Being Feminist Means Telling Lesbians To Have Sex With Men

“Feminist” Facebook page with 25,000 likes posts homophobic article discussing Lesbian sexuality and how Lesbians need to learn to appreciate penis so Lesbians and “people with penises” can have “fun” together.

The punch line? The article was posted by a 23-year old  woman.

Like, I have been a Lesbian longer than you’ve been alive.

If you think Lesbian Sexuality involves penis, you are doing it wrong.

So, it’s bad enough that, on a theoretical level, a feminist woman cannot follow an analysis about compulsory heterosexuality, etc.

There’s the additional HAVE YOU NO SHAME factor of yet another woman completely failing to consider how this issue of Trans Inclusion IMPACTS LESBIANS.

Lesbians – we must have some cloak of invisibility that makes any kind of “intersectional” analysis inapplicable to us.
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  1. techmom · ·

    I was banned from being feminist so wasn’t able to comment on this rapey article. Being Feminist seems to have banned many lesbians and feminists because apparently saying biology means something or saying transwomen are biologically male and have been raised as men is transphobic.
    Apparently the hurt feelings of transwomen trumps the rights of lesbians to self-determination. Who knew?
    So I don’t consider Being Feminist very feminist. Because it excludes female voices. And tells lesbianswe should have sex with people we consider to be male. Ugh. and Blecch. And Ewwwwh!

  2. Hehe. Lesbians telling lesbians that to be real feminist lesbians they must open their minds (let their brains fall out), and start turning away from females ( ❤ Females because : Lesbian. ), and go with a penis ( no attraction at ALL because: LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) because that is what a feminist lesbian would do. Because it is all about making certain the penis is never sad.
    Oh no. That's patriarchy.

  3. minoritiesoppressingotherminorities · ·

    It’s a shame to see so many lesbians going out of their way to try to publicly reject transsexuals, who already have the highest suicide rate out of any non-cis male category. I understand if you don’t want to have sex with a “male bodied person,” so simply DON’T. But this public shaming shit? SMFH.

    1. You’re a fool. Your stats are garbage. And Trans people ACTIVELY SHAME LESBIANS. Google cotton ceiling. Thanks.

  4. It isn’t surprising in a pornified culture to find men who think women don’t have a sexual orientation—or any kind of preference at all regarding partners—and that they will go for whatever. But it’s depressing to see a woman who agrees with that bull.

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