Women In Danger

A friend from college recently sent me these videos (thanks friend from college!)

These videos are worth watching, because Siskel and Ebert talk about the growing use of exploitation of women and women’s fear to appeal to men – and this was in 1980.

“These women in danger films all boil down to a woman screaming in abject terror. That’s really the degrading essence of what’s going on in these pictures.”

Your thoughts?


  1. And now it’s so routine it is never even questioned. Adds to my sinking feeling that women have actually lost ground in the past 20 years or so.

  2. willforageforfood · ·

    Shit I remember watching this as a kid. Sad that men objecting to women being marketed as rape objects and actually calling men out who watch this as ” vicarious sex criminals ” strikes me as quaint and outdated. Re-posted this on We Blame the Patriarchy on FB.

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