THURS 

 What a week!

My blog is “newsy”. When things are going on, I post them. And there is a lot going on right now. Specifically, there is a peak of public discourse around the feminist critique of gender. We have about a week before the general public becomes bored with this topic (as they do with all topics). Right now, this discourse is peaking- into the mainstream- in a way I’m not sure it has ever done before. This is a critical time.

Some of you have taken issue with the language Julie Burchill used in her now criminalized article and claim her bombastic tone has undermined the message. As if there was EVER a platform for that “message”. Suzanne Moore wasn’t “bombastic” and look what the fuck happened to her! Some of you have actively taken steps to discredit Burchill or distance yourself from her. Must step lightly, you say. Throw her off the boat! Backstabbing is a pointless discussion to have at this point. Clearly the trans politic is seizing the moment to re-frame their violent suppression of feminist – of WOMENS and LESBIAN voices- as an anguished “what about the menzzzz” cry to promote further censorship and no-platforming of feminist gender critiques, but remember, that is the same tact they use whether you are rude or polite. The polite Conway Hall feminist conference was no-platformed by the MRA/Trans alliance with terrorist bombing and murder threats. Mainstream feminist discourse has been taken over by males in an “oh so polite” way- backed up by threats of rape and death. Feminists who have tried to discourse with the trans politic have been- at best- mocked and distained. Whether you give an inch or a mile. Burchill simply chose to take on the abuse in stead of her friend Suzanne Moore. Julie is not a stupid woman. She has lanced a boil. That boil is the silencing of feminist voices by the transgender lobby. Whether that wound heals or encapsulates will be determined by our response. She has directed attention to this issue by throwing herself on a pyre into the angry mob. Immolation. That Burchill broad kicks some balls and goes down swinging. And where the fuck are you?

Let’s not waste this opportunity, shall we? We have the world’s attention. LET US SPEAK.

Unfortunately for me at GenderTrender, my voice has been silenced now by my website host at

Yesterday Janet Mock of People Magazine, (he of “Girls Like Us” fame), decided to start a campaign against my blog. Early Friday morning (before my Suzanne Moore Tweet post) I became aware of a censorship campaign against GenderTrender, and all wordpress radical feminist blogs. There have been a million of these campaigns, but Mock is a very powerful man.

Mock initially became enraged when he read my post (Number 4 above) and saw a photo of himself, and “misgendering” (because it mentioned that he was male) and decided that women have no right to discuss or post photos of public figures on feminist blogs.  Instead of filing a complaint with wordpress or messaging me with his demands (or just shutting the fuck up) he started a twitter campaign to ban my blog which was quickly seized by trans activists smelling blood in the water following their successful censorship of Burchill and success in driving Suzanne Moore off of twitter. All the usual suspects came on board within minutes: Hetero female “fag” Stephen Ira, Lefty “TGirl” inventor of the ladystick Savanna Garmon, Transfeminist Natalie “Die cis scum” Reed and all the rest. NO DISCUSSION of TRANS ACTIVISM by WOMEN they railed. GAG THESE BITCHES.

When I did not notice Mock’s campaign (because I never check my tweets and I was sleeping) he engaged his pals to post news articles complaining about’s hosting of gender critical and trans-critical blogs. The proposed banning of all female voices re: politics relating to gender, especially mine. I took action when I became aware of Mock’s campaign, specifically his charge that the public news-site photo I had used was off limits. To placate his male rage I replaced that pic with an alternate screen cap from another (NBC) appearance, and I kindly tweeted him that I had resolved his photo issue.  Seriously, these guys literally think they can lobby on the national news and women have no right to discuss it. HOW DARE IT SPEAK???

I posted a few of the Suzanne Moore tweets, went to work, and when I came home my blog had TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND hits. And I was LOCKED OUT by

I now have NO WAY to POST on MY OWN BLOG due to It’s all well and good for feminists to have blogs and such that are gender critical, as long as no one is paying attention to them. You can post the most intelligent, elegant legal critique of the ways “Gender Identity” status negatively impacts woman AS LONG AS NO ONE READS IT. AS LONG AS NO ONE IS LISTENING. Women can have their tiny corners, their sekret cabals AS LONG AS NO ONE IS READING. Let the gals blow off steam in dark corners on Facebook. As long as it doesn’t hit the mainstream. Let the edumacated upper class folks have their little talks that no one finds interesting or engaging. But god forbid feminist voices start being heard en masse. God Forbid Julie Burchill says what EVERY FUCKING WOMAN ON EARTH IS THINKING. GOD FORBID Trans Media Watch cites GenderTrender as a SOURCE in the women vs. gender discourse.

Someone said this as a comment on my blog recently, much better than I’m about to mis-quote, but it was basically that the transgender politic around the social hierarchy of the sexes is so utterly flimsy that it can tolerate no critique whatsoever from women, and as a male-centric philosophy the realities of female experience CANNOT be tolerated., hosted by Automattic, has prevented me from posting this on the blog I have built up from the ground against all odds. And Gosh who cares about that? Who cares about Bindel and Greer and Jeffreys and Brennan and Moore and Benvenuto and Burchill? We still have our little corners where they can’t silence us. Keep voices hushed. Avert your eyes, sisters. Let’s spectate.

IF YOU GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF THIS – and I know many of you DO, I encourage you to RAISE A HOLY FUCKING SHITSTORM about the silencing of feminists who critique GENDER and PLASTIC SURGERY and MUTILATION and RAPE and FREEDOM FROM THE PEEN and ETC ETC ETC.

I mean this literally: SPEAK NOW or FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.

Have a blog? UPDATE IT TODAY with a focus on FREEDOM OF SPEECH for women. COMPLAIN about death threats on women- and NOT to your “friends” on Facebook. COMPLAIN about CENSORSHIP of women. Call the fucking news agency. Call ten fucking friends to meet on Tuesday night to set out a goal-oriented political action plan to support freedom of speech for women. ASSERT the right for women to DISCUSS POLITICS even if those public figures are “TRANS GENDER”. Make that lame fucking account so you can leave that comment on that awful news story. Take action every single fucking day. But ESPECIALLY TODAY. It’s time to say NO to the censoring of women- even if they are more (or less!) plain-spoken than you would like.

You liked GenderTrender, you counted on me- well I have been ELIMINATED. Fucking GAGGED because people were listening.”

And what will you do, Women?

And what will you do, Women?

And what will you do, Women?

Thank you Gallus Mag for your reporting.


  1. I thought you and Gallus dislike each other? Why would she send you this email?

    1. No woman is an enemy when women’s free speech is threatened.

    2. Hmm…could it be that…hmm…perhaps censorship in ANY form is something relevant to ALL of us, including (and especially) those who give a damn about issues that affect women? Trans would instead continue to shift the focus away from real women so that trans can flaunt their victim mentality, and anything that detracts from that (and points out that biology matters) is something they put squarely in their crosshairs as something that must be destroyed.

    3. Joy, I forwarded the email she sent me to you, please feel free to share with your “friendship group.”

  2. MarySunshine · ·

    I sure hope she had it backed up. She can upload it to her own hosting off shore.

  3. loveangellove · ·

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  4. loveangellove · ·

    In solidarity with Gallus. We will not be silenced.

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  6. Some very significant and potent writing from Gallus here. Her point that the transactivist lobby has zero tolerance for any criticism because of the flimsiness of their ideology is well-taken and well-evidenced by the censorship here. WordPress is killing the messenger instead of going after the threateners and intimidators. I hope that Gallus will continue her important work but without wordpress. It appears that a concerted effort to censor all radical feminist blogs is underway, and at a time when there seem to be fewer blogs. One way to deal with this might be for more of us to start blogs in 2013.

    1. I just received this text from Gallus Mag: “They took out my hard drive. I cant even boot up.”
      And another “Everythings gone”

      Seriously? But who – was this a trojan attack, or has someone (authoritah) confiscated her HD?

      I was last in contact with her about nine hours ago, and had not heard anything from her since.

      1. I don’t know.

      2. The vague description sounds trojan attack. 😦

      3. Is it any co-incidence that the two most grossly over represented occupations for M2Ts are IT and ex-military?

      4. Davina, I’m coming late to the discussion, but is there anything we can do to help get Gallus back up online? Create a mirror site for her? I wish I was more technically gifted in that respect. If you’re in communication with her, please let her know that we all support her and want to do all we can.

      5. GenderTrender is still up. Gallus could create a new blog. Anyone can copy paste the content of GenderTrender and put it on another blog.

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    Reblogging because, while I don’t always agree with what GallusMag, Suzanne Moore, or Julie Burchill have to say (or the language they use to say it) they have the right to do so without being censored or threatened with rape or death.

  8. sapphocles · ·

    Amazing. Is there any more compelling evidence of the power of patriarchy than the fact that even men in dresses spouting patently insane pomo bullshit have less difficulty than women in getting their voices heard, getting their legislation passed, and suppressing any voice that dares dissent? You’d think all this power would eventually make them *feel* like men…

  9. You can send an email directly to Matt Mullenweg if you go here:

    That is what I am going to try. He is the owner of Automattic.

  10. hearthrising · ·

    What would be the best platform to start an anonymous blog? I thought WordPress was safe. Would Blogger be better? Tumblr, as you know, is a cesspool. I just tweeted that Matt dude but in general I don’t use Twitter politically – it becomes too inflammatory. The best way would be to get a private hosting account, like you have, but most of us are not as brave as you and are afraid to lose our livelihood. My own hoster will submit a domain name that is anonymous when whois is called up. I don’t know how anonymous that stays. Potentially I could pay $60 per year for a new hosting account, but would the host then censor the blog?

    1. Good questions, hearthrising, I would like to hear how to make a blog with some confidence that personal info is not findable on the web. It seems that several of us have confidence in wordpress, as a whois lookup just shows their domain info. Sorry to ask such basic questions, but is it hard to “look behind” wordpress for personal info? What about blogger? These sites seem easy to use compared to making one’s own domain. But is it far safer to have your own domain? I think for all of us confidentiality is the key question. I sure would like to see a hundred new radfem blogs.

      1. i initially chose wordpress over blogger bc i had heard that blogger censored the pro-hilary blogs before the 2008 election — you know, the ones that were still democrats but were critical of the misogyny of the left. kinda like us. 🙂 i dont know about the security of WP and have no comment on that.

        but before this, i was under the impression that WP’s policy about CONTENT was very pro-speech (their official position was that if you dont like it, contact the blog owner or comment on their blog to try to get a dialog going, and if something is REALLY BAD they would contact their own legal department before doing anything to silence a blog over content). which makes you wonder doesnt it? why would WP’s in-house legal dept give two shits about gendertrender? its bizarre is what it is.

  11. hearthrising · ·

    Oh, and thank you Gallus Mag. you know what your blog has meant to all of us. I hope you will not RIP.

  12. ciao reine · ·

    Brava! And keep speaking even if you are the only one listening.
    The positive side of the “misogynistic trans-folks and their supporters” is that they are a minute blip on the radar of global misogyny. Women who keep telling the truth about misogyny cannot be silenced and will not be derailed by men’s trivia.
    Speak the truth about the misogyny in the trans movement, and keep moving forward; they are nobody; they are cowards and they are narcissists who, once again think they are entitled to everything. Women have many more creative endeavors to address than these silly little boys who now think they are entitled to a vaginas. 🙂

  13. Where are all the transactivists who hate Matt Mullenweg for posting scrumptious piccies of lobster and roast duck on his Facebook?? Or is it only lowly women who are not allowed to enjoy lobster and champagne for lunch????

  14. Dreadful news. I always appreciated Gallus mags posts. So tired of reading of another woman being silenced for facing down male hatred

  15. This is both sad and ironic. Just a few days ago, I posted a comment on her blog, noting that trans activists tend to win these skirmishes with feminists because they spend a lot of time and effort organizing in the real world, coopting the lesbian/gay movement and haranguing their targets offline. By contrast, we limit our efforts almost entirely to posting a handful of low-trafficked blogs and tumblrs. Gallus reacted extremely negatively, accusing me of “whining” and saying that if she could somehow ban me from even reading her blog, she would. She also said (correctly) that if I wanted to see more real-world organizing, I should do something about it.

    Although her reaction was extreme in its hostility and heedlessness, I agreed with her about taking action and, to move things forward productively, I proposed that she create on GenderTrender an open thread, in which her readers (including me) could brainstorm ideas about how to really begin to organize to fight against these trans activists attacks. To create an open thread would have taken less than one minute of her time.

    Her reply: “No. YOU do something. thx.” A response that was as passive-aggressive as it was unhelpful. Just hours after this exchange, it seems the trans mob – as mobs are wont to do – reached into her protected little blog bubble and destroyed it.

    Only now is she moved to take action in the wider world. Better late than never! In this one limited sense, this latest action by the trans activist mob can be seen as a positive development, as it may finally get us to move beyond bemoaning the state of the world and start doing something about it.

    1. That’s too bad. I’d be happy to do an open thread like that.

    2. doublevez · ·

      You’re a piece of work aren’t you Debs? You write some passive aggressive b.s. on her blog and when she doesn’t lick all up your legs, she loses her blog and her hard drive is wrecked a few hours later. Now you come here to gloat. I read you there, and it’s still there for anyone to read. Before anyone invites you in, I’d suggest they do that.

      All support to Gallus, and to you Cathy.

      1. Let’s not lose the plot. Thanks.

      2. doublevez · ·

        Debs the All-Knowing says: “Only now is she moved to take action in the wider world.”


        The nerve!! Debs who has NO clue about anything and just shows up at GT once, is not one of us, knows nothing about radical feminism it would appear, we have no idea who she is except if this is an example, I’m not having any. Has no clue what we have been doing, shits on us there, and and now finds a welcome here?

        I not for one of you and against the other. I’m for both, but I’m not working anywhere that supports and includes her.

      3. All due respect, there’s passive aggressive BS in Gallus’ email.

      4. seriously this is bullshit. what we write on PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE BLOGS is political real-world activism mkay. you might feel like you are in our living rooms having a warm fuzzy but thats a failure of perception on your part — the way you can tell is that you arent in our livings rooms, and your perception isnt real. if you can read it, the writers have done their jobs. anyone else who feels THEY THEMSELVES arent “doing enough” (or anything) is free to, like, do something (or anything). thank you!

      5. Quesadilla · ·

        Doublevez is right about deb. Doesn’t take much to see the interloping. If someone wants an open thread, fucking MAKE one. Gallus is busy.

        Division btwn women is not the fault of the CORRECT side. If deb wants to be condescending and demanding, then that’s HER fault for being so dudely and no thanks. You don’t get activism stripes just for being female. You get benefit of the doubt. Try not to screw it up.

    3. Marie-France Lesage · ·

      Deb you’re pissing me off. GallusMag created an OASIS of truth in a vast ocean of lies – a treasured, priceless place for people like me to both come to for information but also to receive support, inspiration, humor and affection from my feminist sisters.

      She waded though a TSUNAMI of abuse, death threats, threats of all kinds of sexual violence, insanity, etc. to protect us from it — deleting thousands of abusive posts over the years so the rest of us could talk with one another in a little bit of peace.

      I want to say HOW DARE YOU criticize her for not doing enough? You have no idea how much work she was putting in — or what she was doing in the rest of her life.

      GallusMag pretty much saved my sanity when I all I could find on-line were funfems and “trans” cult members telling me to go die in a fire, go drink bleach, go off myself, etc. when I was trying to have a rational conversation about “trans” on so-called progressive and so-called feminist sites.

      You have NO IDEA how valuable her work has been — but I do. I am asking you to STOP being so defensive and really think about the work she was doing with her blog — on top of a full time job — for free — and how whiney, unfair and absolutely NOT supportive you are being in your posts about her.

      1. Quesadilla · ·

        Well put

  16. ciao reine · ·

    How do we start a “blog-tree” so that many of us can repost whatever they censor? Can one import the same bloggers to their site? I, obviously, know nothing. errr except how to piss off men…

  17. This is an utter outrage! In solidarity with Gallus Mag.

  18. A similar thing happened to me. A stalker used the “reporting abuse” page to get my blog taken down. I got help to get my own web host and paid WP for a redirect. I’m still fighting it out with WP’s lawyers and I haven’t written about it publicly yet.

  19. My main blog is on blogger, but even so, I keep having a reminder about a ‘violation’ when I copied the transsexuals’ who crashed a Dianic Ritual, and then were censored from it, and when there was another workshop, where NO Dianics were invited to discuss ‘the discrimination by Dianics’ against trans for the Dianic WBW policy. Two Dianic leaders found out about this ‘gender workshop’ and took part in it, stating the policy of the positions of Dianic Wicca being BY AND ABOUT the lives and stories and rites of passage that every WBW goes through, from birth, through childhood, puberty and menses, to motherhood(if they so choose) to menopause and Cronehood….that the very essence of the religion is about Female Blood Mysteries, and BY AND FOR bio female/WBW….and that they felt it was religious discrimination to censor Dianic Wicca, or attempt to infiltrate Dianic ceremonies, or silence Dianic Wicca and ban Dianics from Pantheacon, WHILE there are OTHER rituals that also have strict requirements, like gay male only ceremonies, ceremonies that ANYONE, but PARTICULARLY bleeding women weren’t allowed in, ect. ect. ect…..

    In any case, they complained to Blogger and Blogger threatened to pull my entire blog because of these two complaining about their article(both trans) ABOUT that gender workshop in response to trans being turned away from a Dianic Wiccan ritual at Pantheacon. I did not push the article, rather I copied it elsewhere, because it demonstrates just how intent they are in infiltrating EVERY aspect of the Lesbian and/or women’s community, whether we approve or not….and silencing us if we object to their presence.

    I sure hope Gallus has other forums for her work, and it reminds me that I should back up my work too!

  20. Ah, Deb, if you’re half the activist you claim you are, EVERYTIME we go out into the REALTIME ‘women’s community’ and even MENTION wanting WBW space, we’re asked questions like ‘what is a real woman?’, ‘how come you don’t identify as queer?’, ‘what do you mean by WBW?’, ‘we’re inclusive, that’s not being inclusive’, ect. ect. ect. I’d have to post what I posted about a recent experience I had WITH JUST THIS, when a new women’s space is opening up in my community, and I mention that the workshops I teach are meant ONLY for WBW, and especially for Dykes/Lesbians. And this: “When you say ‘women’s community’ do you mean LESBIAN community?” And I said, “in fact, YES, cuz I’d RATHER be around Lesbians than straight women. I go to women’s meetings filled with straight women and it does not meet my needs, so IF I organize something, it WILL BE PARTICULARLY for Lesbians, though other bio females can come if they want. But it will also be inclusive of women of all races, sizes, ages, classes, ect. Just not those who aren’t wbw!” And THIS was just last Saturday I had this discussion REALTIME. And the meeting to discuss the women’s space community wide was happening the next day. The organizers said ‘no matter what, TRANS WOMEN WILL BE INCLUDED!’ And I responded, ‘well then, is it an entire waste of MY time to show up?’ And they said ‘No.” yeah, RIGHT. Well, I still feel that way: MY workshops ARE FOR WBW/born females ONLY! And I will continue to maintain that!

    So in other words: beyond our blogs, we keep getting shut down ‘in the real world’, EVEN IF it’s about organizing a ‘women’s space’! Doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying, but NEITHER am I doing it alone anymore!

    1. I hear that. I get the frustration at being shut down. It is all the more galling that this comes from your own sisters.

      But let me ask you this: what did the LGB movement do when it got shut down on everything from sodomy laws to marriage? Remember, this was a movement that regularly got clobbered everywhere, on TV, at the ballot, in the public square. Did it withdraw into itself? Did it satisfy itself with putting out some small newsletters (the tumblrs of that era) in which they bemoaned their fate? No, that community assessed the situation and modified its arguments, its priorities and its approach. It didn’t do this perfectly and it took time, but eventually, it got things right and today the situation looks a lot different than it did 30 years ago. Another example: lesbians within the LGB community. Back in the day, we were sent to the back of the bus. When we spoke up, w were shut down on matters great and small. But again, we persevered, engaged our target audience and, while the situation isn’t perfect, we eventually broke through. Today, if every national LGB organization were headed by a lesbian, it wouldn’t really be news.

      We can have that kind of success in combating the trans mob, but we need to get together and talk about how to really make it happen. Which arguments work and which arguments grate on people like nails on chalkboard? How do we present the actual facts concerning trans activist violence to a wider audience without coming off as being unfair or “transphobic”? Who is our target audience? And what are our top priorities? When we answer these questions and organize accordingly, we will win. This isn’t anything novel; we’ve done it before. And the trans activist mob has been doing it for years, which is why they have been so successful despite the fact that there are so few of them and that they are both antisocial and insane.

      1. Your assessment of the state of lesbians isn’t accurate.

  21. I posted about it on Lesbian Caucus.

  22. In solidarity with Gallus Mag, Cathy Brennan, with our foresisters who refused to be silenced and with sisters everywhere who refuse to be silenced. To silence one is to silence all.

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    As someone who has received support from GenderTrender in my own struggles with censorship I am saddened and appalled.

  24. […] For Every One of Us You Silence, 100 More Will Rise to Take Her Place. […]

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    A Voice for Men. Heartiste. Register-Her. Where are the feminists fighting to get these sites shut down?

    Nowhere. Because women don’t enter men’s spaces and tell them to stop it. They have not been socialized to think that they have that kind of power over people. The idea of marching into a man’s space and telling them to stop, marching over to the sites that host them and tell them to get rid of those sites is foreign, intangible. Women are not socialized to see those as options. This is why feminists on Reddit don’t go yelling at r/mensrights, but r/mensrights takes over every feminist space. This is why r/TwoXChromosomes is chock full of men, but r/OneYChromosome is not crawling with women. This is why there’s the cotton ceiling, where trans males demand access to lesbians’ underwear, but no equivalent boxer ceiling with trans females and trans males trying to get into the pants of men. This is why feminists do nothing about sites like Heartiste and In Mala Fide (both wordpress, BTW), but trans males will snap their fingers and get women’s voices silenced when they talk back.

  26. banewmark · ·

    This is simply heart wrentching and not tolerable. Gallus Mag has been astonishing in her insights, in her critiques and has done so with intellegence and compasion toward women. I am not much interested in indentity as a means to prove anything. I am a garden varriety breeder lady. But I know men weilding male wepons and privlage when I see ’em. And I got eyes in the back of my head. The censorship has to stop. I don’t much like the tried and try rapist tactict of blaming the victim–which is any use of the word “transphobic” when directed towards a woman–that person born with a vagina, by a person that may or may not have a penis.

  27. I am at a total loss for words. First off, I cannot wrap my head around the tranz claim that “penises are feminine”, that “women with penises are women, too”, and that as a woman-born-woman, I am somehow oppressing them. I further don’t understand WHY if they hate real women so much, WHY do they want to injest hormones and MAYBE go through the surgical procedure to make their “outtie” into an “innie” because they “feel like a woman.” If they really “feel like a woman”, then why do they hate who they “feel like?” Seriously fucked up pathology going on there!

    I don’t get it with these guys. I think they’re psycho. Follow me through on this, m’kay: Men have their own spaces. Including the cocks in frocks. Men have their male-only clubs. Some of them are for men with more power and privilege than what you can imagine (i.e. Bohemian Grove). And yet women, whether we’re lesbian, het, or assexual (like moi), are somehow NOT allowed to have ANY women-only bathrooms and locker rooms, let alone a women-only enclave for our ability to socialize with other women in peace without any men present. Why can’t me and my sisters have any space of our own?

    We are begrudged this so vehemently that sisters are being censored, threatened, and blogs are being shut down.

    These nutjobs hate women, yet they DEMAND the “right” to have sex with lesbians (who are real women, not the John Hopkins surgically assigned kind). Who wants to have sex with the very people one hates? I don’t get that logic. Am I nuts? Oh, wait…I forgot….we’re talking about MEN.

    OK. Maybe we need to really rachet up one hell of a radfem pushback — by occupying and shutting down a few Interstates for a few days. That would totally throw a monkey wrench in interstate commerce and hit men where it hurts (the wallet). I am getting sick of men’s crap.

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    It’s a sad, crazy day when a group of people who feel they’re oppressed bully and oppress and censor women who ARE oppressed and seek to subvert women’s fight for basic human rights — all in the name of political correctness.

  29. BTW, I reblogged this piece on my WordPress blog.

  30. […] folk) will affect actual females. GenderTrender blogger GallusMag has not only had her account suspended, due to a targeted hate-fueled Twitter campaign to have her reasoned concerns (often referencing […]

  31. I reblogged this as well.

    What else can we do at this point? I’m furious and also scared. This is escalation…big time. It seems the whole world is heating up as women rise.

    Sisters it’s time to huddle tight and have each other’s backs like never before. We don’t back down. We don’t give up. We stand by each other.

    1. Tumblr deleted my Tumblr blog last summer at the behest of Trans people. It had 250,000 hits in a few months.

      They tried to censor Sheila J.

      They got Julie Burchill censored

      They harassed Christine Benvenuto.

      In the fall, they harassed Roseanne.

      They harassed Norah Vincent when Self Made Man came out.

      Escalation? No. This is SOP.

  32. […] they came for Gallus Mag and I didn’t speak out because I forgot how to […]

  33. […] they came for Gallus Mag and I didn’t speak out because I forgot how to […]

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    This is appalling and Censorship on so many levels that the Trans community is committing. It’s wrong and it goes against Freedom of Speech.

  35. It’s outrageous that Gallus Mag had her account disabled. I’m very surprised at WordPress.

    These threats of violence appear to be given either overt or tacit approval by the entire trans community. If there are transpersons who don’t agree with this violence, they need to be vocal in reining in their own group. They need to be vocal in repudiating these actions. This violent group is becoming the public identity of trans.

    If there are a large number of trans who don’t agree, they need to step forward. I don’t hear any large group saying that they don’t agree with the threats, violence, and silencing.

    Why should women always have to deal with this bullshit? Let the trans community come forward in large numbers and contact WordPress saying that they do not agree. Let them work to get the account reinstated.

    I’m not holding my breath, of course, but seriously, where are they? Where are the public statements by responsible trans?

    1. Marie-France Lesage · ·

      Oh, WordWoman — there is no “responsible trans community”. According to studies I trust, less than one person in 2,000 has severe enough “gender issues” to take steps towards “transitioning” and those folks are seriously mentally damaged and/or unstable. That’s 0.0005% of the population. From my experience of them in person and on-line, many of them have other co-morbidities, such as substance abuse, depression with suicidal ideation and a kind of character disorder I call “histrionic manipulation” — it has aspects of narcissism and also aspects of histrionic personality disorder — not to mention the severe body dysphoria — every bit as severe as the body dysphoria of people with anorexia nervosa.

      This whole myth of mentally healthy, stable “trans women” going about their day-to-day lives, passing perfectly and not bothering anyone is…well, it’s a myth. They don’t exist. Mentally healthy, stable people don’t want to lop off perfectly healthy body parts, do they? Or take dangerous cross-sex hormones? Or go through permanent sterilization at a young age just to appear to be something they’re not? Other studies show that “trans women” are MORE likely to commit suicide after transition, not less. Why? Because they’re serious mentally disabled and become obsessively fixated on “changing sex” which is, of course, impossible and all attempts to do so fail to make the majority of them happy.

      I used to be willing to posit that it was possible for there to be mentally stable, basically happy and “normal-ish” people out there who were also “trans”. Now I don’t believe that they exist. I believe a rational “trans woman” is a mythical creature, created by the “trans” cult to lull us into accepting the rest of their mythology.

    2. Don’t hold your breath. Transgender activists (who believe they speak for all transsexual and intersex people as well) have a policy of circling the wagons and refusing to admit error, ever. They didn’t give a shit about lesbian anger over their knickers being described as an oppressive barrier to be breached, and they won’t give a shit about a radfem blog being taken down, especially since many of them were openly calling for it.

      I don’t think the TG activists have an answer to the violence issue other than dismissing it as “crazy trans person syndrome”, i.e. gaslighting us by telling us that we don’t really see what we see. To do otherwise would be to admit that some of them are wrong about some things, and that simply isn’t done. *TG activist rushes to get copy of suicide stats and TDoR list because he’s being questioned on something*

      It’s one thing for TG activists to keep working their toxic combination of male socialization and straight up narcissism e.g. Joy Ladin and Colleen Francis. That’s what they do. It’s another thing entirely for liberal feminists to allow them to run the asylum, despite only getting burned like Laurie Penny did. Why is it so hard for them to see we get nothing from an alliance with them but ridicule from people outside the pomo circle jerk?

      1. It’s why Intersex people like myself are not happy with the TG community because the TG community has a nasty habit of using and abusing intersex people to advance their agenda. At the expense of Intersex people.

  36. Quesadilla · ·

    Anyway. I’m posting all about this far and wide all day every day. Solidarity w GM.

  37. It seems that GenderTrender is “back up,” and that Gallus Mag has not been “censored.” I would encourage Women to ask Gallus Mag what happened. This thread is now closed.

  38. […] they came for Gallus Mag and I didn’t speak out because I forgot how to […]

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