Alan Leo Bounville Suggests Women Get Over Their Fear…of Rape!

Alan Leo Bounville is walking across the country for the gays and the trans folks.

That’s nice. Recently, I enjoyed an exchange with him on Facebook where he minimizes women’s safety concerns and disregards the fact that Gender Identity legislation enshrines sex stereotypes into law. What a “hero.”

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  1. women have no right to any spaces anywhere that are free of men. That’s nice. How convenient that a man is deciding this. The fact that women want to maintain sex segregated spaces is what causes us to be oppressed. As usual, it’s our own fault! WE are the ones who are holding back the Golden Age of Equality with our irrational womanly fears over…oh, little things like rape, which the nice man says doesn’t happen. I totes believe that.

    And what was that bit about all of us having to fight so that the full spectrum of feminine and masculine identification is validated or some such. That’s actually not what I signed up for when I joined the feminist movement, thanks. I’m not interested in helping deluded people express their delusions, often at my own personal expense. I’m not interested in enabling a predatory medical industry to carry out unethical and dangerous experiments on populations of confused and vulnerable people. I’m interested in full human rights for the female born – and actually, in my experience, the majority of the uneducated unwashed non-feminist masses get that sex stereotypes are bad for both women and men. Jesus. If the average het gets it, you’d think that this man with all of his Very Important Books and Experts and Allies would have a clue. Oh yeah, but anyone who disagrees gets banned…

    1. Yep.

      You would also think that a GAY MAN would get this.

      1. My bad. Alan is with this Queer Rising group:

        “Queer Rising is a grassroots organization created to demand full equality for all queer people through nonviolent direct action. Formed in late 2009 by people tired of watching LGBTQ rights put on the back burner or given no attention at all, Queer Rising vows to continue to pressure legislators and the public until all queer people are equal.

        Past actions have demanded marriage equality, shelter for homeless queer youth, the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” religious tolerance and accountability, hate crime and suicide responses, and a society that provides full dignity and protection for all queer people.”

        How “radical.”

  2. Yeah, I saw he was with Queer Rising – this is pretty much the Queer activism we have all come to know and love, that insists we’re all one big happy family whilst simultaneously threatening/silencing lesbians and some of the saner gay men out there.

    Do we even know if he’s gay? I got a self-righteous-straight-dude vibe off of his style, personally. (And this would rather illuminate him going on and on about how the lesbians love him, and how they welcome him into their homes, because he’s such a great, lovely guy, and oh no, I’m sure he’s not getting his rocks off on any of this at all, is he?)

    Btw Alan, did all of these women just imagine being raped so repeatedly and violently that their vaginas were torn to shreds and now have to be surgically reconstructed?

    1. He seems to be a gay, but I agree with your vibe read.

      WW, don’t be “silly,” rape is a “social construct” donchaknow

  3. My favorite part of today’s adventure is that this guy (or one of his queer pals) called me from the advertising agency Young and Rubicam in New York City today – an ad agency that does “brand identity consulting.”

    Alan, you can call me – 410-336-9857. I have been doing Lesbian activism since you were 11. I am sure you do some good work, but you need to learn how to read.

  4. I worked for an advertising agency once. I hated it so much I quit after a week. My (male) boss kept giving me pro-capitalist propaganda to read about how capitalism will save the world, and how it’s okay to lie to consumers because it makes them happy. All the books were written by men, and consumers were automatically considered to be women and were routinely referred to as ‘she’ throughout the publications. Who would have thought – capitalist men advising other capitalist men to lie to women in order to make money off of them. And saying that women will enjoy it. Is there a pattern emerging here?

    Good to know what sort of company dear Alan is keeping.

    1. One of my favorite books is this one:

      This is an important read for all activists, especially direct action activists.


  5. Did he answer your question about actually reading the legislation? I love the way he avoids answering this. This is what you are talking about.
    And transgendered people who get killed, are SHOCK, AWE and SURPRISE, killed by MEN. Lesbians don’t go around killing people, straight men do this. Het men do the beating, the bombing, the terrorizing of the world.

    So it’s important to get the facts ahem “straight” Honestly, what’s with this rash of men dismissing rape? I assume they are potential rapists if they say things like this.

    So the deal is this, let’s get back to basics, women have a right to safety in intimate spaces. All people have a right to be served a milkshake at Walgreens. Men rape women, men kill trans, and MTF HAVE killed people— a MTF trans killed another MTF trans in West Hollywood many years ago. They were arguing late at night over who was the most feminine or beautiful… if looks could kill has a new meaning to it. I kid you not.

    If lesbians voices are silenced, then we are not part of the big queer happy family. Lesbians, once again, need to create lesbian only space to continue our revolution, to know that we can date safely without men pretending to be lesbians— and I don’t want men staring at my body in the gym changing room. I don’t think this is asking too much, but again, men are trying to tell lesbians what to feel, and that we are imagining the threat of male violence, and like Freud said, we imagined being raped as well.

    1. No, he never answered the question. They never do.

  6. Becky Green · ·

    The military is a community where the women live in very close proximity to the men, and we see how well they behave towards women.

    But, remember, female pain and suffering really means nothing to the public at large, especially so to men, so Alan’s dismissive attitude is unfortunately commonplace.

  7. Becky Green · ·

    Oh, and Alan, look what happens when women do charitable events alone? When you were planning your little charity walk did the possibility of YOU getting raped even cross your mind? Rape is never far from a women’s mind. When I so much as go to the store, I think about where to park to minimize my chances of being assaulted and that I better go before it gets too dark outside, because we all know public spaces are owned by men. It must be nice to not have to strategize every fucking move around the potential craziness and violence of men. How peaceful you must sleep.

  8. Women will get over their fear of rape when men stop raping them

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp

  9. Not difficult to grasp at all, except for men. They never answer the question about reading the legislation… never do…. good to know, but not surprising. Because this is really all about him, and not about justice and safety for women ever. Men don’t care at all about the safety of women, and the military example is excellent… female soldiers getting raped by male soldiers, an epidemic of rape, covered up by the Pentagon…. now it’s getting more and more attention, because feminists are exposing this, not biggie.

  10. Again I don’t get it, why do men want to become MTFtrans when they hate women so much? It doesn’t make any sense.

  11. […] be this guy or this guy or this guy or this guy or this […]

  12. Cuz most of those types of MTF’s are ‘autogynophilic’, meaning they are TURNED ON to THEMSELVES in female clothing, appearance and mirror gazing. Most are really heterosexual or sometimes bisexual, and like to dress in their wives’/ girlfriends’ clothing before they get serious about transition, have lived their lives AS men, with unique MALE privileges and revealing in them. Or they get into the whole ‘she/male’ thing, being feminized by a woman, a sexual fetish. Some, when they come out these days, even try to define themselves as ‘Butch’, usurping Lesbian Butch identity, others try to outfemme feminine women, though most fail with their late transition very obvious male appearances, height and features, no matter how much makeup they wear. Then they come into the Dyke communities, their sexism fully intact and EXPECT US who have been independent lifelong Dykes to kowtow to THEM and their sexism, and how they are so much more right than us, and how their needs are so much more important, and that they are ‘women’ just like us, even if they continue to retain a penis…..

    The other sort of MTF, was very effeminate from a young age, could not conform to male social or sexual roles, had crushes on males, and transitions or crossdresses at very young ages, it’s not so much about their narcissitic turn on to themselves, but the essence of their personhood and their homosexuality from a very young age….they tend to transition much younger, often have more petite features, pass better, and go on to love men, and either live some kind of heterosexual life, or ‘blend in’ and don’t crash Lesbian community or dicktate to Lesbians! Because their love/sexual objects are men/other born males.

    I don’t know if that answers your question, but the worst ones we Lesbians have to deal with are the sort that are SELF ABSORBED in their love FOR THEMSELVES as some version of womanhood…not the actual WOMAN! Who they could throw out or ignore or belittle like so much trash…

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