I have a lot of thoughts about Baltimore, but I am unable to put pen to paper at the moment.

Here are some photographs.

Here is a song about Baltimore.

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  1. womynforever · ·

    Hoping you share your Baltimore thoughts. I have been trying to explain a feminist perspective to my 15 year old daughter for the last year, who became involved with GSA at school. After being sexually assaulted by a male with sexual identity issues, she is constantly challenged by gender and transgender rhetoric and stereotypes. Trying to keep her safe, and teach her all males have the potential to harm her. Then here you are, in spite of aggressive males purporting to have the mind of womyn, except when you disagree,

    1. “Then here you are, in spite of aggressive males purporting to have the mind of womyn, except when you disagree,” I don’t know what this means.

    2. womynforever · ·

      Anonymous post is by womynforever.

  2. Cathy Brennan · ·

    I, Cathy Brennan, am a merciless stalker and I am remorseless for lives I have taken. I, Cathy Brennan, am a murderer.

    ED NOTE IP address:

    1. This is an example of trans activism in 2015.

  3. Anonymous · ·

    I meant to say how excited I was to find someone who validated my views about feminism. I also believe transgender females continue to think and act like men. They continue in their careers they achieved as men and portray the stereotypes feminism fought so hard undue. Why do you think transgender females are having so much success in organizing the anti-feminist movement. As with the violent aggressive post comparing you to a murderer. How MALE is that???? Should womyn threaten to KILL in response, no wait we are female womyn.

    1. womynforever · ·


    2. “transgender female” isn’t a term I am familiar with. I think you just mean “men.”

      1. Womynforever · ·

        Yes ….lingo challenged. I tell my daughter Transgender women who act out and portray the stereotypes of men, may in the treat her just as badly as men. She has a few friends that now go by male names at school. What do you think?

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