I saw Redacted Lesbian open for Pussy Riot back in the day at the Labia Lounge. They were better before they went mainstream queercore.




  1. radikit · · Reply

    They are so delusional, how do they live with themselves?! They must be on drugs! Oh wait, most of them are. This is truly Orwellian..

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Absolutely absurd. First they try to distinguish biological sex from gender (which is absurd enough), and claim that womanhood depends on self-concept rather than anatomy. A lot of people fell for that one; I was rejecting the idea in the early 1990s, maybe because I was a biology major and knew there was no basis for it. Then they try to divorce anatomy itself from the body, claiming that male or female parts are not related to the sex of the body. I think they know themselves that it’s preposterous, but are trying to create confusion so that people just give up and agree to any demands they make.

    This is exactly the kind of crazy-making mind game that emotional abusers play, and TGism is nothing but large-scale emotional abuse by men who bitterly resent improvements in the status of women. People can play roles in a system without being consciously aware of what they are doing, such as men raping to keep women terrorized and in the home. Rape is not just a behavior of individual men, but a collective strategy implemented by the “herd.” I believe that is what is really going on here. TGs are playing a role that emerged from the threatened patriarchy as a deliberate, but unconscious, antifeminist strategy. We’ve got to reject the very foundations of this strategy by refusing to accept the false distinction between sex and gender. There is no such thing as gender except insofar as it is a synonym for sex. If you cling to that basic truth, you can’t be deceived by the mind games.

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  4. Anonymous · · Reply

    Pussy Riot members are heros for standing up to Putin. I *want* to like their music but all i hear is noise.

  5. […] is a rape culture concept promulgated by predatory Males such as Drew Deveaux, Savannah Garmon, Morgan Page, Tobi Hill-Meyer and Parker “Chad” Molloy.  The premise of the cotton ceiling is […]

  6. Wow, not only are you super dense in your replies but you’re also a transphobe! Crawl back into the dirty sewer where you belong, ugly terf.

    1. You’re a rape culture supporter and a rapist in training if not in fact. I’m proudly transphobic as I know that means I love women.

  7. Renske · · Reply

    ‘Trans women may be women, but they are not female’. This makes just as little sense as all the crap Morgan Page is saying. Sorry. I think it’s great that you put this email exchange online, and I of course think that lesbians shouldn’t be pushed into sex by men. But we also got in this mess by falsely acknowledging that ‘trans women are women’. A ‘trans woman’ is by definition a man, so you are basically saying: ‘Men may be women, but they are not female’. It’s an illogical mess. Men are not women. We should quit using the term ‘transwoman’ and call them what they are: Men with a delusion, or men with a fetish. I’m okay with both.

    1. If “women” is a word that describes “gender,” and not “sex,” then it “makes sense.” If you are equating woman with female, it doesn’t make sense.

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