GUEST POST: Back In The Day

Back in the day,

When we were young and

Full of hope,

When women had their places

To dream and plan

A future for their daughters,

Where women could love women


And not be defined by tv, fashion mags

And porn.

We were so innocent then,

We thought that we

Could fix it all with talk.

30 years,

Still we talk,

Still our lives and sex

And safety stolen from us.

Cis’d and dismissed.

– Ali Batts

One comment

  1. omkalthoum1 · ·

    I feel you, Ali Batts. I was there, too. But don’t give up hope. Remember, THESE will be the good old days for the young women coming along. Maybe thirty years on it will be a better environment. We can dream, can’t we? And keep working.

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