This is Why We Need Women-Only Space

In this video, a white, “formerly” male heterosexual person calls for Rachel Maddow  – out Lesbian Rachel Maddow – to be tarred and feathered.

Formerly male heterosexual, still Republican. Still “Libertarian.”

I don’t want men like this anywhere near me.

This is Why We Need Women-Only Space.

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Nicole “Nicki” Stallard is a unique person, a publically open post-op MTF transexual gun rights activists. Nicki grew up in New York, served in the US Navy from 1978 thru 1985. Nicole has been involved in various Libertarian and Republican political activities since 1989. Nicole took over the San Jose Chapter of the Pink Pistols in 2006 as the coordinator. She has been Northern Ca Pink Pistols spokesperson and has testified for California CCW reform bills. She has represented the Pink Pistols at the SAF GRPC in 2007 and 2008 and is currently building bridges with both gun rights and gay rights organizations.

Nicole Stallard is working to find common ground and build alliances in both the gun and gay community. She is a Ron Paul Republican and views herself as a pragmatic Libertarian Republican.


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  1. Creepy dude is creepy.

    This goes into my “Why I think it’s high time to de-T the LGBT” file.

    These right-wing, pro-violence, libertarian, middle aged dudes with autogynephilia are not my allies in the struggle to liberate women and sexual minorities from patriarchal oppression. They’re just…scary.

    “Joking” about violence against a brilliant, well-respected, lesbian icon just because she’s not a gun-sucker? Really, dude?

    Rachel Maddow’s left eyebrow is worth more to the LGB community than a thousand dudes like this clown.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty stark how much this person is NOT someone I want to ally with.

  2. Bedelia Bloodyknuckle · ·

    What did Maddow do to him? This dude is just an awkward speaker. All i hear is “blah blah blah Black Panthers”

    1. Maddow is pro-gun control.

  3. hearthrising · ·

    Calling both for violence and for gun rights is a stark position. Usually people against gun control say they need a piece to protect themselves. I guess she needs to carry protection when she tars and feathers people.

  4. I did not know that gays and lesbians even needed to “find common ground” with the gun nuts.

  5. Tired Old Radfem · ·

    What the fuck is the deal with the PINK, “vulva”-shaped “Women can be gun nuts too!” logo? Fucking misogyny pretending to be pro-woman – as usual.

  6. i didn’t watch the whole video, and it is hard to hear in my rife with child-noise household, but did anyone else hear him joking about the WHITE panthers and the whole KKKrowd of listeners laughing it up at the white supremacist jokes? is it just me, or does that not make the tar-and-feather reference that much worse and part of the not-so-hidden agenda?

  7. Why aren’t you rad fems DOING anything? Do you think the patriarchy CARES about any of this? It’s not just going to collapse because you whine about it. And males don’t even likely read this stuff, and if they did they would scoff and move on. Not as though I’m saying for you to make any appeals to them. Of course not. But you have to take your activism to the next level. You don’t have to prove anything to men, or appeal to men, obviously. But what you’re doing now is just preaching to the choir. And yes, it’s empowering. Yes, it’s informative in a world where women don’t even realize we HAVE rights. But I’m just wondering what the next step is going to be, because I certainly don’t see enough about this in other venues. What actions are being taken, and which tactics are being used, either subtle or overt? We as women CANNOT be ignored. We have to take every opportunity to make ourselves heard. And yet we don’t want “acceptance” from men and we don’t want to dominate men either. So what do we want and what will we do to achieve it? It’s just an honest question, and not meant to be offensive.

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