Apparently, Anonymous is a Homophobic Men’s Rights Activist

Not shockingly, Men’s Rights Activists have descended on this blog since I posted a statement from the organizers of Rad Fem 2013 about the intimidation of the London Irish Centre by MRAs.

You can read the comments there to see how violent and paranoid MRAs are. There are more comments I need to scrub of links to MRA websites before I post them.

I wanted, however, to highlight one commenter in particular.

One of the comments claims to be from Anonymous, the online hacker group. Anonymous has engaged in some actions I support, and some I do not.

Apparently, Anonymous is a Homophobic Men’s Rights Activist.



This IP address links to Illinois:

Capture1And the email address links to this business:

CaptureI called the telephone number and left a message.

More later!


  1. Well, he might not be anonymous, but he is lesion.

  2. longshangui · ·

    I wonder what the real Anonymous will think about having its identity taken over by a foul-mouthed dimwit. Hey, real Anonymous, you out there? Have a look at this termite who says he’s from your outfit! And cleverly hides all traces using his computer superskills by leaving an email address!

    1. This. Anonymous is not anti-feminist. A lot of trolls like trolling though. And no one knows how to colonize and appropriate quite like an MRA.

      1. The actual anonymous (not wannabe trolls) have recently earned my respect with the rehtaeh parsons situation. This troll uses language more appropriate for the people who raped her and then hounded her to death.

  3. “we Are legion, we do not forgive, blah, blah, blah” whatta clown.

  4. Anonymous · ·

    Anonymous is not a group, it is an idea. Anyone can use the name Anonymous, including a Homophobic Men’s Rights Activist. The majority of Anonymous will almost definitely disagree – and that’s fine, that’s how it works. Unfortunately for outsiders, Anonymous is seen as a group, and therefore one person’s post is taken to be the ‘group’s message’, which it most certainly isn’t.

  5. Tr0ll0caust · ·



    1. longshangui · ·

      I don’t think seven is enough. You compare radical feminists with the KKK, wearing your white robe and peaked hat made of proxies. But – it’s a nightmare, the back of your robe falls open and everyone can see your ass.

  6. TryHarderDood · ·

    Some grandiose words there Anon! Did you let a fart out clenching your fists during your passionate sweaty oratory?

  7. Lucky Louis · ·

    647 is a Canadian area code, not Illinois.

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