That time when someone said something unintentionally ironic on Facebook

Interesting Discussions going on here about women’s space in connection with a now-ended event called Age Diversity and Gender Fluidity: A forum sponsored by the San Francisco Dyke March.

Me being a hugely “transphobic” evil person, local dykes who live in fear of being ostracized by Gender Queers for having “an unpopular opinion” asked me to comment on the event page, and some Women (and Gay Men) cried “evils” when I said controversial things like “Trans women are men.”

You should check out the threads before the organizers delete them.

And then there was that time when someone said something unintentionally ironic on Facebook…

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  1. Oops! Looks like its disappeared. Glad I had the chance to read the thread yesterday. Silence and erasure. Interesting when you think about why. Like, trans-critical women who read and participated in that discussion know it was there. It’s not like we’ll magically forget when they take it away. But taking it away will stop other lesbians and women who are uncomfortable with the trans stuff from being able to see an alternative viewpoint expressed, and will prevent them from seeing an analysis that may be able to help them make sense of their sense of disease.

    Control of the masses, in other words. Making individual women who disagree see themselves as the problem (not evolved enough or whatever), instead of realising that the ideology is screwed. Classical patriarchal tactic.

    1. The San Francisco Dyke March
      11 hours ago
      For the first time ever the Dyke March Organizing Committee has decided to shut down comments to our Facebook Page. We held a forum about age diversity and gender. The participants (about 50) who actually showed up to exchange points of view were respectful of each other and a path was created for thoughtful and ongoing dialogue. It was, and remains, the intent of the Dyke March Committee to carry this discussion forward to re-build the committee and bring the Dyke March into its 21st year. Although many of the participants in the on-line exchange over the past week have maintained the integrity of the forum, a few loud and persistent voices have proven hateful and destructive. It’s particularly unfortunate that so much of this vitriol surfaced on Transgender Remembrance Day. We will open our Page to comment again when a date has been set for our next forum. Peace. Mo Kalman
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      Michele Rider allowing the haters to shut down the discussion…bad choice!
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      Arielle McKee thanks for creating a space to have discussion – no matter what the outcome. at least there is a forum for any and all voices to be heard. at the end of the day this is the most important piece no matter what stance you take – a chance to hear and be heard is invaluable. #gratitude
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      Sé Shay Sullivan I have mixed feelings about the decision to shut it down but understand, it was quite hard to read many things that were stated, hope to be at the next meeting, and happy to be on a panel.
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      Lesley Smith I am confused? Some comments are still getting through? So have you banned particular women from commenting here then?
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      Cathy Brennan This is not surprising. Our community values “diversity” except for diversity of opinion. As it turns out, I spend much of my day yesterday analyzing TDOR data. It’s not lesbians or radical feminists killing trans women, and it’s not ex-het men who now identify as lesbians who are getting killed. It’s MEN killing trans women of color. All the attention the GLBT Community spends of “equality” for trans issue, who do we actually do for trans women of color, some drug addicted, some in poverty, many prostituting themselves? The answer is a big fat nothing. You have a “vigil” ever year that does not even name the agent of violence. I am thoroughly disgusted by my community’s inability to see the world as it is. You can only build the world you hope to see from a place of reality; otherwise, you build that world on our backs. BTW, here is the TDOR data:

      Posts about Transgender Day of Remembrance on Name The Problem
      Posts about Transgender Day of Remembrance written by bugbrennan
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  2. Well yes, the ‘event’ has now been deleted, shame, because I did some very good posts, in difficult circumstances, plus the threads were hard to follow on a FB ‘events’ page.

    I was to be invited into their new private discussions, but the invitation did not happen.

      1. Shocked that I was invited, or shocked that the invitation did not materialise?
        (I was surprised by both actually)

      2. Both. They don’t want to have this conversation.

  3. EXACTLY. Another form of censorship, but several of us have saved our threads and comments on it….they really don’t want to hear what we have to say about our space being incurred upon over and over again, and DYKES STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES, FINALLY! And why we gotta hear about ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ on a Dyke March site???? As if we aren’t coopted and sold out enough and have the trans agenda shoved down our throats all throughout the year! I’d rather we HAVE the dialogue no matter how hard, than shut it all down, cuz folks don’t REALLY want to hear what other Dykes have to say about the matter!

    1. Feisty if you email me the threads I will publish them, or if you, do, drop a comment with the link.

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