Trans Telephone #gamergate

Telephone is nothing more than gossip. It is not "activism."

Telephone is nothing more than gossip. It is not “activism.”

Telephone is a game played  in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first.

This is a fun game for 6-year-olds. It is also an accurate description of how information is passed among Transgender Activists in 2014.

Today, I was amazed to learn from the Internet that I support Gamer Gate. Gamer Gate is a Men’s Rights Movement stemming from angry gamers who feel that their identify as gamers is threatened by the presence of Women and People of Color in gaming spaces previously the domain of White Entitled Men.

I am not a gamer. Identity Politics is not my bag. Also, I have a job. And a life. And a personality.

And oh, I don’t support Gamer Gate. 

Anyway, the Gamer Gate activists have done everything they can do to silence Women’s speech, including targeting game developer Brianna Wu and third-wave feminist Anita Sarkeesian, who produces videos critiquing misogyny in video games. By the way, Gamer Gaters are using the same exact tactics that Transgender Activists use to silence Women’s speech, including threats of boycott and, yes, death threats!

I have deep empathy for the Women who  experience threats at the hands of the Gamer Gate Men simply for opposing misogyny in the gaming world (that is, for expressing an opinion that Men Don’t Like).

But APPARENTLY, and this is where Trans Telephone gets involved, I support Gamer Gate because I reject Anita Sarkeesian’s thought-terminating cliche beliefs that “transwomen are women.”

Dear Internet – I, like many other Women, am entitled to disagree with Anita Sarkeesian. She is allowed to disagree with me! Disagreeing with a third-wave feminist doesn’t mean I endorse her getting violent death threats. Indeed, I don’t think Anita Sarkeesian endorses the violent death threats I have received.


No thanks!

Again, I don’t engage in your straw arguments. But it’s the game of Trans Telephone that is responsible for why Many Deluded Men and Their Helpful Allies think I bathe in the blood of transgender babies.

Your thoughts are delusional. Your  inventions are fanciful.

They are not mine.




  1. Wurmheart · ·

    I haven’t a clue what beliefs the anti gamergate truly adheres to tbh, the best i can describe them would be as opportunistic assholes that claim to be feminists.

    But yeah, they firmly believe in the you’re either with us or against us creed. And often attempt bullying tactics to get people to pick a side…

    Disclosure: I’m a gamergate supporter and i’m against harassment.

    Either way Gamergate started out as a call for ethics in gaming journalism, we were fed up with the inaccurate, misleading, nonsense and clickbait articles they kept pushing out.
    They seemed to have forgotten their bread and better is reviewing games, not pretending to be moral authorities on every subject in gaming.

    Their response?
    Well the escapist listened and changed policies.
    Majority of others decided it was more fun to slander us, calling us dead, over, shitlords, nazi’s, worse then isis, harassers, terrorists, misogynists and so much more.
    And while some gamers might very well be harassers, they quickly chose to blame us for harassment even without evidence and have been so for quite a while now.

    I can understand if you don’t want to be involved, there’s a lot of risk atk for doxing, harassment and getting fired for it.
    But please look don’t just blindly take the media’s word for what is basically a accusation aimed at them.
    Nor the media who blindly repeat their statements.

    Cheers, and good luck.

    1. Gamer Gate stemmed from a Man talking about Men who his ex-girlfriend allegedly slept with. That is bogus, gossipy shit at best.

      You clearly don’t know who I am if you think I am worried about being doxxed or harassed. As for Gamer Gate, I have zero interest in supporting it, even if it was about “integrity in gaming journalism.” Thanks.

      Good luck to you too.

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  4. Brianna Wu isn’t a woman

    1. Wu hasn’t brought up transsexualism, and the abuse I have seen seems to be Class:Woman abuse.

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