Joelle Ruby Ryan Leading With Love, Makes World Safer for Women By Challenging … Radical Feminists


Radscum In Their Own Damned Actions

Radscum have never restricted their attacks on the lives of trans women to the theoretical, nor have they ever hesitated to threaten the lives and livelihoods of any trans woman who dares stand up to them.

  • Mary Daly repeatedly sent death threats to Beth Elliott for being involved with the Daughters of Bilitis and ultimately succeeded in having Beth expelled from the organization for being a trans woman.
  • Janice Raymond dedicated an entire chaper of her book to outing and attacking Sandy Stone, a member of the Olivia Records women’s music collective (and the collective’s only sound engineer). When she discovered that outing Sandy was moot because Sandy was already out and the collective stood by her, Raymond threatened to organize a boycott against Olivia Records. Sandy had to resign to save the collective from Raymond.
  • Germaine Greer launched a campaign of character assassination against Dr. Rachel Padman after Cambridge University’s Newnham College elected her as a postdoctorate fellow. Fortunately, Greer’s grossly unprofessional behavior backfired on her; she did not succeed in blocking Dr. Padman’s fellowship, and the negative publicity attracted by her hate campaign ultimately forced her to resign.

If you thought they could sink no lower than publishing the hate screeds I previously cited… unfortunately they could, and did. Again, this is why we call them radscum.


  1. Let’s play a game! It’s called Trans* Telephone!!

    You play by saying somebody said/did something they never said/did and everybody repeats it adding their own embellishments and the LIE progresses until the target ends up being a raging, murderous, hysterical, transphobic, bigoted “radscum” who really needs a good baseball bat up-side her head.

    Then everybody paints thier nails, puts their hair up in curlers and gossips late into the night.

    Just like “real girls” do at (male imagined) slumber parties.


  2. I’ve never been able to make it through one of Daly’s books, so she’s no influence. Never heard of Raymond until recently and haven’t read her. Greer bats about .500 between off the wall and insightful comments, so I’ve never taken her all that seriously, though she can be a fine writer.

    My opinion of transgender activists is based on what they say and do, especially
    their incoherent pomo babble, histrionic reactions to dissent, threats of violence and attempts to erase women as a sexual class.

    Bleating about the radfems is cowardice. They know damn well we won’t do anything but perhaps hurt their feelings, whereas men will kill them.

    Wake us when you gals confront men over something. Bye.

  3. What a pile of lies! I have never heard Mary Daly say anything related to murdering trannies! They are the same people who say that Mary Daly said that she wanted all men murdered when she never even said such a thing!

  4. Joelle you obviously have a huge chip on your shoulder and need to get it sorted…your anti lesbian threats are against the law under hate crimes and just damn right rude….how old are you? Get with the real world and learn about inequality and human rights properly!!

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