Because Females Wanting Our Own Space Away from Males is EVIL

Because Females wanting space free from Males is evil.

Because accepting trans women as women – which I do – is not enough.

Because Females are not entitled to any space.

Because, because, because.



  1. wildshine · ·

    It’s interesting that you say you accept trans women as women, while regularly reblogging content that contains gems such as:

    “They also interviewed Barb Besharat and a man called Susan Stryker, who are both involved in transgender activism.”


    “As for refusing to participate in some man’s delusion that he is a woman being just as disrespectful as throwing glitter onto someone, well I guess we are going to have to disagree. Using the words, ‘he’, ‘male’ and ‘man’ to describe a male human is simply an accurate representation of reality, nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing disrespectful in stating a fact.”

    (Susan Stryker is a well-known trans woman.)

    I just think that if you have a prejudice, you should at least have the common courtesy to be open and honest about it, rather than attempting to deny it.

    1. Unlike you, I give people credit to sort things out for themselves. Stop telling other people what they think.

      1. wildshine · ·

        You give a platform to disrespectful and discriminatory vitriol without the least bit of criticism to it–that’s called complacent acceptance. What’s there to sort out?

      2. No, I give a platform because lesbians in particular are afraid to speak publicly about this issue. I am unconcerned with *you* or *your feelings.*

  2. wildshine · ·

    I never said it affected me or my feelings. Please don’t attempt to put words in my keyboard.

    You give a platform to disrespectful and discriminatory vitriol “because lesbians in particular are afraid to speak publicly about this issue.” So you therefore agree that they should be able to spout that disrespectful and discriminatory vitriol, and see no reason to comment on it. Again–complacent acceptance of disrespecting and discriminating against trans women =/= respecting trans women.

    1. Trans women spout their disrespectful and discriminatory vitriol all day long, and no one says boo about that. Life is tough sometimes when you are trying to change a conversation.

  3. wildshine · ·

    If your response to a critique of your incongruous positions supporting a platform for disrespectful and discriminatory language against trans women while simultaneously claiming to respect trans women is “Life is tough,” you do not actually respect trans women. Why don’t you just come out and admit it?

    1. You should stop telling people how and what to think.

  4. wildshine · ·

    As a matter of fact, I haven’t told anyone how or what to think. All I’ve done is ask that you stop lying about what you actually think. That is, you should come clean about being disrespectful and discriminatory towards trans women, rather than claiming to respect them when your actions demonstrate the exact opposite.

    1. Because you, sir, can do that. Fuck off. I actually think trans women deserve respect, but as trans women sometimes disrespect females, we need to have these difficult conversations.

  5. makes me want to act out violently. now LET ME IN!!!!

    1. Yisheng Qingwa · ·

      Spot on.

      Let me in or VIOLENCE!

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