Amber Hazard Threatens Violence on Tumblr

Amber Hazard!

But it is ok because she has a right to be angry!



  1. By the way, Amber, you can call me at 410-336-9857. I am a dyke. I’ve got chunks of people like you in my stool.

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    Wow, another extremist Trans threatening and bullying biological women and lesbian on Tumblr. Bio women and lesbians have my sympathy when they are facing constant threats by the male born Trans. It just goes to show how extremist and threatening Trans are to Bio women and lesbians. Even using sites like Tumblr to threaten the lives of Bio women and Lesbian. It makes you wonder as a Intersex person, why would the Intersex community want to associate with the trans community, when they are acting extremist, threatening violence, bullying and intimidating Bio women and lesbians. It clearly shows in this blog post how extremist and threatening Trans is to people. The proof is right their for all to see. It clearly shows, that Transgender people are threatening harm and violence toward biological women and lesbians. People need to take stand and stand up to the extremist trans who are threatening and bullying Biological women and Lesbians online.

  3. karmarad · ·

    All respect, Cathy, for acting like a full-scale human being with a right to speak your thoughts. This violent threatening is the perfect illustration of every single point you have made.

    1. Thanks. It turns out these days that even radical feminists think I deserve bad things. This makes me think I must be doing something right.

  4. “you’re only making yourself look worse”


    Pro tip Amber, the “don’t tone police me” defense doesn’t excuse threatening bodily harm. Threatening to maim somebody voids any claim to the moral high ground,
    dig? Not that the Tumblr trans army has ever demonstrated any comprehension
    of all those fancy terms. (My favorite example of trans-speak? “What gives cis women the right to appropriate the word woman?”) Back to Identity Politics 101 with you.

    I agree with Karmarad that Cathy is a brave woman, and we all owe her our gratitude.

    Like I said on Pretendbians, wake us when trans women confront men over anything! Trans women go on and on about the abuse perpetrated against them (or rather against the ones who aren’t playing video games and posting on Tumblr all day), but they never name MEN as the perpetrators. When it comes to physical abuse, rape and murder, they attribute it to “cis people,” but never men. The only people they accuse directly are women who dare to criticize their behavior.

    The erasure of men from the equation tells me that the non-op trans borg have a real problem with females for being females and want to control them and appropriate their experiences.

  5. karmarad · ·

    Y’know, threats by men to kill, rape, or maim women are so common, the FBI might just shrug. What are you gonna do? It’s jes man-talk, they don’ mean nuthin’. After you’re killed, that’s worth looking into. And every single time, it turns out to be some lone mentally ill perp, like One Goh, who cold-bloodedly and sanely offed all the fellow women students he could find. Amazing how many of them are out there. They don’t hate women, they are just crazy, It’s equal opportunity crazy, it’s not women. Besides, women can handle it, it’s the norm, who can stop the ole boyz from havin’ some fun? And look at this guy – a tattooed cycle boy, gay I guess, likes eyeliner like every 80’s rock band. So, like, he’s got a beef. Women don’t want him in their restrooms. Break their jaws!

    Look at this dude who wants to punch out women. As people are saying above, why doesn’t he punch out one of the men who has no doubt bullied him and made him decide to play female? Could he be a coward? Ya think? Why doesn’t he look at the men that constiitute his problem? Could it be that it’s easier to blame women for his problems with his own sex and their acceptance of him?

  6. Wow, he (Amber Hazard) is gorgeous.

    1. I agree!

  7. As a trans woman myself that’s non binary.. It is disappointing to see how some trans women respond to certain things.. But Amber does not represent trans women and i am reading a lot of essentialist talk. Even if this shit is just on tumblr. The non binary trans woman that like their penises doesn’t=violent.. Ofcourse this doesn’t excuse or explain away violent threats but she is responding to people that dehumanize trans folks while putting up the gender gateway. I wouldn’t attach the trans thing to this, this is an Amber has violent tendencies problem, not a “trans people need to be aware of certain social male tendencies” problem. And yes, trans people get a lot of fucking shit so that needs to be pointed out. Socially, men that are specifically of the “heterosexual” status tend to be the ones who respond with violence, because i feel like those are men who are more inclined to accept that sort of social nurturing as they meet other masculine hetero men. Obviously i’m talking agreeing with some social construction theorizing. So it may be a “previously hetero” tendency we’re talking about here. You’ll also notice that those are normally the lesbians/queer trans women who hold onto more typical male behaviors then previously queer/gay/bi now trans women. Something to ponder :S All said and done, we should do less condemning and more dialoguing about how males are brought up to respond with violence and how that is the problem. We shouldn’t be using feminism to put trans women in their place, we take a lot of shit…I mean i as a feminist can separate my trans identity to talk about feminism but This “screen shot” shit get’s alittle dramatic and perpetuates stupid bullshit talk.. Although, violent threats of any kind are quite dramatic and inexcusable, this kind of stuff though doesn’t give people room to change when it’s tagged to them. I know that’s a slippery slope. My 2 cents.

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