NEW BLOG: Male Violence

You cannot “fix” a “problem” you refuse to name.

Although we have no hope that “we” can “fix” this “problem,” we will certainly “name” it.

Male violence.

Happy Thanksgiving!

No, really.


  1. When the press is good, men take the credit for everything that they do and everything that women around them do—time to start telling the entire story, dudes.
    You are a violent lot.

  2. Yesterday the Nouvel Observateur published the Manifesto of the 313, a declaration signed by 313 women (and more since) that they had been raped.

    Don’t suppose we’ll ever see a declaration signed by 313 men that they are rapists…

  3. It’s not domestic violence, it’s MALE VIOLENCE… interesting how the articles hide the word “male” and why this is almost always the case with naming in the male controlled media.

    Funny how threatening this is to NAME THE AGENT, because it is men who are the root of the violence, the instigators of wars, the terrorists, the bombers, Hamas and Palestinian men, Israeli men, men drinking alcohol and watching football, beating the wife, terrorizing the kids.

    Violence in the home, and homeland security for women? Well you’d have to prevent men living with women to begin with, obviously this idea is not floated out there as a solution to male violence in the home.

    Happy Thanksgiving, male free Thanksgivings are non-violent holidays!

  4. radicalwoman · ·

    It’s “fascinating” that women project the cause of most of their stress onto other women in the family, and they follow that up with a statistic on domestic violence increase during the holiday – as if its the mother in law who is doing the beatings. The other article is even more sickening, with it’s advice on how to avoid domestic violence during the holiday. Don’t ask “the unemployed” (males) if they (he) have found a job yet, they might beat you! Questioning patriarchs is fraught with danger. Just keep your motuh shut ladies, and you’ll be fine!
    We need to go back to calling it wife-beating. “Domestic violence”, my ass.

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