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Now Ends The Summer of My Discontent

One of the things that continually amazes me in the Internet Age is the level of gullibility exhibited by my fellow humans. We are willing to believe half-truths and outright lies, we accept without question statements asserted by unknown trolls, we treat gossip as holy truths to be revered, and we never, ever consider for […]

The ordeal of Ronald Gold

From here. I grew up in the Age of the Closet. While I came out in college to some close friends, I was aware that perceptions of my identity needed to be carefully managed, if I was to have the career I sought. There must be no public declaration—and no open defense of the rights […]

Females: Silenced By Trans*

As Females, we have devoted much time to supporting Trans* causes. Why are we doing this, when it seems clear that Trans* does not extend us the same respect? Abortion: Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Free Speech: Here. Here. Rape: Here. Birth Control: Here. Add your own links to comments, articles and the assorted detritus […]

The Fire Will Not Consume Us

The New York City Dyke March is one of the best events ever conceived to combat dyke invisibility, at least for those few brief moments of proudly marching down the streets. At the first Dyke March down Fifth Avenue, Lesbian Avengers carried torches and burnt signs with the names of anti-lesbian and gay propositions blamed for […]

How Radical Feminists Are Created

For every lesbian you bully into sex – a radical feminist is born. For every woman you threaten with violence – a radical feminist is born.

Pride, In The Name of Lesbians

Over the last few years, it has become abundantly clear that the GLBT Movement is more interested in preserving the status quo of American Society, so long as gays, lesbians and transgender people can participate. We seek access to marriage, the most fundamental of patriarchy’s mechanisms that ensures the servitude of females to males. We support hate […]

LOLOLOL – Joe, I am not the person meme-ing you, and I am not in charge of all the transphobia on the internet. Maybe stop acting like as asshole towards women, and you won’t get this attention. More about Joe: http://bugbrennan.com//?s=joelle&search=Go UPDATE: Joe has locked down her blog. Everyone should ask her for permission to view […]

Radfem-Friendly Tumblr Blogs

From Tumblr Blogger Hedonistic Paradise. This is a list of my favourite tumblr blogs, and they are all female and LGB friendly. Some are radical feminists/pro-rad fem men, and others are radfem sympathetic, while the rest are just cool blogs to follow. 1.  bugbrennan 2.  killyourenemies 3.  shameandcupcakes 4.  babysaygoodnight 5.  gaynotqueer 6.  18brumaire 7. indigenousfeminist 8. […]

Safe Spaces for Gay Youth

Last issue, Steve Charing highlighted the opening of The Den (Baltimore OUTloud, The Den Opens Its Doors to LGBT Youth),  a safe space for GLBT youth ages 13 to 24. Kalima Young, one of the driving forces behind The Den, told Steve that “youth have suffered from our unwillingness as adults to address structural issues […]

Because Females Wanting Our Own Space Away from Males is EVIL

Because Females wanting space free from Males is evil. Because accepting trans women as women – which I do – is not enough. Because Females are not entitled to any space. Because, because, because. Source.