GUEST POST: You don’t care about some girl…

You don’t care about some girl…

You don’t care about some girl in the 80s who was raped a week before her 18th birthday.

You don’t care about her being raped in the 90s.

You don’t care about her daughter being raped at the age 8.

You don’t care about another daughter being raped 10yrs. later.

You don’t care…. because it’s so fucking “normal”.

If I’m going to fucking weep… I weep for all the daughters as I cheer them on.


Go. RUN!!

You were **smacked** on the ass the second you were born and they yelled out…


Wrapped in pink w/millenniums of bullshit fiber.

What a fucking privilege.

Run my daughter.  I care. 


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  1. karmarad · ·

    Yes. If I had a daughter, I would be very careful, very wise: Run, my daughter.

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