Tumblr Supports Festishistic Transvestite Over Women and Gay Men

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sissykrystaltg née Reed Barrow is a violent woman-hater. Source.

Sissy Reed Barrow “My Life as a Sissy Transvestite”

I Love my Life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite
What”s really important to me more than anything is that everyone knows I’m a Sissy Transvestite and I want to live full time as a Little Sissy Girl, my real name is Reed Barrow but I prefer to be called Sissy and I live in REDACTED. If you already know me please don”t feel uncomfortable to ask me anything you like, I want my friends to know the real me and I want to keep you as my friend so please understand that I just want to be honest with everyone and myself.
I guess a lot of people will think the worst but they will also never understand that people have there own lives and in general everyone wants to be different I think ?
I’ve been a Sissy Transvestite since I was born and why would I want to change who I really am. I can’t imagine being born without this wonderful gift, I cherish my life in lace and frills and I adore wearing Real Baby Diaper’s like Pampers. Huggies and Luv”s and Nursery Print Plastic Diaper Pants. Even though I’m a Sissy Baby Transvestite I can still think for myself and lead my everyday life, I don’t need a Supreme Bing to give my life meaning nor do I need to follow most of the public in worship ( unless is to a Dominate Supreme Female ).
I really think it’s such a travesty that most people are raised with hatred and bigotry of people and races of which they are not involved or associated with. We as Sissies are the kindest and sweetest people anyone could ever meet. Even so I will always live my life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite and take solace in knowing that I truly am a wonderful and special person. If you know a Sissy or ever meet a Sissy try and bring yourself to experiencing all life’s wonders and you may find that new and very special close personal friend in life. It takes more Courage to be a Sissy than to be a Macho Dork.
I hope you”ll want to know more about me so I”ve listed a number of websites with many more photo”s and much more information about me and my life as a Sissy Baby Transvestite. I”m hoping to one day very soon throw all my icky male clothing away and wear Baby Diaper”s and my very pretty Sissy Dresses only for the rest of my life. And finally be the little Sissy Girl Transvestite I was meant to be forever.

At this point pretty bog standard creepy fetishist type, right down to the exact same rambling writing style you see out of every fetish-obsessed man ever. Creepy and weird, but unfortunately something I’ve seen enough times thanks to ~the internet~ that it doesn’t even really phase me.

Of course, go to Barrow’s tumblr and the first thing you’re introduced with is several posts of women being ejaculated on. At this point it’s obvious we’re dealing with a man whose entire life revolves around his libido and his hatred of women, and it’s telling that his vision of females is strictly divided between an extraordinarily exaggerated ~innocent~ girlhood and complete degradation as sexual object of consumption in adulthood. Of course, he sexualizes both because ultimately all females are objects of consumption to him. In his own words, his “sissy” state is about “public humiliation as a sissy.” Every aspect of his life falls in deference to his sexual obsession.

Then the real “treat” is when he finds out that people are talking about him. He sends a “please take my photos down” message to a gay man but doesn’t have any such courtesy to women.

Well miss ignorant literate lezbo fish eating abomination of real women, my gender identity has nothing to do with pedophilia you stupid cunt. Maybe before you start attacking people of which you no nothing about because of your self serving hatred while here you are as a fucking sick ass lesbian cunt. Maybe try puting your sticks and stones away and doing a little research before opening your cunt and spewing complete bullshit pedophilia hatred because of my style of dress. Your parents must be real proud of you NOT.

I can only hope someone does society a favor and rips your mean ass head off and shits down your neck. BITCH

Hi Cunt on your right I do love calling you Nazi militant stink fish lezbo’s cunt. FYI bitch you psycho cunts drew first blood, you snuck over to my page, stole my personal photo’s spread them around to all your mean fucking snotty friends and started making false and inflammatory statements about me! CUNT. Many of us have nice Lesbian friends and there normal and sane not insane psycho cunts. Are you trying to make everyone on Tumblr hate every Lesbian on earth or just you mean ass Nazi CUNTS
What a complete piece of work. sissykrystaltg née (Forrest?) Reed Barrow is a violent woman-hater. He has publicly viewable and searchable Google+, Pinterest, and sissyexposure accounts. Classy as always, his google+ account has an image of a line of women chained to each other by the neck and wearing handcuffs. Obviously be warned if you go look.
edit: (Update on 7/25) Here are some more of the comments that he has sent to women:
Dude give me James # I call him and tell him you need him to come over and ream your but-hole again, if you want I’ll let him know yoiu always wanted it and would love it again but maybe with some slapping the shit out of you for that hard fuck orgasm. Shit dude I feel terrible I forgot to ask did That skanky old aunt of your fucking kick it yet, Call that bitch in Aul. tell her to fucking die already OK. Later dude but I’m here for you
Hey CUNT it’s your lucky day CUNT i contacted 2 of my very good friends CUNT and talked to them about all these CUNTS web pages on Tumbler. They were very interested in you CUNTS so much so that they would like to anonymously follow all you CUNTS. Well the best ppart CUNTS is i gave them a blogroll for all you Cunts my friends FBI & SPLC were very pleased indeed. You’ll have some new followers now CUNT.
Dude that’s so fucking awesome I have 4 pages just like your’s that I sent to Support They already know your a little bitch causing problems on there servers. Because that’s what little faggot cunts do spread bull shit and hatred because there lives suck, just like you sucked james isn’t that right. Man you really have an awesome life ahead of you, people just love little hate mongering bitches. Shit your poor parents will probably have to support your worthless ass until the day they Die. Nice job faggot.

Some links to Sissy Forrest Reed Barrow’s various pages.  A trigger warning on all links goes without saying.

Fetlife –


Facebook –


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Diapermates –


Urnotalone –


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He also works here. Better Business Bureau here.




http://ataulfomangos.tumblr.com/post/27834528048/sissykrystaltg-nee-reed-barrow-is-a-violent (scroll all the way down)


  1. doublevez · ·

    Since when is pre-pubescent female fetish a “gender”? Tumblr you are enabling pedophilliac tendencies and endangering our children with your refusal to moderate and ban sexually threatening males. It is illegal to allow child porn on your platform.

  2. doublevez · ·

    Did gaynotqueer have his site removed too, as you’ve implied in your header?

  3. karmarad · ·

    Please be careful. I can’t imagine what tumblr is doing.

  4. Well, I am NOT OK with this bull from the tumblr mods. Not even one little bit.


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  6. JabaTheHut · ·

    Retarded feminist is RETARDED

  7. […] a woman protesting rapey death threats from a misogynist, and that misogynist himself — deleted cathy brennan’s tumblr account.  yes, a woman protesting disgusting, misogynistic and likely psychotic and even criminal […]

  8. I think it’s sad you waste your time on so much hate. If you really are the intelligent and well educated women you claim to be you would know that it accomplishes nothing. Can you not remember when people said the exact things your saying about trans-sexuals about perfectly nice and normal openly gay men and women? You have a short memory lady. You are what happens when we don’t pay attention to the violence and hate of the past. You are the same as the person who used to call you dike and perverted. In some countries people are still prosecuted for their sexuality and this is what you spend your time on? You aren’t helping the gay community, your the people that make them look bad.

    1. I don’t care about the gay community. The gay community isn’t my community. Also, are you seriously saying I make a man who shoves used tampons up his ass look bad? LOL for days.

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  10. […] Or is it because you believe that all Trans Women are good kind angel babies who would never hurt a fly? […]

  11. The Obliterating False Equivalence August 7, 2012
    Posted by FCM in liberal dickwads, logic, meta, MRAs, politics, pop culture, self-identified feminist men.
    Tags: arthur goldwag, false equivalence, logic, meta, reed barrow, sissy krystal tg, tory shepherd, tumblr
    there is a special place in hell for writers who utilize the false equivalence when writing about radical feminists versus misogynists. you writers know who you are — dont you? for readers who need examples, try here and here.

    its not just the intellectual laziness or even outright lying of the false equivalence generally that sticks in my craw, although those things are like sandpaper on my brain because they are, well, intellectually lazy. and lies. for real writers and thinkers, these things are the scene of a crime. coming across one or the other while reading someone elses (or even your own — oops!) work is like stumbling upon a crime scene. its a crime against writing and thinking. i cannot overstate how violently criminal this is, like mens poetry which uses letters and words to obscure various truths, and to contort and obfuscate information rather than convey it.

    in fact, men should not be allowed to be poets. male poetry is obfuscating on its face. there should not be any demand for this, being that the entire world is saturated with it — with males using words to obfuscate information rather than convey it — already. and yet it still has value. why? plus, male poetry and all mens writing is almost always trite. actually, if trite and obfuscating were negative criteria, men wouldnt be allowed to write anymore at all.

    clearly, men using words to obfuscate information rather than convey it serves a purpose and thats where its value lies — its not that its in short supply, its that there can literally never be enough because of the size of the demand and the purpose it serves. in the case of the false equivalence, when used against radical feminists, the purpose appears to be to wipe radical feminist work — and womens history, and the truths about what men do to us — from the face of the earth.

    note the recent use of the obliterating false equivalence where moderators of an online forum — because they put an equals-sign in between a woman protesting rapey death threats from a misogynist, and that misogynist himself — deleted cathy brennan’s tumblr account. yes, a woman protesting disgusting, misogynistic and likely psychotic and even criminal behaviors from a misogynistic male was said to be engaging in behavior that was equally violative of the terms of service as the rapey perv who threatened rape, and who dumpster-dives surveils, trespasses, loiters and stalks women and minor children to gain access to their discarded trash so he can perv on it, and writes about his exploits on tumblr.

    these things are equal.

    but obviously, the thing about putting an equals-sign after anything men do is that men do criminal things, violent things, in their global campaign to increase their own power at womens expense. these criminal behaviors have misogynistic foundations and flavors, but they are criminal, and violative of the terms of service in many public and private places because of that. because they are anti-social, and criminal.

    so, when anyone says that womens response to what men are doing to us, is not only “just as bad” as what we are responding to but equal in every way — ie. not a response at all, but an ideology — and when the mens actions are criminal and violative of terms of service, the womens behavior suddenly becomes criminal and violative too. radical feminism becomes a “hateful ideology” too. and as we saw in what was probably a perfect example of this dynamic playing out in real life, in the case of cathy brennan versus the rapey perv, the mods at tumblr deleted both accounts. rapey perv’s account was (later) deleted too. because equivalence.

    so now, but for screenshots which were smartly collected beforehand, there is no evidence of what this rapey perv actually did. that history is erased, along with the response of the victim, as well as multiple other radical and pro-radical voices on tumblr and elsewhere who were calling attention to what this man and men as a class were and are doing and saying. its all gone. importantly, any posts that were made about this and other rapey misogynists (not just him!) which contained links to cathy brennans tumblr as evidence that any of it ever happened now contain only dead links. our archivists will now have to go back and painfully recreate this history, with screenshots and links to screenshots if these posts are to maintain their integrity/credibility and historical significance, at all. note to self: screenshots and links to uploaded screenshots — rather than links to original sources — from now on. fine.

    of course, if the internet itself eventually goes *poof* and it well might, all of this history — the history of what men do to us, and the ways we respond — will be lost forever. it will be like none of it never happened. in the meantime, tumblr, and all mainstream internet forums and publications are doing what mainstream forums and publications always do, which is to write and rewrite history, and to erase mens misogyny and criminality and womens response to it now, in real time.

    the obliterating false equivalence and putting an equals-sign in between radical feminism and misogyny and misogynistic violence is probably the best tool in the shed to use towards that specific ends, and anyone using it — and i do mean anyone — is guilty of the crime of propagandizing and falsifying history, and erasing womens history and womens work from the face of the earth. you are in excellent company, arent you, with government censors, witchburners, and all manners of rapists and colonizers generally. if thats not what you want, check yourself, and stop doing it. if thats exactly what you want, then by all means. continue.


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