Females: Silenced By Trans*

As Females, we have devoted much time to supporting Trans* causes. Why are we doing this, when it seems clear that Trans* does not extend us the same respect?

Abortion: Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.

Free Speech: Here. Here.

Rape: Here.

Birth Control: Here.

Add your own links to comments, articles and the assorted detritus of the Internet where Trans* people make it very clear that they don’t give a flying fuck for Females.

We need to change this.


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    Not only are females silenced by Trans. Intersex people are silenced by trans people as well. Intersex people are silenced by trans because trans are scared that Intersex people threaten the trans communities fragile ideology and agenda. It’s why Intersex people are silenced by the trans community because Trans are silencing issues that are important to intersex people as well.

    1. This is why I left the trans community. >.>

      1. Don’t blame you. This is why I reject the GLBT.

      2. It’s why Intersex people should leave the trans community as well

    2. I completely agree. I am a Trans woman, but I was born a 47 XXY Klinefleters male. The trans community wishes to silence or discredit anyone who identifies themselves with Klinefelters and is transgender because it loosens the shoestrings on their carefully tied narrative of “What is Transgender”

      1. Chloe – Thanks for stopping by. I thought you were pretty firmly entrenched in the trans community. Have I got that wrong?

        Also, what IS transgender?

      2. That’s why I’m not a fan of the trans community. They will silence or discredit anyone who is against them. They have even tried to silence and discredit the intersex community because it discredits their fragile Trans ideology and agenda. Even their trans enablers and transwhactivist are silencing anyone who speaks critically of trans. That’s why you have trans enablers and transwhactivist bullying, harassing and stalking people into silence.

      3. doublevez · ·

        Klinefelters syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects only males, who will have several physical abnormalities. If you have Klinefelters you’re still a male.

    3. Some of us are Intersex AND Transsexual. These are not mutually exclusive things to be. My Trans identity isn’t “fragile” and I don’t have an agenda. It’s so disheartening how much of the same BS Lesbians and Gay men had to put up with 20-30 years ago is now pushed onto folks who are Trans (many of whom are also Lesbian, Gay, etc). What is the point of picking on people for who they are? Are you folks really so defensive about your genders and sexes? Because I’m clear and secure in mine (Intersex, Third Gender)

      1. doublevez · ·

        Hahaha. Best oxymoron I’ve read in some time: “Intersex AND Transexual”.

  3. […] also seen prominent Trans Women – most notably Julia Serano and Jos Truitt – call on Females to stop talking about reproductive choice as a “women’s issue,” as such framing “excludes” Trans Women and Trans Men.  Jos Truitt […]

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