youarenotyou on Tumblr Wants to Shoot Radical Feminists!



……i wish i could quit youa few things about me: i am desi, agender (currently w/o preferred pronouns), queer, hard femme, a nasty slut, a huge bitch, reverse racist, crazy as hell, and not fucking sorry.i deleted my blog & then came back, if you’re wondering why you no longer follow me. xo

UPDATE: youarenotyou apparently has borderline personality disorder. So she’s allowed to be nasty, I guess?


  1. Agent Orange · ·

    Isn’t that nice? Not the gun part of course…..just the part where pure fear and loathing is directed at radical feminist ideology. The rise of the MRM will ensure its destruction, and anyone who calls themselves a radfem will be labelled just like Nazis.

    ED. NOTE – MRM = Men’s Rights Movement.

    1. LOL! Agent Orange is the “secret agent” who was responsible for “infiltrating” message boards where women dared to talk to each other about feminism!

      Telling that Men’s Rights Activists use similar language to some trans folks. Here is another good discussion of the parallels –

  2. Psychotic stupid shit. Absent of any logic whatsoever.

  3. Third wave feminists wonder why nobody takes them seriously…….

  4. They really are a cult. Let’s call it gender fascism and be done with it.

    1. Many trans people reject this type of language – although it would be nice if more of them stood up to condemn this type of language.

      1. I don’t mean trans people in general. Much of the whole genderqueer movement is almost slavishly dedicated to gender to the point where they clearly do not shy away from using threatening language to defend it.

      2. It does seem that way. I recently ran across a stupid tumblr post from a genderqueer in my own city! Like, hello! I can see what you are saying! I dropped them a note saying if they wanted to actually talk and not engage in some pointless battle of mean words, they should call me.


  5. Anyone know what’s going on with GenderTrender? It’s marked private right now.

    1. Agent Orange · ·

      Sure do. There are several of my team members who have been in there for many months now. I guess the admins are starting to figure it out. It takes a while to gain trust under multiple feminist identities spread across numerous sites. Trust much anyone? How many of our fake blogs have you been on? How much information about radical feminists has really been collected by using fake blogs, multiple identities, and even planted sob-stories. How large are the Agent Orange teams? A couple dozen? More? How many of new members of are really our plants? LOL…….

      1. Dear lord, I am not interested in being fake on the internet – I do real work, Paul.

      2. Aw lawd some scary MRA might have my IP address! Good thing I have the doomstead with 30 years of beans, bullets and bandaids set up.

        See ya!

      3. LOL:

        “A lawyer from Baltimore named Kathy Brennan, who is also an active member of Radfem Hub, frantically tried to track down the identity of Agent Orange and openly called for his prosecution. She was not successful.”

        Why is it that both MRAs and Anti-Female Trans Activists cannot spell my name?

  6. LOL MRAs are infiltrating anti-trans blogs now, to go after anti-trans feminists. becasue MRAs and trans are the same thing. they should really get a room.

    1. Anything else would be cissexist. Break through the Dockers Ceiling!

    2. Right? Paul Elam would be so suave to them.

  7. i wonder which one would play the rapist? they cant both be the rapist, if doesnt work that way. they will figure it out im sure.

  8. im trying not to imagine it but its not working. ew.

    1. i also cant drink orange pop anymore. professor orangepop ruined it for me.

  9. […] noes!  the MRAs are on the prowl again.  did i say MRAs?  i meant transwomen.  same […]

  10. Agent Orange · ·

    Wow….you guys still haven’t figured out who I am? Paul will be tickled pink I am sure.

    1. Agent Orange · ·

      Oh! That’s right……I almost forgot about that call to “Sarah”. Did you find a 92 year old man at the end of the phone lookp? Have fun till the next doxxx!

      1. LOL – you think I waste my time figuring out who conspiracy theory misogynist whack jobs are on the internet? I have a JOB!

        Glad you and Paul will have something to whack off too.

      2. Kim David Kragen, aka K.D. Kragen, aka Dave Kragen, aka kavedragen:

    2. You’re lonesome tonight, huh dudebro?

  11. la redactora · ·

    Is this dude for real? Very mockable (and practically incomprehensible) but worrying, too.

  12. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    Wow, is this the kind of Trans, intersex people want to associate with. The ones that threaten and bully the lives out of Bio women and lesbian. It just goes to show why Intersex people should distance themselves from the Trans community because how they become extremist, radical and very threatening to Women and Lesbian. As an Intersex person, I am not surprise that Trans people are resorting to Violence to get access to women. It wouldn’t shock me if they pulled the same stunt on Intersex people that they are pulling on Women and Lesbian people. It makes me wonder why would any intersex person would want to associate with Trans people if they are threatening and bullying Biological women and Lesbian. It’s why Intersex people should distance themselves from the Trans community and condemn them for their actions.

  13. karmarad · ·

    Hi, Cathy, you asked why MRAs always misspell your name. Answer: bad legal advice. They think that if they misspell your name, when you sue them, they can claim it wasn’t really you they were referring to. That should add about ten grand to their legal bill (plus your attorney’s fees) while they float that stupid argument and lose it.

    Wait…do you think they’re just stupid? Could it be that your name is just too hard for them to spell?

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