Gender Rights Maryland is DTF

So this man seems, um, a little off. These comments are from The Bilerico Project, a well-known woman-hating Gay blog (h/t to Mansplainin’ & Transplainin’).

Oh! But it gets better. Or worse.

Dan Massey is on the Policy Advisory Board of Gender Rights Maryland, a group that exists – ostensibly – to “promote civil rights, education, tolerance, equality and acceptance on the basis of sex and gender identity/expression in the state of Maryland.”

BTW, I know I feel tolerated when I read woman-hating comments like this one from Gender Rights Maryland’s Board Chair:

The Policy Advisory Board of Gender Rights Maryland “creates initiatives and programs for consideration by the formal boards of Gender Rights Maryland … (and) also serves as a vehicle for interested parties to participate actively in the direction of Gender Rights Maryland.”

So this man is “participat(ing) actively in the direction of Gender Rights Maryland.” Because he is “interested.”


So, Dan, what EXACTLY are you interested in?

Ohhhhh, erotic joy and personal freedom. Yes, that’s what women need. And all this time I was thinking we needed liberation from sex stereotypes and the oppression all women experience as the humans socialized as the sex class, intended to serve men.

My bad.

Seem to be failing here, Sharon Brackett.



  1. This guy has the nerve to talk about “christo-fascism” when he his speech has all the classic markers of fascism? The exalted and absolutist claims saying that non-Trans people suffer from “psychic immaturity” and how Trans are “psychologically and mentally superior”? How non-Trans people will be “forcibly removed” so we can collectively enter the New Age under the guidance of our “destined leaders”? How there will be “no tolerance” by those who object to this “new spiritual vision”This IS adolescent Nietzche-inspired fascism! Also sounds like this idiot overdosed on Wilhelm Reich at some point.

    1. It is truly rape-tastic.

      1. You throw around RAPE like it’s a nerf football. What do YOU know of RAPE??!! Is it some FUN word?? Some inside JOKE??? WTF??!!

      2. No, moron, I am a woman who, like pretty much all women, has been raped. So, do you have a valid point? Or do you deny this language is the kind of Rape Culture language we fight against?

  2. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

    Holy shit… Dan sounds like an utterly megalomaniacal asshole. The insanity in his writing is bare-faced for all women to see.

    1. Yes! And he is on the ADVISORY BOARD of a group that (ostensibly) cares about sex and gender? Um, no.

  3. Barbara Di Bari Visconti · ·

    I just laughed at it. It’s pathetic.

  4. The phrase “gender rights” in this context has led me searching for the correct characterisation. Orwellian isn’t quite right, because it doesn’t seem that this idea is being led by the state in *most* countries (although in most, the state is not a particularly reluctant force).

    Since ‘gender’ describes the effects of the sex hierarchy and the ideology used to reinforce that, ‘gender rights’ in this context – where it is used to uphold the supremacy of gender essentialism and endorse the prostitution of women – seems more like ‘white rights’.

    Certainly, gender-nonconforming people (the majority of whom aren’t in fact trans-identifying) deserve legal and social protections, but achieving that requires a feminist approach, not a gender-essentialist one.

    1. Astute observation, liberationislife. That makes Gender Rights Maryland a hate group, no?


    “Your personal experience of the worship of Love, experienced through the joy of orgasm, draws you constantly towards fulfillment of your cosmic destiny.

    To all self-conscious beings of this universe, Love provides for physical avatars, through which we interact with others and our physical environment.

    Our first and only temporary avatar, our biohost, comes into being and develops through life processes on a physical planet, interacting with other people’s earthly avatars and contributing, as much possible, to the development and operation of a community of Love.

    After this phase of existence, the true moral values you discovered and affirmed in life survive to become the foundation of your future person and identity, your new and subsequent immortalizing avatar.

    At every stage in your existence Love provides a robust physical presence and connection, akin to the joy of human sex and other erotic expression, which is directly accessible through physical acts of worship.

    In time, your expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies your desires to genuinely love and serve others.

    Join me today and forever in the worship of the power of erotic joy.”

    1. Jesus. The Sensitive New Age Guy on steroids and/or acid.

  6. […] attend to their own needs wouldn’t endear Sharon Brackett, a Trans Woman and board chair for Gender Rights Maryland, to the Gays and Lesbians who finally gained some measure of equality after a decades-long […]

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