Statement from Rad Fem 2013


Unsurprisingly, and for the second year in a row, men’s rights activists have bullied venue staff hosting Radfem 2013, into submitting to their terror tactics. Despite the fact that the organisers of this year’s Rad Fem 2013 were completely transparent about our intentions for the conference and the potential consequences of the London Irish Centre’s acceptance of our booking (i.e. harassment from men who don’t like us), the venue has been bullied by a bunch of men’s rights activists and the venue are considering cancelling our booking. Men’s rights advocates have harassed feminists online, bullied venue staff at the London Irish Centre (this year’s host of Radfem 2013), including putting the names of staff on websites and blogs. Staff were also shaken up by the theft of a laptop and mobile phone from staff. This is now under criminal investigation and we have no idea who was responsible, but what we do know is that it is us who are being punished. 

The reality is that the men’s rights activists have behaved unacceptably in their harassment of staff at the venue, as they have to feminists organising the conference. The London Irish Centre should be standing strong with the women of the world who suffer male violence, silencing, bullying, threats, spreading hysterical malicious lies and perpetrating harassment on a daily basis because we are standing up and saying, “no.” Organisers of Radfem 2013 have gone out of our way to help the centre and its staff with criminal investigations.We will not be intimidated any longer. We will not be silenced any longer. We will not be hounded from our venues any longer. This is our ground. We are taking it. This is our space, these are our rights and if they won’t be given to us… we will take them. Women from around the world stand strong in the face of male terrorism. Submission is not an option when globally we are battered, prostituted, raped, objectified, our ideas, creativity and energy stolen, corrupted and undermined. Our identities colonised, broken and violated. This is our time. We are no longer forsaken, we are strong because we stand together in sisterhood.

The London Irish Centre may be unjustifiably considering cancelling our booking but this will not stop us from holding our event and standing our ground. The repercussions on our movement for liberation are too great if we allow ourselves to be bullied out of our rightful booking. We do not accept the London Irish Centre’s unjustifiable rejection of our booking. We have done nothing wrong and we will not accept being punished because of MRA’s using terror tactics. 

Women are coming from all over the world to meet in strength and sisterhood. Some women have spent a lot of time, money and energy booking flights and accommodation from the US, Finland, South Africa, France, Australia, Canada and all over the UK. We come from all walks of life. We are many colours, many cultures, many races. Some of us have disabilities, many of us are poor, all of us are marginalised. Our program will focus on giving voice to women from all backgrounds and on a diverse range of important issues to eliminate violence against women.

We will have our conference. It will be at the London Irish Centre from the 8th – 9th of June. We are standing strong with our sisters around the world for our liberation. We will not be moved. 

If you want to get on board with turning this around, for the rights of feminists to meet in peace, please contact us at

Contact the London Irish Centre:

The London Irish Centre
50-52 Camden Square

T: 020 7916 2222
F: 020 7916 2638

Events and Venue Hire
T: 020 7916 2222


  1. I will email the Camden Irish centre a message of support as I have used it in the past. I just want to weep when I read about the harrassment MRA’S inflict

    1. Yeah, they are a violent bunch. Hang in there sis xoxoxox.

      1. Antimisandry · ·

        Straight to the victimology. pathetic feminists

      2. You are advocating the castration of little children, and when this gets your sick little hate party cancelled, you scream male-on-female violence! You’re not feminists at all, just lazy whores. You’ve set back the feminist movement by years!

      3. Where on earth have you gotten the idea in your head that I am “advocating the castration of little children”?

      4. Just google “radfem 2013 castration”. RadFems are just women obsessed with young boys because they can’t handle men.

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    This is Male Violence.

    1. Kelly Zhane · ·

      So thats the end of the Rad Fem 2013 conference then… no place to hold it, means no conference… I suppose you could try to find other space, but honestly i know for a fact that MHRA’s have already sent the nearby convention centres a copy of the Agent Orange files, so the likelyhood that you’ll get aplace for your convention is pretty quickly shrinking.

      Who would have thought that a group that advocates murder to 50% of the population would be denied conference space?

      LOL, i’m kidding of course: You are reaping what you’ve sown.

      1. Oh, sorry, the conference is happening, despite the violence of MRAs. Women exist.

      2. Carolyn in Baltimore · ·

        None of the feminists I associate with advocate anything hateful. We want the liberation of women. We want to end patriarchy, long term. In the interim we want to end the subjugation and oppression of women through violence, reproductive control, and archaic law.

      3. You’re losing and you know it. Stand down and save face.

    2. longshangui · ·

      Brilliant thread, Cathy, time to show men. Thanks for letting them show themselves.

  3. forboysandmen · ·

    :Looks good on ya. Your sick ideology is going down.

    1. IP address “” is located @ United States Texas Houston
      Following is ip location map view:

      What “sick ideology” is that, Paul, the one that doesn’t let you rape and beat us?

      1. forboysandmen · ·

        Actually, I was thinking about the sick ideology that leads you to want to demonize masculinity, throw young boys out of windows, lock men in buildings before setting them on fire, practice eugenics; you know, that sort of thing. Like I said, your ouster looks great on you. I intend to see a lot more of it in the future. Cheers, and have a rape free day.

      2. You have an active fantasy life.

      3. Antimisandry · ·

        Hahahaha, listen top them, damaged little things they are.

      4. Antimisandry · ·

        Ooooh that’s scary ! Hey you can publish mine too you stupid feminist woman. See who gives a damn. Your times up, everyone is sick of your demented kind, you are a group of waste that has caused enough suffering in the West. Time for you to go.

      5. Yes, because women who oppose rape and male violence are “demented.”

        Have a nice day. If you want to chat, I am at 410-336-9857.

      6. Im curious , what is the purpose behind posting someones ip address to a public forum ??? you wouldnt be attempting to intimidate would you ?

      7. LOL at “public forum” and “intimidate.”

      8. longshangui · ·

        It’s the need to find a fifth wife. A real problem after the age of 60. Women just won’t sign on. What their problem? Rough, Paul. Let’s destroy’em if they can’t take tha joke.

        Yessir, these damn women don’t feel like spending their lives as your slaves. Unbelievable!

        Maybe # 5 will be sufficiently subordinate.

        Why won’t these damn women take care of me, I’m old and finished,

      9. Kelly Zhane · ·

        Oh oh, my turn, my turn… What kind of page are you going to reveal for me? My Facebook perhaps? Or maybe my IP? What you got?

        Come on, do that pretend doxing thing you do, while denouncing people who don’t do it for doing.

      10. You have me confused with someone else, rapist.

      11. Kelly Zhane · ·

        Come off it bugbrennan, we can all see you & see you trying to intimidate people by faux doxing them… linking to there facebook, an then playing the role of the injured victim… What couldn’t find anything on me, huh? Come on, put me on your list of suspect people, or are you having trouble finding anything on me?

        Also i just love how anyone who disagrees with your bigotry, or calls you out is immediately a “rapist.” No one is buying into your emotionalised language here.

      12. You’re funny. Have a nice day!

  4. Anonymous · ·

    I for one am truely sorry that you guys lost your venue. You being able to hold your event would give MRA London a great place to protest feminist bigotry and hate. But Im sure that you will find other venues willing to support a group that wants to kill all men. Best of luck to you.

  5. Rad Fem's hatred, their own undoing? · ·

    I wouldn’t call a conference center’s decision not to allow hate speech at their venue a crystal clear example of male violence.

    I’d say it was a wise and good decision on their part to distance themselves from a hate movement.

    1. Oh, is that what “hate” means now? You sound like you are trans, does penis mean female now as well?

  6. Anonymous · ·

    This is unfortunate. where else can I spew my transphobic, gendercidal hate speech? TELL ME MRAs, WHERE?!

    1. Lol “gendercidal”

      1. Lol “Cisgender”

      2. *trans person · ·

        “Murdering half the world population is cool!”

        “What, the London Irish Centre refused me?! Clearly it’s MRA space lizard nazis!”

        “Don’t they understand how progressive it is to murder 3-4 billion people and oppress entire LGBT groups?”

        Check your cis privilege, hatemongers.

        Inb4 you try to dox and murder me, good luck.

      3. Delusions are delusional.

  7. The MRAs seem to be gloating that London Irish Centre has cancelled the booking? I don’t know who to believe?

    It would be a shame if the MRAs won through their malicious tactics. They really have no shame…

    1. What about the kind of shit your sickfuck dogma spouts?

      1. Sickfuck dogma sounds like a punk band.

  8. John Doe · ·

    Maybe if you didn’t all cream your collective panties at the thought of reducing the male population down to 10% we would leave you alone. Sorry, but we weren’t about to let the nazis get away with eugenics to “purify” the races…we’re not going to stand by and let you “purify” the genders either.

    1. Eww. What a sick man you are.

    2. Also, hate to break it to you, but the Nazis were men’s rights activists. Like you!

      1. NotALoony · ·


      2. What upsets you is that the MRAs are (at least so far) nonviolent. And they are largely quoting the line “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” I am outside looking in on MRA. But I am definitely anti-feminist. The “terrorism and harassment” that feminists complain about regarding this is the fact that the local MRAs drew attention to a law that forbids excluding people on the basis of sex. From what I can make out, feminists pushed this law but only meant it to be illegal to exclude women.

      3. Oh am I upset? Thanks sir!

      4. Your sarcasm aside, it is quite plain that you are upset. You wanted to have your little “conference” in a particular venue and were stopped by legal issues. And then you go around accusing people of violence they didn’t commit.

        I can see the frustration when you make the false claim that Nazis were MRAs. The group (at least so far) es very explicitly non-violent. I think that this is because they know that violence would only serve your ends. You would love to have something to point to.

      5. Oh, do tell, sir. What am I thinking now?

      6. You are thinking that, by making that appeal to ridicule, you will get people not to listen to me. And, no, I don’t need to be a mind-reader to know that. It is a very common tactic among both fundamentalist christians and feminists.

      7. Well, this was fun. Have a nice day!

      8. I gotta say, you’re doing a great job defending yourself from the accusations being made here. Thus far I’ve yet to see a single, well thought-out response to anything any MRA has said here. All you’re doing is resorting to the typical sarcastic bitch responses that are so common today. I hope that you have the self awareness to examine your own behavior and realize that you can’t actually debate us because you’re wrong. Have a good day.

      9. What is this delusion you have that you are owed a convo? Like, really?

        If you would like to debate, please call me at 410-336-9857 and we can set that up. Cheers.

  9. longshangui · ·

    MRAs won’t “win”. A cancelled booking, even if not reinstated, does not a cancelled conference make. The publicity should bring in a lot more attendees.

    1. You radfems have atrocious grammar.

      1. Anonymous · ·

        Grammar is a tool of the patriarchy!

  10. SomeoneForActualEquality · ·

    I agree, the idea of bullying and disrupting events you disagree with is horrific. Forgive me, but I must have missed your article on the disruption of seminars at the University of Toronto?

    1. Dude, we are not post modern feminists. Troll smarter.

      1. Never said you were – the point is, such tactics are horrible no matter who does them – something this article completely ignores.

      2. This is a “statement” from a group. This isn’t an article. Do you have a TBI?

      3. Seriously? When confronted with a reasonable, academic point, you resort to semantics and name calling. If you ever turn 5 and wish to have a serious academic debate, let me know.

      4. Dude, call me and we’ll set that up. 410-336-9857.

      5. Unless you’re in Australia, that’s not gonna happen, not calling an international number……

      6. You can Skype me at bugbrennan. Ta.

    2. What, and have my name, photo and out of context quotes published on, exactly like Greg below me has??

      1. You’re not actually harassing anyone. Do you plan to?

  11. In case you need reminding of the morality and the ethics of those organising this conference ( and since their previous web haunt the Radfem Hub is now defunct) you can check out these fine examples of gender stereotyping and hate ( heck the staff at the London Irish Center will be)

    Whilst a small percentage of the male population are violent and rape ( along with a small percentage of the female population) the Radfem intent is to label all men as potential rapists, part of rape culture, yet the vast majority of men abhor violence and rape, it is illegal and subject to prosecution and punishment.

    Similarly the vast majority of women deplore sexual bigotry , stereotyping and advocacy of male eugenics, Further exclusion on the basis of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation, is illegal and should be subject to prosecution and punishment, unless an exemption allowing the discrimination to take place has been sought and granted.

    In it’s absence denying anyone the right of attendance is and should be illegal. Open up your event up ladies, some interested parties will come sit quietly listen and recored everything and help you disseminate your “message” to a broader audience, is that not what you want , heck I know I do.

    1. So it’s “hateful” to notice that Men commit more violence than Women, but not hateful that Men actually commit more violence than Women?

      1. Anonymous · ·

        And women kill their children at a higher rate than men do. Using your logic, I have a moral imperative to make sure no mother is alone with her child.
        Correlation does not equal causation.

      2. Right, that has nothing to do with the fact that where you find women, you find children.

        It would be AWESOME if MRAs would work on initiatives to make sure Women have the support they need in child rearing, you should do that!

      3. Truthful Nacho · ·

        Someone should tell anonymous/I Can’t Think of a Creative Name that the phrase is “correlation does not imply causation”, and it certainly does imply just that.

    2. longshangui · ·

      Love that dude’s cup. “Fuck their shit up.”

      He can write whatever he likes, I see his cup showing.

      1. Yes, he wages valiant battle against a bunch of women talking on the Internet.

    1. anthony basta · ·

      did you honestly out a person who had a differing opinion than you? how about you post all of your information and we can send it to ‘bitches who need to be’. and it’s ok that you’re entirely sexist while screaming equality. I hope you get breast cancer and have to spend the rest of your life looking at the scars while repeating ‘i’m still a woman’. oh, and may you lose your ovaries to cancer as well

      1. Are you insane? No, I didn’t “out” someone with a “differing opinion.”

        I am out, feel free to come to my house and say this shit directly to me.

      2. anthony basta · ·

        i’d rather not come to your house, i’m afraid you’ll either make up a rape lie and call the cops or whatever the hell is making you so stupid will infect me as well. I get it, you want attention and you post outrageous things to get it. maybe you believe your shit, maybe you know your spewing crap, but people are looking at you so you must be important right? hopefully this one gets you right in the feels -> women have been oppressed and will continue to be oppressed, there’s nothing you can do about it. you’re too small and insignificant. while you post all these things more women are getting raped and there’s not a thing you can do to stop it. blogging, posting people’s names on a website, and championing your cause online isn’t actually accomplishing anything. maybe you sleep better at night, but none of those being raped while you sleep are feeling any better. you have no real power, evil exists in this world and is perpetuated endlessly, and your words don’t actually change anything, no matter how much you want them to. if you ever actually obtained enough momentum to seriously challenge people in power, you’d either be bought out or you’d disappear before you could accomplish real change. this world is unjust, people are fucked up, and there’s not a damn thing all your jawing will ever do about it.

      3. You seem angry. If you think saying “penis is male” is a cry for attention, I wonder what that means.

      4. anthony basta · ·

        half answers, personal attacks and logical fallacies. while they work on your blog, know your arguments are laughed at by people. You seem like you dont’ have facts to stand on and are incapable of rational arguement, so i’ll come to your level. you’re a stupid head. you seem like you havn’t gotten laid in a while. Bible says women’s place is behind a man, and women need to stay quiet; you’re defying God by being so outspoken, you’ll burn in hell with all the other sinners. learn how to make a sandwich and clean properly and maybe you’ll finally land yourself a husband. then you’ll finally have someone to take care of you and buy you pretty things. finally you’d be able to do what all women truly want: get pregnant, become a homemaker, and not have to worry about thinking ever again.

      5. Sure, dude. Have a nice day!

    2. Instructions: open press CTR and F or CMD and F on a PC enter “Bug” in the search field , find 5 comments supporting cherryblossoms eugenics diatribe. Same name same avatar but not the same person right!

      please provide evidence for you claim of me harassing women who disagree with me? or of extremism. the only extremism here is coming as usual from the radfems, the rest of us just want gender equality. But your delusional beliefs are so fixed you probably are incapable of understanding.

      1. Greg, you’re funny. So you think being concerned about causes of male violence = supporting genocide? No, sorry.

        You’re a nut!

  12. maybe you should move the venue to the United States were the constitution protects Freedom of Speech, even hate speech, like the one you promote. Don’t believe me? Check the Westboro Baptist Church.

    1. Oh look, a man comparing lesbian feminists who fight for an end to male violence to violent men who think lesbians are burning in hell.


      1. Seriously, for pragmatic reasons, you could actually have the conference in the US. They designed the amendment to protect unpopular, even hateful speech. When the WBC was taken to court for picketing funerals with their GOD HATES FAGS signs, the case went all the way to the supreme court, and it was ruled in favor of the WBC.
        If you do your conference in the USA, your message can get out. Your message can be accepted or rejected in the “marketplace of ideas” and you can even organize pickets with signs that read BUG HATES TRANS.

  13. NotALoony · ·

    See y’all @ Birkbeck 🙂

    1. That’s highly doubtful!

  14. A humanist · ·

    Ah, come on. These violent bad men! Why could they not talk to us peacefully like women do. Like in Toronto:

    Please, MRA, give peace a chance. Be peaceful like these women. There is no violence with women as you can see in this video. Women allow free speech any time, Bad MRA. Peaceful women, unite! Bad bad men…

    1. Dear lord, you don’t even troll correctly.

      1. Humen all over · ·

        So you like the good lord, another bad bad man. You like music from men, religions with manly gods…what else will we find out about you, you bad bad man lover? You even use a blog made by men. And write on a keyboard made by men. And use a computer designed be men. You bad bad man lover. When will you empower women with using things made by them? Like….bad answers? Home made violence? Knitted gloves? Some fancy abortion? There are so many good things made by women and you deny all of it. Bad bad Brennan.

        Maybe: how long will you answer trolls and store proxy IPs? Let’s see 🙂

      2. Lol at religion.

  15. There are so many IPs to use... · ·

    So, lets speak about Toronto: I thought you support suppressing of free speech. You liked it a lot when violent women stopped the congress. Why do you whine now about getting stopped yourself?

    1. Are you brain damaged?

  16. Proxy Man · ·

    This is really a bad comparison. As much as Westboro people disgust me, to compare them to you is really shameful for them. Only good comparison would be Nazis. Just replace “men” with “jews” and your own program is alost 1:1 to them.

  17. I think you should be able to have your conference, exclusionary and all, even though I don’t agree with hardly anything you or RadFems espouse. Freedom of assembly and all that…good luck.

  18. longshangui · ·

    Interesting all the stupid abuse you are receiving, Cathy. That’s because this has been linked twice in two days to the mensrights subreddit, so that’s why all these white crawling things are arriving from the woodwork. I hope you’ll publish a collection of their most hateful and idiotic remarks someday, after you finish suing a few. Could be some laughs there.

    1. I’m not reading most of it, it’s too nice out and I’m gardening.

    2. Antimisandry · ·

      White crawling things,. nice to see your racist as well as mentally damaged and self loathing….

    3. why is it a colour issue ? why is race something that should even be mentioned?

      1. Dude, why are you here? Shoo.

      2. Notice how they can’t own up to their own racism?

        Hey OP, I’m not white. Come repeat what you said to my face.

      3. You’re an idiot.

        Call me at 410-336-9857, I will say this to your ear.

  19. leglessingaza · ·

    Anyone else see the irony in this statement by “longshangui”

    …so that’s why all these white crawling things are arriving from the woodwork. I hope you’ll publish a collection of their most hateful and idiotic remarks someday, after you finish suing a few. Could be some laughs there.

    1. Maggots gonna maggot.

    2. longshangui · ·

      Thanks for quoting me, ya termite.

  20. For a women only group, who insist on sex segregation at their events, congratulations anyway on at least allowing dissenting and other sex voices on this blog.

    Some of your number think there should be less men. I agree. Angry Harry, a well known and well respected MRA, also thinks there should be less men – not 90% less, but certainly slightly less boys and men than women and girls, which can be achieved naturally, by simply not aborting female fetuses more than male ones as is currently the practice, which has led to between 50 to 200 million missing females depending on estimates.

    When there is a drastic shortage of males, female primates get violent, killing their offspring more often – and I would think also, becoming more violent between females (as is seen in human lesbian population’s DV levels) – perhaps female on female competition for sex from (the absent) men (yes, lesbians appear to want sex from men too according to their vaginal plethysmograph results, even though they (usually) personally deny it).

    So, even the radical separatist feminists, should include men in their groups, and even if they don’t like it, for the greater moral good.

    And male only groupings become more aggressive too, so to prevent rape, and violence by men against women (which lesbian separatists seem so rightly concerned about) women should, mix with the men even more.

    “I’m not comfortable around men” type positions do not justify sex segregation on a moral level.


    1. Hey man, as a member of the MRHM, I find this information particularly interesting. Could you please send a link to those primate studies you are refering to?


      I already know that human female primates have a more developed speech center than males. They are able to learn words much more quickly and articulate their thoughts more efficiently. This naturally means that they are able to rationalize their decisions better. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are more moral than men, it just means they are naturally better at moralizing their decisions than men…

      …which really explains a lot.

      (Go on, I dare anyone to say that I am sexist for suggesting that women are actually better than men at something)

      By the way, Cathy, a member of the MHRM is willing to salvage your conference. The only caveat is that you will have to let his mother and sister join in.

      Have you considered his offer yet?

      1. You do know I’m not the organiser of this conference, right?

    2. longshangui · ·

      Don’t come down too hard on Bonybutt here, it has to hurt. Probly those male primates get all aggressive because of those hard chairs they have to sit in now.

  21. Anonymous · ·

    I’m sick of being scared of men, but this stuff is making me more scared than angry. I’m staying far away from them….

    1. I think that’s a wise decision.

  22. Hey cuntlips, if you’re going to persecute Paul Elam and the rest of my brother MRA’s then I demand you persecute me too. Your nazi terror tactics have been exposed for the world to see. In reality you are far from from the innocent lamb you are the shewolf that devours the innocent. We have snapshots in your own words that you would love to commit grave crimes against half the human race,even to little boys. You are the evil and we are shining a light on your atrocities for all the world to see. We stood up to your evil and you don’t like it. There is one group that can relate to your position-they were the defendants at the Nuremberg war crimes trial and you are just as guilty as those defendants were.

    1. Hey, you should post those “snapshots,” because I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Also, your friend Paul Elam seems to think I wrote this post. I didn’t. I regularly post items like this on my blog when of interest to my audience. That’s why it’s in italics. But thanks for driving up my stats?

    2. longshangui · ·

      I went to Masculinist Man’s public blogs to see what he’s about. Here’s a typical example exhibiting his position, as a good MRA, on men of color.

      Apparently even other MRA sites can’t stand him. What’s wrong with having his avatar be Marc Lepine? Can it be because Lepine massacred a large number of women for being women? It sure is a head-scratcher..

      1. First of all it is “Masculist Man” not “Masculinist Man”.

        Second,Race baiters is published on “among other things” which has nothing to with gender issues. If you had read that in the heading you would have known that.

        Third, I helped out a black man,Brian Banks,while Jesse and Al did nothing to help him.

        As far as what fake MRA’s think of me: fuck them. They are no better than feminists and most of them are manginas anyway that is why I can’t stand them.

      2. Aww he sounds like Bev Jo talking about real MRAs. Cute!

      3. You know what would be awesome? A real MRA vs a real Radical Feminist rap battle.

    3. longshangui · ·

      Here is Masculine man on murdering women:

      “Marc Lepine faced anti-male affirmative action at his college and basically had his back to wall along with other men. He saw affirmative action give preferences to women just because they had cunts. He saw a Parliment that didn’t give a shit,a society that didn’t give a shit and had no legal recourse and this was the pre-internet days so he couldn’t start a blog to protest the injustice he experienced and chances are the old media was feminist controlled and censored critical information about it so chances are he saw little recourse but to take the action he took to show Parliment and society that it couldn’t just shit on men and those men be ignored.”

      God, it bugs me when people spell “Parliament” wrong.

      lots more at

    4. Truthful Nacho · ·

      See, this is the portion of anonymous that is black hat. Every faction seems to have em. The actual fer reals anon are anti-porn.

      And spellllinnggg wahhhhh. What? You can’t figure it out? That’s called having bad reading comprehension skills. Figure. It. Out.


  23. Anonymous · ·

    Please state the bullying and terror tactics committed by the MRA’s. Also, state the harassment, please.

    1. Anonymous · ·

      You…don’t see harassment in the comments here directed toward Cathy? LOL

      1. Apparently “cuntlips” is a term of endearment and Nazis are sweet? Who knew!!

  24. AnonymousII · ·

    Are you bigoted sexist dykes truly this deluded?

    You preach the genocidal extermination of men, throwing babies out of windows, retarding the brains of little boys by denying them the necessary nutrients before age six, and generally declaring war against heterosexuality (the pinnacle of all of evolution’s efforts at life creation), and you have the nerve to claim that those who believe in men’s human rights are terrorists?

    I suppose a lesbian can only conceive of a sexual act with a man as rape because female heterosexuality is a foreign concept to you that is not easy to imagine in your case. But your pathetic lack of a heterosexual imagination does not excuse your genocidal extermination plans, your insane rambling about all straight sex being rape (although I suppose it is to a dyke), or your disempowered victimhood whining.

    The psychotic ramblings at radfemhub notwithstanding, no woman in western civilization is in any way oppressed or discriminated against. It is men who are hated in this society, from Family Court to the workplace, and are demonized with sub-human classifications (dogs, pigs, etc…) similar to the KKK’s view of blacks and Jews.

    I’m glad that some of you dykes are scared of our political power. We will continue to expose your hatred of half the population just because of the way they were born. And we will shine a light on your Nazi rhetoric, rape hysteria, extermination plans, and your psychotic denial of the existence of female heterosexuality.

    We will only get stronger while you get weaker. You will never have any conferences. What are you going to do? Stand on the sidewalk and shout? We will be there with cameras to document every word you speak and expose your anti-male bigotry to the world.

    It is too late for you, or any other violence-preaching heterophobic feminazi terrorist, to stop us.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forget.
    We do not forgive.
    Expect us.

    IP address “” is located @ United States Illinois Elmwood Park

    1. Um, no. Sorry.

      I am Cathy Brennan. I am not anonymous. Expect that.

      1. AnonymousII · ·

        You hate half the population’s genetic code. You are heterophobic. You are a psychopathic eugenicist. And you are scum!

        Your ideology of hate and genocide will one day be erased, and it will be heterosexual women who will destroy your anti-male ideas and rape hysteria.

      2. You’re an idiot.

      3. oh my god so there is this horrribluh evil man hating radfem on teh internet called insectbrandon and so i used my super h8x powers of google. stupid slur didn’t even know she posted her name like everywhere LOLOLOLOL

        “CATHY BRENNAN” now the whole world will know her name AHAHAHAHA

        +1 MRA internet activisms


      5. AnonymousII · ·

        Do you think I’d actually be stupid enough to use my real email? That “email address” is just some nonsense I made up. Don’t bother sending me any hate mail. It will go to an email account that doesn’t exist. Or, it will go to some poor fool who knows nothing about this.

        And I wouldn’t bet on the authenticity of that IP address either…

        You’re not fooling anyone with your feigned innocence. Your statements on radfemhub have been fully documented. Your advocacy of mass murder will be exposed.

      6. Please feel free to expose me!

        Do you need a head shot for the press release?

    2. longshangui · ·

      So whose sockpuppet R ya? Paul, Dan, Eoghan? hey Eoghan/Sigil, you weighing in from Dubai? Where’s Fidey, BTW? Galoshes too wet yet?

  25. I am imploring anyone who comes here and identifies as an MRA, or member of the MHRM.

    Please be civil and polite. Don’t use the words “rape” and “fuck”. Don’t give those people a screenshot/victimhood badge that they will be able to use against the MHRM and most importantly, you.

    Cathy, I fundamentally disagree with your ideology and what you are advocating, but as the saying goes, I support your right to actually express it. I don’t support the UK law which deemed it illegal, as much as I don’t support laws like “Section 5” who are in desperate need for reform.

    1. Your fellow men’s rights activists disagree with you. And given that you’ve failed to articulate anything I believe, I can only laugh at you.

      Unless you think transwomen are female. Do you? Because that’s hilarious.

      1. Antimisandry · ·

        I think anyone mistaking you for a woman is deluded.

      2. LOL you sound like a Trans Activist!

        I am a unicorn pegasus.

    2. So I deduce, also, from your statement that you “disagree” with me, that you support rape and murder of women and children, you support porn and you support prostitution, you support compulsory heterosexuality, you support “traditional gender roles.”

      Yeah, you sound AWESOME.

      1. Gee, Cathy, that’s an awfully nice strawman you’ve built of me and the MHRM.

        Now excuse me while I burn it down and urinate on its ashes.

        I was not pushing my personal beliefs in your comments. I was just making an appeal to the basic logic and humanity of my fellow MRAs. I was also expressing my disgust at laws that limit the freedom of expression. If all this sounds foreign to you, I am sorry.

        I doubt this comment will pass moderation (as it focuses attentions on some of your humbug) but I am going to write it anyway.

        OK kids, it’s time for a basic lesson in logical fallacy. Mary take that gum out of your mouth! Jimmy put that 9mm away! Class is in session.

        So Cathy here is trying to convince us that her position “A” (Radical Lesbian Feminism which implies gender segregation and female supremacy) is the correct course of action to take. She also wants people to move away from ideological position “B” that is Men’s Human Rights and True Gender Equality.

        Let’s suppose that people who visit the RadFem hub have a flexible ideological position “X”. We therefore have:


        A= Radical Lesbian Feminism, Female Supremacy
        B= Men’s Human Rights, True Gender Equality

        Cathy wants “X” to move towards “A” but she knows that most people would find the very idea of gender based segregation and female supremacy laughable at best and dangerous at worst. She also wants people to move as far away from “B” as possible. So what does she do?

        Simple! She constructs an imaginary position “C”, which is basically the extreme vision of what she thinks of “B”. Therefore we have:

        A= Radical Lesbian Feminism, Female Supremacy
        B= Men’s Human Rights, True Gender Equality
        C= Rape support, Child Murder, Woman Slavery etc.


        By pointing out and shouting “C”, Cathy distracts “X” from the sheer absurdity and inhumanity of “A” and successfully manages to move “X” towards “A”. After all, nobody wants to be a child murdered, a rapist or a woman enslaver.

        …I am sorry Cathy, but, this is a bullshit tactic, pardon my French, and I am calling you out on it.

        People in the MHRM are not rape supporters, and do not want a return to “traditional” gender roles. Most of us just want a society where people are free to express their minds and are judged on their merits rather than the shape of their genitals. Others want to be considered decent human beings rather than beasts to be used and slaughtered. A very small percentage of us does support “traditional gender roles”, but then again, stupidity and inflexibility is not an exclusively feminist trait.

        As for our positions on porn and prostitution, they vary greatly. Some oppose it vehemently, others see the reality that porn (like drugs) exists because there is a market for it. The same goes for homosexuality, religion etc. The MHRM, like feminism, is not a monolithic entity.

      2. Sure, dude. Have a nice day!

      3. I actually respect anyone who has a strength in conviction like yours no matter how much I may or may not disagree with them.

        I also respect anyone who allows freedom of expression as much as you do.

        In that aspect, you are much better than the so-called “sex-positive” feminists (like the ones over at Skepchick), who refuse to let even the slightest anti-feminist comment pass through moderation.

        So… you are welcome… I guess…

      4. No one cares what you think. I certainly don’t. have a good day!

      5. tessietura · ·

        taking it that you hate everyone who isn’t a cis, lesbian, womyn born womyn you sound like a real ray of sunshine you hateful, spiteful old piece of cat shit. You should not have a platform provided for you so you can spew your hateful, transphobic garbage and I am glad your booking was cancelled. I am not an MRA (inb4 durhur “yes you are because you disagree”, no I am not and nobody gets to tell me what I am or has a monopoly on my values and beliefs). I’m sure outing trans people to those around them and misgendering them and contributing to the disgusting shit they have to put up with from people like you is really going to make the world such a lovely place. Your blog should be removed from this site as it is a disgusting, hateful, vile piece of work written by a sexually frustrated, deranged old lady who should have her computer taken away from her.

      6. Sure dude! Have a nice day!

      7. l3nsman · ·

        …And you just *had* to have the final word, didn’t you?

        Setting aside the dismissing nature of your response, what you are essentially saying is that the validity and credibility of my arguments is measured by how many people actually care for them.

        I am sorry, but this is another logical fallacy. Nobody might care about Pythagoras’ Theorem but that doesn’t make its logic any less valid (and beautiful) or it’s nature any less useful. Millions of people might care about what Mystic Meg says but that doesn’t make her a valid and useful source of information.

        (Hey! This is something you guys can use as well! See how useful and productive exchange of ideas can be?)

        Frankly, I am alarmed by your inability to form a valid counter-argument to what I am saying. You are supposed to be one of Radical Lesbian Feminism’s great thinkers and instead of showing this lowly bookish MHRM loser a proper intellectual smackdown you are essentially shouting “la la la I don’t hear you” at him.

        Oh, well, this is turning out to be a very good day indeed… for me at least.

      8. That’s nice. No one gives a shit about you. Be well.

    3. AnonymousII · ·


      Relax. No one is scared of these lesbos with penis envy. We all know that they cannot fit in to a world that is 90 percent heterosexual, and so they must redefine all heterosexuality as rape so they can feel right at home. Their terrorism will destroy itself. In the meantime, the good fight against female supremacy will continue. And there is nothing they will be able to do to us. Too many good men and good women know the truth, and the sexes will come together to purge this heterophobic ideology of hate from our midst.

      There is nothing to fear.

      We are Anonymous.
      Nothing is hidden from us.

      1. “Penis envy” LOLOL!

  26. […] shockingly, Men’s Rights Activists have descended on this blog since I posted a statement from the organizers of Rad Fem 2013 about the intimidation of the London Irish Centre by […]

  27. longshangui · ·

    Good to see the men posters here avoiding personal attacks. Good to see they’re all so thoughtfully addressing the issue, namely, MRA attempts to suppress women’s rights of free speech and association. Nothing like a good, issue-oriented non-derailing discussion. And the care they take to avoid piling on, it’s a tribute to their manlihood. The most awesome thing about them has got to be the respect for women they exhibit here. As a reward, let’s spend the whole day talking about their problems and what MRAs want.

  28. Shoegirl · ·

    This is Not your ground. This is not your community center. The London Irish center is paid for by British and Irish taxpayers, to support Irish people in London. You do not have a Right to appropriate our center designed to support our emigrants for your campaign of hatred. I will be raising this with my local politicians who have say in the Irish side of the funding of the Center as we should not be allowing the center to be misused for such nefarious purposes. If you want somewhere to spew hatred, please go do it somewhere else.

    1. Um, who are you speaking to? The organizers are British.

    2. The organisers are all British. I am one of them. We pay taxes. Thanks.

    3. ‘’; ‘’

      Good afternoon,

      My name is Cathy Brennan, and I am a lesbian activist and a lawyer from the United States. I write to voice my strong opposition to the decision of the London Irish Centre to renege on its contract with the organizers of Rad Fem 2013. I write this email in my personal capacity, representing no one but myself.

      When I first learned from the organizers of Rad Fem 2013 that the event would be held at the London Irish Centre, I was hopeful that Women would finally be allowed to meet in peace to discuss, among other things, issues of Male violence and erasure of Females from so-called equalities laws. My mother hails from County Louth, and my father’s family is from Kerry. My political consciousness was shaped first by my Irish Catholic upbringing and next by the politics and actions of the Irish Republican Army. Although my family eschews the violent tactics of the IRA – as I do – I was taught that to stand up for a noble cause in the face of injustice was required of all so able to stand. The hunger strikes and the death of Bobby Sands taught me that there are some causes worth dying for. I still believe this.

      I understand that you have cancelled this booking for two stated reasons. First, the Centre has come under fire from Transgender activists for hosting an allegedly “transphobic” event. Second, I understand that a handful of Men’s Rights Activists have threatened the Centre.

      As a Lesbian and a longtime activist, I have observed the label of “transphobia” used to stifle all dissent from Women. Women are no longer permitted to discuss issues that impact us uniquely because of our Female biology, be they rape, abortion, or sexuality, because our Female biology is somehow oppressive to Males who believe that they are Women. Never in the history of any civil rights movement has the rights of one allegedly oppressed group depended on the further subordination of another oppressed group, but this is precisely what has happened to Women with regard to “Transgender rights.” To call someone “transphobic” for simply asserting a boundary or a concern based on biological sex is a merely a tactic to ensure that Women no longer have a voice to speak about our shared experiences as Women. For asserting that Female biology exists, I and others have been called Nazis and threatened with rape and death. Indeed, transgender activists – who sometimes sound, oddly enough, like Men’s Rights Activists – have threatened my two minor children, all for my public willingness to state that Female biology matters and impacts how Women continue to be oppressed across the globe. Your decision to be cowed by claims of transphobia lends cover to these terroristic tactics by Transgender activists. This is what “Equality” has come to mean in 2013. If this vision of equality results in erasure of half the population, the only just response is to rebel. I question why we as Women are expected to deny a significant part of our humanity in order to validate the humanity of others. Surely, this is not justice. Your participation in the silencing of Women who assert the unique needs and concerns of Women puts you on the wrong side of justice, and does violence to your mothers, your sisters and your daughters.

      I have attached a letter I wrote with another lawyer in 2011 to the United Nations. In this letter, you will see that we set forth a proposal to rebalance the current language around rights for Transgender people so that they do not completely overrun the rights of Women. The assertion that I or any other person contributing to Rad Fem 2013 actively supports the denial of basic human rights to any person is simply false. I trust that you will be able to sort through the lies and propaganda put forth by Transgender activists and MRAs and honor your commitment to the Women who have planned to gather at the Centre in June.


      Cathy Brennan

      1. AnonymousII · ·

        Nicely done! Interestingly, you neglected to provide any quotes from radfemhub showing your support for the “basic human rights” of every person. This is probably because, on that defunct site, the genocidal extermination of men via eugenic manipulation is discussed, as well as the denial of proper nutrition to male babies in order to prevent them from growing up with a fully functioning brain.

        I’m very tempted to write my own letter to the Centre and give them the screen shots of all those radfemhub quotes. They can be found on Agent Orange’s blog under, “feminists say the darndest things.” Your redefining of all heterosexual sex (or PIV as you derogatorily put it) as rape on some level due to “power differentials,” makes the Puritans, and even the Muslims, look like sex addicts in contrast.

        Your prudery and heterophobia is only exceeded by your thirst for male blood, as documented by many lesbians’ (on radfemhub) desire to throw male babies out of windows, as well as lesbian childcare workers saying they feel guilty for taking care of “future rapists.” Lovely! Can a hate movement be more obvious?

        One of the funniest quotes from that site was a particularly demented dyke who said that any woman receiving an orgasm from a man is betraying every woman who ever lived! This is a level of psychosis that even Hitler never achieved.

        If I were a cliché New Ager, I’d say, “the power of love will stop you.” But instead, I’ll just say that no hate group can endure for long the light of public scrutiny. For this reason alone you will fail.

        I also got a kick out of you alluding to “the erasure of half the population.” Really? In this western matriarchy, that’s what you’re worried about? Let me end this with three facts:

        Fact I: Women live longer than men.
        Fact II: Women spend 70 percent of the money in the West.
        Fact III: Neither of these two facts was ever true in human history about an oppressed group.

        I think you’re only referring to lesbians and obese women when talking about fictional patriarchal oppression. As a woman I know once told me, “only a stupid women cannot control a man.” It is that reason that the MRM exists.

      2. You should do that. You will also note that none of those people are me.


    4. The London Irish Centre is funded by the Irish councils, yes, but some of its income is also from people like us who pay money to rent the facility. So, not only do we all as British citizens pay taxes to fund the Irish Centre, we also paid to hire it.

    5. I think it’s funny when drive-by commenters don’t come back to collect the facts.

  29. justinthehomo · ·

    I disagree with MRA’s trying to shut down your freedom of speech, and I’m not trying to make an excuse for them- however with language that practically eludes to killing and wishing death on males(often understandable language mind you.) I understand why you may be encountering this backlash- this does not and should not negate your right to gather and speak freely among who you wish to speak with. I’m not saying to tone it down by any means- I just want to pitch in on why this has happened with these MRA’s (I’ve argued with plenty, and while they have a point, they simply do not get it.).

      1. justinthehomo · ·

        Hole? They’re ok. I’m more into Ani Difranco and Le tigre though. Anyhow again I argue with these people all the time…I’ve quoted Daly to them, told them why negative things are said about men etc. They take it personally for whatever reason they can not separate the class from the individual.

      2. Victim blaming is victim blaming.

      3. justinthehomo · ·

        I’m not blaming the victim, I just don’t see many things as black and white, this being one of them.

      4. That’s nice.

      5. justinthehomo · ·

        Isn’t it though?

      6. Yes. If I was a man, I might feel the same way.

      7. justinthehomo · ·

        I do think it may require some objectivity.

      8. You aren’t “objective,” sir.

      9. justinthehomo · ·

        you’re right.Weighing the scales, I’m on your side. Having been targeted by mra’s myself (including the troll on this post.) I really just try to do my best to empathize with both sides…It’s not hard to admit why the rhetoric may upset men, not for me anyhow, but that doesn’t mean they are right for what they are doing. I just resent the implication that I was victim blaming because I said I understand their perspective. I didn’t say they where in the least bit correct.

    1. AnonymousII · ·


      Understandable language? Really? It is understandable, in your opinion, to wish death upon males? What do you think the feminist reaction would be to a bunch of males eluding to the extermination of women? Would that be “understandable?” I think not!

      Yes, we don’t “get it.” We “don’t get” how radical man-hating lesbians are given any legitimacy in our culture, instead of being thrown in the trash of political irrelevance along with the KKK, racist skinheads, and all others who hate people based on their genes. Instead, they are lawyers, university professors, and teachers who spread their heterophobic trash in their “gender studies” classes. That’s what we “don’t get.” How did such hateful scum acquire this power? I can only think of chivalry. Damn patriarchy, lol!

      You are a bigot. And it is YOU who “doesn’t get it.” Equality means we can’t tolerate this hateful garbage from women anymore than we can from men. Angry lesbian clichés and paranoid rape hysterics notwithstanding.

      1. Awww, poor sad man.

      2. justinthehomo · ·

        Maybe you should use some critical thinking skills and THINK about what men as a class have done to this planet and to Women (and gays, ethnic people etc.) Call me a bigot all you please don’t mind me calling you ignorant to reality.

    2. justin,
      It’s easy to turn everything into some theoretical philosophical debate club thing when it’s someone else’s ass that’s on the line. Nothing simpler than turning someone else’s suffering into an abstraction. When the bull kicks the dirt on the ground signaling he’s ready to kill you, you see the world as black and white. (but mostly black.)

  30. Lovekraft · ·

    Have you even seen the ‘peaceful’ protests by your ilk at the University of Toronto last year? Is this acceptable protest in your world?

    There is a word for people who accuse others of doing what they themselves do:


    What you fail to grasp is the notion that private property involves the right of said owner to refuse entry by those he/she wishes to keep out. And, judging by the actions of feminist radicals, this was a very sound decision. But you don’t accept the notion of private property, do you now?

    1. Please learn your troll target. Thanks.

    2. longshangui · ·

      Is “ilk”, like “elk”? Nobody like it when women are targeted for exercising their rights of free speech, but , are these radfems? No.

      “Private property”? Is this fool talking about a public uni? God it is hard to respond to 18 year old people.

  31. cathy. why did you leave tumblr. you know who i am. we were just starting to have fun. if you come back i can tell you a great story, the story of how one trans person orchestrated the biggest war in internet history. by gaslighting radical feminists and mens rights activists (and eventually, gaslighting the gaslight anthem but thats a different story) all attention was directed away from transpeople.

    its called false flag, and i was pretty successful i think. no but come on cathy seriously you are slipping. bugsy. listen to me. you are losing credibility. the radical feminist transwomen out there are even calling you out, and they used to be your biggest sidebar in the transcommunity! If something is wrong, my inbox is ALWAYS open.

    1. april x

      Also “radical feminist transwomen” don’t exist.

      1. bugsy, i put my blog name in this post. giving my IP is totally cool. although it IS 100kM off. im not trying to hide. but are you some kind of stalker? tbh posting that stuff is kind of weird. don’t you have important stuff to do? like your job as a lawyer? stalking teenagers online doesn’t seem like a good use of your time

      2. Do you know what “stalking” means? I’m guessing not, since you also think your dick makes you a laydee.

  32. Forgive me if this comes across as mansplaining, but if you wish to hold conventions in peace, it might help to drop the more hateful parts of your platform. As it is, you are getting what you deserve, and i hope that you do turn up at the center and try to force your way in so you can all have a nice long stay at Her Maj’s Hotel.

    1. Is it hateful to say…

      Men commit adisproportionate amount of violence?

      Penises are male?

      1. Kelly Zhane · ·

        Cum hoc ergo proptor hoc: By the same conclusion all owmen must be lying scum bags, who trick men into paying for other peoples babies, since only women can commit paternity fraud & the majority of all gold diggers are women (almost exlcusively)

        Correlation does not denote causation.

      2. Well, this has been fun. Cheers.

      3. Of course we commit a disproportionate amount of violence, we are bigger, stronger and are brought up to see violence as masculine. The hatred is in portraying the difference as being a moral or “essential”l one, which is something that radfems do all too often.

      4. Um, yeah. No shit.

      5. You don’t seem to understand what radical feminism is, sir.

    2. longshangui · ·

      Pigman, U aren’t as stupid as the usual. Correct, men commit, disproportionately, violence. Your solution? Do you think “education” will take care of it?

  33. Kelly Zhane · ·

    “Despite the fact that the organisers of this year’s Rad Fem 2013 were completely transparent about our intentions for the conference and the potential consequences of the London Irish Centre’s acceptance of our booking (i.e. harassment from men who don’t like us), the venue has been bullied by a bunch of men’s rights activists and the venue are considering cancelling our booking.”

    That’s certainly an amusing way of looking at it. But how about we tell this story without the revisionist history filter. What actually happened was your organisation spun a line of bull about being for equality & the venue had no reason to disbelieve you, until someone, we can assume an MRA showed the venue owners the Agent Orange files.

    At this point the venue holders decided you were not a group they wanted to get into bed with, given the fact that you are a pretty obvious hate movement… An lets not pretend you aren’t: Any group that actively advocates the extermination of all but a small minority of men, which will be kept purely as breeding stock, is a hate movement.

    So when you say: “were completely transparent about our intentions for the conference” what you actually mean is “we told them what we knew they wanted to hear, but not the part we knew they wouldn’t want to hear, like how we consider all male staff to not only be expendable, but should be executed”

    An when you say “the venue has been bullied by a bunch of men’s rights activists” What you mean is “crap, they gave them the Agent Orange files…. Quick everyone pretend you are just a silly little powerless girl, maybe they won’t think we are a threat.”

    An by “The reality is that the men’s rights activists have behaved unacceptably in their harassment of staff at the venue” you mean that they made the full story available to them.

    Honestly there really is nothing like feminist doublespeak… Were up means down, right means wrong, where anyone disagree with a rhetoric is harassing women & any male with the temerity to debunk long held feminist beliefs with silly little things like facts are immediately considered to be “mansplaining” regardless of actual gender.

    1. LOL at “agent orange files.” News flash – no one cares.

      1. Kelly Zhane · ·

        Oh somebody cared… You know who cared? The people who ran your venue… As will all of the other venues you could possible use as a replacement.

        Maybe you want to shelve that false bravado, you know, just until you cancel the rad fem 2013 conference, due to not having a venue.

        Turns out no one likes a bigot & no one likes a room full of bigots who will happily use your venue while wishing you personally dead. Who would have thought people would take such a violent dislike to such a concept?

      2. No, sorry. Keep talking though.

  34. radikit · ·

    JFC the amount of shit you put up with Cathy! Seriously what the fuck is wrong with men? Oh well, we know.. and so do they and they can’t stand it.
    I’ll see you at the conference! 😉

    1. Looking forward to seeing you! xoxoxoxo

  35. Anonymous · ·

    How come yet when private venue, Michigan womens festival,excludes people it’s acceptable yet when another private venue excludes you it’s a conspiracy?

    1. MRAs also attack Michigan. Except they call themselves “transwomen.”

      1. Anonymous · ·

        Still doesn’t explain why you think it’s okay to discriminant but it’s not for other people to do.

      2. I am unsure where you get the idea that I think discrimination is always bad or always good. Methinks you lack the ability to follow an analysis. Maybe you should read some of the other blog posts here.

      3. Anonymous · ·

        I understand perfectly well. You think it’s okay for you and your compatriots to discriminate but not for other people to do them same to you. Hypocrite

      4. No, sorry. Try again.

  36. Sorry to hear the event is getting harassment like this, personally reckon folks should just leave it alone. If you don’t agree with the events message then don’t go, that simple setting up an inclusive event elsewhere is a far more productive use of time and energy.

    1. You’re not the only person to say this, and yet Transwomen and Liberal Feminists pretend you don’t exist.

      1. I am a transwoman, and opposed this course of action , as did a large majority of uk transfolks, sadly it only takes 1 or 2 to choose a different path and ignore the majority. The term herding cats springs to mind.

  37. Anonymous · ·

    That’s what you get for condoning hate speech.

    1. What? Who? Where?

      1. longshangui · ·

        Jaysus this is boring, A bunch of asses flew in and attempted to challenge us as embodied people. Hey assholes, we have a right to meet and will regardless of venue.

        You have a problem with traumatized women expressing their fears in a private thread?

        Have fun, and please, cite whatever crap you invent. You will be observed, and cited, in turn.

  38. What’s people’s problem for fuck’s sake. People say sexism is over but they won’t even let women have something as harmless as a few days of conferences. It’s unbelievable.

    1. Kelly Zhane · ·

      Jose, the problem is sexism… The reason the conference lost its venue is because the conference itself broke the Equality act (2010). Remember sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex: Turns out that also includes forbidding men from joining & then also making it openly known that they also wont be accepting trans-gender women.

      1. Oh please. Don’t be so specious. We all know these kinds of meetings are always justified under the law. There are many similar groups, for example the Council of ex-muslims or the Pakistan’s women association, built from a set of criteria and lawfully justified because those criteria are socially relevant, like being born a woman in this world is.

        I can’t believe you want to prevent women from gathering and uniting at all. Divide and conquer, eh?

  39. It’s so awesome when MRAs advocate for “trans women.”

    Also, you’re wrong:

  40. LOL

    Telling the truth about your little organization = “terror tactics”. That’s cute. Sorry, society doesn’t tolerate your hate speech.

    Learn to deal with it.

    1. It’s not “hate speech” to know that men are violent towards women and penises are male. Sorry!

    2. LOL at “organisation”

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