Meet Jon V Green AKA Jonathan Grindell

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Meet Jon V Green – ALSO KNOWN AS Jonathan Grindell

Jon is a self-appointed social justice warrior. Jon does not like that females are getting together in Portland to discuss radical feminism.

John works as the National Healthcare Campaign Organizer at Alliance for a Just Society! Yes! He is the National Healthcare Campaign Organizer! It says so on his Facebook page!

Jon think that it is bad that females should meet WITHOUT HIM! So Jon has decided to take it upon himself to let the conference organizers know that “the anarcha-feminist community will shut you down.”

John is also a Sagittarius! People born under this sign can be described as adventurers, always in need for space and independency. Many of them are afraid to be tamed and they constantly crave for new experiences.

John enjoys the new experience of terrorizing females for DARING TO MEET WITHOUT HIM!

If you think that this is kind of an amazing activity for the National Healthcare Campaign Organizer at Alliance for a Just Society, contact the Alliance and let them know that females need healthcare!

This is what happens when females try to organize for themselves, with themselves.

PS – Advice from Jon, who plans to go to law school: “My advice to animal rights activists is to make sure to always have a witness and/or video evidence with you at all times. Be extremely careful of what you post on Facebook! The judge used my political beliefs and ideology against me. Free speech doesn’t exist. Remember the SHAC 7 trial? Folks in states where there is abundant sunshine need pay particular interest to this. Y’all are working on outstanding campaigns, but it won’t help if you get sued or imprisoned simply because of unnecessary rhetoric posted on the Internet.”


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  1. RoseVerbena · ·

    This guy is EXACTLY why we need women-only space and women-only organizing. With fauxminists like this “helping” women, we might as well throw in the towel, run up a flag of surrender and get used to being second-class citizens for the next millennium.



      1. Lysandra · ·

        I’m scanning through this report and I see on page 11 it says Jon and his friends stole some rabbits (from an organization that appears to use them for slaughter/cooking classes) and they “left 10 1-day old babies behind without their nursing mothers.” Page 12 says they started dying 3 hours later, and that Jon admitted on Facebook that he realized the babies would die and was just glad that “baby rabbits aren’t going to be raised for slaughter for your sadistic blood lust!”

        Because baby rabbits dying of starvation for a human political statement is TOTES better than rabbits being slaughtered for human consumption. These animal rights terrorists really are idiots, aren’t they? I mean, REALLY. Jesus!

  2. supports violence against women, condemns police involvement. how typical. throwing pies at women is violence, dood. duh.

    and, what rose verbena said.

  3. Iasmē · ·

    little manarchists always condemning police involvement. i know of countless cases of stalking, sexual assault and rape by anarchist males which are never taken to account by the community/anarchist organisation. the police aren’t perfect but at least there’s some chance of justice being done there.

    1. RoseVerbena · ·

      Well, hey, if he’s wearing black, rolls his own and says “fuck the state” a lot, we women should all just fall to the floor and spread our legs upon his command, right? Meh.

      Some of these young women have NO IDEA what mature women have gone through with so-called “radical” men over the decades. They need to learn their history before they trust purportedly “anarcho-feminist” men without question.

      Hey, kids, Google “Stokely Carmichael” and “Leroy Eldridge Cleaver +rape” and educate yourselves:

      “In 1964, Ruby Doris Smith Robinson presented an indignant assault on the treatment of women civil rights workers in a paper entitled “The Position of Women in SNCC,” to a SNCC staff meeting. Stokely Carmichael reputedly responded, ‘The only position for women in SNCC is prone.’ ”

      “In the most controversial part of the book, Cleaver acknowledges committing acts of rape, stating that he initially raped black women in the ghetto ‘for practice,’ and then embarked on the serial rape of white women. He described these crimes as politically inspired, motivated by a genuine conviction that the rape of white women was ‘an insurrectionary act.’ ”

      Just because some dude purports himself to be radicalized does NOT mean that he is a good friend to women or a valuable supporter of women’s rights. There is a reason why radical feminists demand women-only space and women-only organizing. We didn’t come to these positions lightly, out of some misguided, irrational hatred of men. We came to realize through HARD experience that males as a class benefit from patriarchy and therefore males as a class cannot be trusted to have the best interests of women at heart. Just because some guy claims to be a feminist doesn’t mean that he’s immune to male privilege, male sexual arrogance, male self-importance, male presumption of leadership, male claim to superior analysis, etc.

      1. male+feminism=oxymoron

  4. Lysandra · ·

    If you scroll down further on his page to May 1st, there’s a post where he and his friends are celebrating the violence and vandalism of the anarchists during the otherwise peaceful Occupy protests on that day.

    What a winner! I *completely* trust this guy as my ally.

  5. RoseVerbena · ·

    Thanks for doing research on this creep, Cathy. I will print out the PDF and have it with me when I go to Portland, to provide to the police if this creep and his friend show up to protest the radical feminist conference in an inappropriate way.

    1. See you in Portland!

  6. Yisheng Qingwa · ·


  7. My god HE LOOKS TERRIFYING. A real threat! Especially that rabbit photo. What a monster.

    1. LOL.

      On a serious note, even bunny holding manarchists are violent.

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  9. I remember watching when Judi Bari took over Earth First! Changing it from an outlaw organization that spiked trees like her boyfriend did when he was in charge, and that sort of machismo, that would injure the loggers, to making it a far more comprehensive organization, much more than just about trees, but whole ecosystems and bringing in a bit of ecofeminism and doing tree sits instead and other community minded tactics, while reaching out to loggers too, hearing their pain around lack of work, and encouraging them to support sustainable practices rather than clear cutting, which once it was over, they’d definitely be out of a job, plus the total devastation to the environment and animals.

    I did get a chance to meet Judi Bari, and really enjoyed my conversation with her, and her presentation. But as a FEMALE her tactics were entirely different than when her boyfriend Darryl headed the organization, and this guy reminds me of someone like him….yeah, I’m an anarchist, I can do what I want, but don’t call me on my sexism or lesbophobia…unless I can bed said Lesbians and convince ’em to sleep with me!

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