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The Unexamined Life Makes You A Trans Ally These Days

Mail, I get mail. I get mail from lots of you who express utter amazement at the things your peers are doing – things like planning workshops to promote Penis in Lesbian Vagina and threatening to rape and kill Lesbians. Yanno, stuff that happens to Women on a regular basis in the Trans-Critical world. This gem comes to us […]

GUEST POST: Rethinking Gender Abolition by Pogoniptrail

Rethinking Gender Abolition by Pogoniptrail The goal of eradicating gender has become axiomatic for radical feminists over the past several years. Not only the debased role of woman but gender itself–the very concept–has been framed as the root of all women’s oppression. It is my position that gender abolition is neither necessary for women’s liberation nor […]