To the Victor Go the Spoils

Only in a male mind would harassing someone into submission and having them take such measures to avoid interactions in the future be a success.

This is a post on my OBSERVATIONS of Transwomen. As this post is only my observation based on my personal experience, your experience may vary – or you may notice similar patterns of behavior from “Transwomen.” Not all Transwomen behave like these clowns. Sadly, these clowns are LOUD. Let’s begin!

Transwomen sound like Violent Men. In numerous instances, when we (Women) point out that (1) they are Men and (2) we (Women) don’t want to occupy space and time with them, THEY GET ANGRY.


Autumn Sandeen uses Violent Man speak towards women. GenderTrender published an exchange between Autumn and GallusMag that highlights this tactic.

AS: Oh please, Cathy. Send me a current email address and I’ll email you my documentation showing I know who you are, coward. … You are a full-on coward.

AS: Again, you live up to the label of coward. You won’t out yourself like bugbrennan & I have. What a loser you’ve proven yrself 2b. Seriously “Gallus”, you are such a freaking coward. Brennan and I have outed ourselves- What’s wrong with you? Afraid, girl?

AS: I can’t put up or shut up if you won’t send me an email, you fucking coward. Email me, & I’ll show you.

AS: Jesus Cathy, you are such a fucking loser/coward. …

AS: email me fuckwad. Prove I’m wrong via email. I’ll publicly admit if I am. You? You’re pretty much a fucking fearful coward.


Dear Transwomen: The whole “coward” thing is so, so, so Male… like… dude, you can’t punk Females… especially if they were not in the military where that kind of name calling constantly puts your Manhood in question. You are creepy.




Jonathan Aeryn Fulton also engages in this Violent Man Speak (which sounds remarkably like Violent Racist Man Speak – because they are usually the same thing).






Penny Marie Sautereau

As blocking someone who is soundly destroying your arguments is irrefutable proof that you know you’ve lost and have no rebuttal beyond childish “LOL ur a dude” cracks, I graciously accept your surrender Bug.

Really, your best insult was “sure you do”. I know wittier more inventive 5 year olds. Thanks for hanging yourself with that teeny bit of rope I offered called “reality”. While you were desperately repeating “but! But! ur just a mean man picking on meeeee!”, 3 dozen people started following me.

Nothing is more satisfying than when a delusional bigot shoots herself in the foot and proves my case for me just by opening her hateful ignorant mouth.

Oh and calling a bigot out for being a bigot isn’t misogyny. Misgendering women because of personal bias and ignorance IS. YOU are the misogynist Cathy. YOU serve patriarchy. Me? I just stand up to bullies. Especially the ones who pretend to be the victims while throwing all the stones.

Thanks for conceding defeat kiddo. I’ll wear my victory with pride.

Buh bye!”

Transwomen like the “I will conquer you” speak as much as the “you are a coward” speak. Now, for Women, when we are being harassed by Men or Males, we do our best to get out of the situation. Because we know that Men can be scary.

If you are a Man who thinks you are Woman, you haven’t learned from DAY ONE to fear that Men will rape you. So, yeah, Women retreat and Men do this “I WIN, YOU BITCH” language.

Sure boys.

You “win.”



Michael Amper also enjoys instilling “fear” in his “opponents” (and also prides himself on his “staff.”)

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Dear Transwomen: You want to know why we think you are Men (among other reasons)?

You sound like Violent Men.

You want to take pride in the fact that Women are afraid of you?

You are no different than Violent Men.


  1. Thank you for standing up to this male intimidation. Radical feminists, the only group of feminists that are 100% woman-centered, may be the first to point out that the issues of MtT people are in some crucial ways not the same as those of women, but we won’t be the last. If transactivists were willing to thoughtfully consider the impact some of their more aggressive positions have on the struggle for women’s liberation I think their movement would mature much more quickly. As it is they are wasting their time and ours trying to convince the world that cosmetic surgery and estrogen somehow turns them into biological women, that lesbians should date them even though they are anatomically male, that certain crucial issues for women such as reproductive rights are boring and irrelevant and even offensive to talk about as it leaves them out, and that after an entire lifetime of being “bred” as men they can shuck off all that conditioning at will. The quotes you set out above illustrate better than I ever could the standard chest-beating male response to being denied a banana. The smart thing to do would be for transactivists to leave women alone and cease trying to dominate us. They need to get their act together as a group and deal with specific issues of oppression by men, before re-approaching women in a way that respects necessary boundaries.

    It’s notable that so much effort is being directed against radical feminists instead of the real agent that continues to stigmatize and discriminate against them, the male-dominated system. It sometimes feels to me as though they think we are easier targets and though we are not oppressing them, only insisting on boundaries, they are too afraid of their fellow men to take them on, and attack us as a handy substitute.

    1. Women are the easier targets. Plus, we’re mommy and mommy is supposed to protect them from daddy. If we don’t we’re bad.

      1. satyrwilder · ·

        It’s also Mommy’s fault daddy is mad. It’s never, ever daddy’s fault. Blaming mommy is safe. Blaming daddy is deadly.

  2. You do understand your tactic is very predictable; engage debate (who initiates it is irrelevant), bait your mark, goad them with insults, claim you are a victim, get cronies to spin facts video or pics, publish your mark as a violent predator.

    1. You Men are creepy and violent.

      More information about Grace


  3. MarySunshine · ·

    Holy shit. 😦

    Be well, Cathy. Be well.

  4. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

    Hmm, males sure are violent.

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