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So basically, this man murdered his wife, but “needs” a sex change because he has gender identity disorder.





Query how a man in a man’s prison can live as a woman.

Oh, right. He will be housed with the women.

How is this a good result? The opinion is here.

He strangled his wife with rope and wire and left her in the back of a car.

What a lady-like thing to do.


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Unfortunately, most articles I found were about the killer, Robert Kosilek, and his sex change operation issues. It is very sad that in this case that has become so high profile in the last few years (since the taxpayers have to pay for his operations since he is in prison for life), but the victim of the crime, Cheryl Kosilek, has been all but forgotten. I could not find a picture of her anywhere, or anything about her. All I could find was that they had a fight and he strangled her, put her body in her car and left her car in the parking lot of Emerald Square Mall.

Overturn U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf Decision: Overturn his ruling

Murderpedia: Robert Kosilek
Commonwealth vs. Robert Kosilek 1996
Transgender Killer Tells Massachusetts…

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  1. So this guy was 35 when he killed his wife Cheryl. Has he ever tried to get treatment for GID or made suicide attempts before 1990? Has he ever shown any remorse for murdering Cheryl? Unfortunately I can’t find any data to answer my questions. If the answers were negative I would personally rather judge him to be a sociopath than an actual transgender. What psychiatric diagnoses and reports are worth has again recently been proved with the case of Anders Behring Breivik (2011 Norway attacks) anyway and for a “skilled” sociopath a psychiatrist is easy to manipulate.
    However, I think it’s fine for trans people in prison to get access to hormone treatment and SRS but at the same conditions as do free trans people. That means public health care pays for all of them or incarcerated people are given the possibility to earn or raise the funds necessary themselves. Of course for prisoners the housing would be another question to be solved – btw has there ever been a case of a trans man demanding to be housed with the men?
    Now I have to mention I live in Europe and health care as well as justice system in my country are entirely different from those in the US, so my opinion doesn’t really count here I guess.

    1. A trans man is female. A female being housed with males does not pose the same risk as a male being housed with females. I am unconcerned with whether trans men want to subject themselves to male space.

      1. dont’ you think he/she should NOT be put with women seeing as he strangled his wife to the point of almost decapitating her??? Keep him where he is and let him get a taste of his own medicine!

      2. He should stay in a man’s prison because he is a man. Medicine has very little to do with it.

  2. That’s like arguing a homosexual to be straight. There are no female trans men, their hardware may have looked female at one time but OS and software have always been male, that’s the point of being trans. So they do just as little belong in womans’ space as do so-called cis men. But according to what you write it’s safe if a pseudo trans like Kosilek is housed with women. Personally I think his glasses are an assault and he should get health care to buy him more fashionable ones before he moves.

    1. No, I don’t think he should be housed with women. Ever. Because he is male.

      Re: Trans men – the answer is “I don’t care.”

      1. To further clarify, Trans Men, as far as I know, aren’t clamoring to be housed with men. I think that’s good! If Trans Men ARE clamoring to be housed with men, are you suggesting that I should try to “stop them”?

    2. LOL @ pseudo trans. he has a fucking diagnosis, what more do you need? oh yeah: you just want to claim trans that make trans look good. and ignore the rest (majority?) of them that make trans look bad. ie. the ones who act like men, place women in harms way, and prove radfems point. that scotsman isnt a real scotsman either.


  3. lrochelle · ·

    the faaaaaaaabulous mr “zinnia” jones transplains how taxpayer-funded dong-mangling is necessary and important “medical treatment”. lmfao

  4. Cheryl’s Voice: Stop Robert Kosilek from getting sex change in prison:

    This prick murdered Cheryl Kosilek. Brutally. Just a reminder.

  5. I’m not saying he’s bad so he can’t be trans. But rather that I believe he’s just a sociopathic cis male with a crossdressing fetish. The transwomen I know act more like “typical” woman, although this is a disputable term. But strangling someone to death with a wire so tight that the head is almost left decapitated is not really a “ladylike” way of killing. Kosilek has a highly abusive, manipulative and egomanic character. And adapting and instrumentalising trans* issues for his personal benefit is both abusive towards women and transpeople. And I can’t understand how trans activists can even think of supporting his case. It’s so ovious that this self centered creep gives a sh*t about trans* and women especially. I feel strong bonds with trans people, but transitioning doesn’t mean you have to give up common sense and knowledge of human nature. And a man wearing a wig and a skirt is by far not a trans woman. Kosilek uses transvestism for his autogynephilic pervy satisfaction. His actions and the judges decision are an insult towards both women and transwomen.

    1. Trans women are men. Do you dispute this?

      The court’s decision is an insult towards WOMEN. As far as I see, trans women activists have universally heralded this outcome. Prove me wrong.

  6. The thought that this murdering man will be housed with women in a women’s prison is revolting.

    “This is who I am. My essence is female,” Kosilek told The Associated Press in a recent telephone interview from prison.

    “To those who don’t understand gender-identity disorder, I understand that there is a reluctance to even think about this in a serious vein because to the average person who is uninformed, it may be truly bizarre, but this is who I am. This is who I have always been.”

    Kosilek, 63, said she sees Wolf’s ruling as “bulletproof” with no grounds for appeal. She said she is hoping the department will house her in a female prison after the surgery.

    “It’s just the right thing to do, to give me congruity,” she said of the surgery.

    “People need to understand that — whether it troubles them or not — it is a valid medical condition.”

    Valid or not, this murdering prick shouldn’t be housed with women. Oh and by the way, you were a man when you murdered your wife, sir, and you will always be a man.


    Robert Kosilek should be paying for his crime and to date he has not. The community hears his cries of being trapped inside a man’s prison-guess what they dont tell you: he has his own room with access to a nice computer, phone, writing tablets, makeup, nail polish, and he has not been in “general population” so he is very comfortable.He just wants a lifestyle change.Lets not leave out he that has a legal team at his disposal! Anyone else see whats wrong with this picture?Keep in mind that his Threats of FUTURE suicide and POSSIBLE self-castration are what Mark Wolfe took as MEDICALLY NECESSARY.His last “attempt” at suicide was 2002, which he failed at.But he didnt screw up murdering Cheryl did he? This killer is a disgrace to the entire world.The message/ruling is wrong and should be appealed.Please remember this: Robert Kosilek has choices, just like each of us have.He chose his destiny by killing Cheryl. I promise to do everything I can to change his destiny and force him to live as his creator made him: As a man.

    1. Oh, he can wear all the dresses and make up he likes, and cut off his penis – he will always be a man.

  8. […] Much has been written about the decision of U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf, sitting in a Massachusetts federal court, to order the State of Massachusetts to give  murderer Robert Kosilek a “sex change” due to his gender-identity disorder. […]

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