Joelle Ruby Ryan Leading with Love, Expresses Joy at the Anticipation of Janice Raymond’s Death

How disgusting and infuriating that this hate-monger of epic proportion was allowed to become a full professor at U-Mass and is still an emeritus prof. –it shows how the hatred of trans people is not only ignored but actively condoned by major institutions. What a joyful day when that space after the hyphen is filled in!

She is the single most damaging person in the last 100 years to trans people as a whole. Far more than her mentor was. Even though she’s publicly distanced herself in the last decade from her own work, she has yet to repudiate or deny any of it, even in the face of evidence (which she considers to b…

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    • Elise Hendrick Not to mention the defamation of feminism involved in claiming that she is one. If gender essentialist hate mongering in the service of policing patriarchal gender lines is feminism, then the word has no meaning at all.

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    •  Uh. I don’t like her views either, but does that make it okay to wish for her– or anybody’s– death? I think you need to think about the implications of that statement.

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    • Elise Hendrick I think that being less than thrilled about the continued vitality of someone who not only wishes for one’s death, but has actively contributed to giving one a better chance of an untimely death, is a fairly understandable reaction. Indeed, I’d call it a sign of self-respect.

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    • Adrienne Fabu Lous Self-respect; becoming the thing you hate. Po-TAY-to; po-TAH-to.

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    • Elise Hendrick I think that’s a false equivalency. Raymond actively contributes to the death of people who have never done anything to her, let alone present any kind of threat to her, and has done so by spreading false propaganda to incite against them. In this way, she’s done a hell of a lot more than made an offhand comment about wanting some specific trans woman she doesn’t think highly of to die.

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      Kudos to Adrienne Fabu Lous for saying this is wrong. It is wrong.


  1. MOAR

    Joelle Ruby Ryan Janice Raymond has said that the “problem” of transsexualism should be morally mandated out of existence. Therefore, she is someone who believes in the extermination of trans people, i.e. the destruction of millions of people. I refuse to turn the other cheek in the face of such gross discursive violence.
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    Susan Maasch I understand Elise. Lets just say that one can hope or assume that with todays standards of “peer review” in academia, that this writing would never get published and she would have trouble in her academic circles. She was wrong, ignorant and bigoted. She did not try to do her homework. And academic standards have improved for the large part. Her writings would be a joke now and actually they are a joke to the academic community now, except to show where thinking was historically and shamefully. When your lifes work becomes completely irrelevant and proven to be false , well….you lose, she’s a loser.
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    Kay Kersplebedeb i disagree with raymond’s transphobic ideas – and in general have no problem wishing death onto certain folks – but could you provide an example of a trans person’s death you would lay at her doorstep?
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    Susan Maasch ignorance encourages ignorance,hate breeds hate, words do hurt and published works in academia can influence and harm people and perpetuate myths that trickle down
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    Joelle Ruby Ryan Kay: Raymond was principally responsible for the de-funding of publicly funded transgender medical care through her egregious writings. The suicide rate is huge in the trans community, and one of the reasons for that is lack of access to publicly funded surgeries. Raymond used her power as an academic to affect public policy, policies that led to oppression of trans folks and possibly even greater number of deaths through suicide and systemic marginalization.
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  2. Wake me when the “transfeminists” have the nerve to confront men over anything, ever.

    The Transgender Borg’s obsession with the handful of feminists who dare to be critical of their entryism is pitiful beyond words.

    1. god srsly. remember when one of them said that feminists should take it up with men? LOL we are, every fucking day, thats what we do! hello. and we dont just “take it up” with pretend women who are really men, i am talking about manly men. not that they threaten us any more or any less than the fucking transowmen. but we take these assholes on every minute of every day. and the fucking transwomen dont. honestly, that says everything doesnt it?

    2. I like that you used “transgender borg” as it is reality. They have even assimilated non-trans people by naming them cisgender/cissexual.


  3. its really funny too how they blame feminists for the things misogynists do (as if most or even any of them even read our blogs LOL) and they also blame academics for the things that uneducated people do. blame the media, if you are gonna blame anyone! sheesh. noone listens to academics and feminists. the entire notion is absurd, but then again look whos spewing it.

  4. “The Rad Fem Internet War Against Transgender Women” Presenter: Joelle Ruby Ryan

    Because it’s Internet Rad Fems that cause the problems in the world.

    1. Oh, that’s rich, isn’t it?

      The conference is called “Critical Dialogues on Transsexual/Transgender Identities in Politics, Media, Activism and Culture”

      It looks like the only people allowed to “dialogue” are trans women themselves. They decide what they want from females, present their demands, and we are expected to comply without considering our own interests.

      A handful of feminist blogs are the only place on the entire internet where trans women can be critically analyzed from the left. You have to be one terribly sheltered hothouse flower to consider that a war, but such hyperbole is a feature, not a bug of “transfeminism.”

      Shorter Joelle Ruby Ryan: “Me talk, you listen.”

      Think again, Joelle.

  5. […] student work on your Facebook page. Because you are ahistorical. Because you think women should die because they disagree with […]

  6. What kind of hellish corner of the internet have I wandered into this time? Who are you people and where does this baseless searing hatred come from? This is some Westboro-grade vitriol right here.

    1. Which part, the part where the dude wishes Janice Raymond dead? There be trans women.

      1. The whole bloody lot of it. Hate on both sides, yours and theirs.

      2. So it is HATEFUL for women to respond to men threatening them? Got it.

  7. Yeah, don’t pretend you honestly think that’s what I’m talking about,unless you really are that blind to the pot shots and outright falshoods you’ve been slinging at the trans community, not just on this thread, but on the whole site. I’m not gonna pretend hat some downright shameful crap hasn’t been thrown back at you over the course of this bizarre conflict, and I don’t know who threw the first salvo, and frankly I don’t care. All y’all need to just take a deep breath, look in the damn mirror, and stop this nonsense. It’s not getting anybody anywhere.

    1. Please identify the “outright falsehoods” you reference. Thanks!

      1. Here’s one from this very thread, “Wake me when the ‘transfeminists’ have the nerve to confront men over anything, ever.” Yes, yes, this was a commenter and not from you(singular) but it did come from your(plural) camp and you(singular) LOL’d with approval at it. Unless, of course, I misread your LOL as laughing at this ridiculous assumption that trans folk never confront men about anything. Heck, I know plenty who have not only confronted men but have done so on reproductive freedom issues. Yeah, that’s right, fighting on behalf of organs they do not even possess.

      2. Oh, and look at me approving YOUR comment. That must mean I agree with you too!

        There IS NO CAMP, peaches.

    2. Radical Feminism rocks because it fights the actual patriarchy..which is, of course, trans women.

        1. I think you mean men, right? Particularly violent men who wish for the death of feminist academics. Or is that ok now in your book, Dana?
  8. Why should our tax dollars pay for them to get a “slice and dice” …. NUTZ !!

    1. I am really not concerned with “tax dollars” here…

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