Lesbophobia and the Cotton Ceiling


  1. I am literally sick. Sick. I saw that they gave the same canned response to another woman who wrote them. They do not care one IOTA about female’s sexual autonomy. NOT ONE.

    This is so utterly wicked.
    I am also SHOCKED that planned parenthood is actually getting involved and organizing a conference. You know what they do for grassroots activists where I live who have organized clinic defense when antichoice assholes descend on their offices or in our city? They ignore us, they don’t respond, they don’t use their RESOURCES AND THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF SUPPORTERS to protect women’s rights. But a workshop on how to shame women into having sex they don’t wanna have? Well thats GOOD politics right there.

    Planned Parenthood, you have sold women out, again.

  2. Mary Sunshine · ·

    I Blame Canada for being mealy-mouthed, gutless appeasers and supporters of mother-fuckers, daughter-rapers, and lesbian-hating filth.

    The female-hating bullies of the world have nothing to fear from my fellow canadians.

    1. FunLove · ·

      I blame canada for being such a large territory with a diverse population, that makes it hard to make sweeping generalizations about the whole country. What jerks.

      1. what do they teach you in canada? sheesh. and get a sense of humo(u)r – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxPRHXgYVlk

  3. Mary Sunshine · ·

    While being incredibly polite about it.

  4. I’m partial to comment 12, myself. Love it, Ms. Brennan.

    1. Thanks lady. Can you believe this bullshit?

      1. It has my head absolutely swimming. People are people for goodness sake. Whom they sleep with or don’t, whether they’re getting laid or not, whether they’re attractive or not, whether they’re desirable or not, whether they’re typical or atypical across society-mandated and enforced gender norms is really no one’s fucking business. Seriously! And, the business of fucking itself (between consensual adults, of course) shouldn’t be dictated or mandated or legislated because IT IS PRIVATE!!! Oy! You have your hands full trying to make sense out of this one, my friend. If there’s something that needs to be said by a gender typical hetero, you will let me know, please? I have three daughters. This stereotyping shit is damaging to all of us.

      2. But it’s more than that. Framing a discussion of lesbian sexuality as “a barrier to be overcome” and encouraging the idea that lesbians just need more “education” to realize that a cock can be a “female” organ (PLEASE) is neoliberal reparative therapy. Deeply, frighteningly conservative.

  5. Mary Sunshine · ·

    Is there anybody in Toronto who can organize an on-site demo against this?

    1. How about you?

      1. Mary Sunshine · ·

        Cathy, if this were 30 years ago I would have it most of the way done by now. I no longer know any of the dykes that I used to know in Toronto. I am *painfully* old now, as in it hurts to move 😦 …. , back then I used to ride my bike around downtown Toronto.

        Plus, I have nowhere to stay in Toronto.

        Thinking, thinking.


        … that’s what we call a shout-out …

  6. i think bold is more effective than itals in proving a statement true. but whevs!


      1. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

        ME TOO! 😀

  7. If I were still in Toronto, I would do it. But I am not in Toronto anymore, because oh the irony.

  8. I stand with Morgan · ·

    I stand with Morgan Page.
    Stop transmisogyny!

    1. I agree. I wish trans would stop with the misogyny.

  9. […] redefine a conference talking about possible social reasons lesbians might not date trans women into a plot about transwomen wanting to rape them, I see no reason not to call them out for how I see them (plus, I am seriously pissed that they […]

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