Response from Ubaka Hill on MWMF

Response from Ubaka Hill:

I am compelled to respond directly to your direct request that I boycott the MWMF in August 2013.

First of all, thank you for showing the courage to take action for what you and others believe is right, just and worthy of a strategy of a boycott as a method to force change within an established socio-cultural-political shared value system. Historically, this strategy of change has been very effective and at times, not having a positive impact or outcome towards a desired goal.

I am an adult-child of the Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Rights Movement, Anti-War Movement, Anti-Apartheid Movement, Native People’s Rights Movement, Gender Equality Movement, Student Rights Movement, Environmental Protection Movement, Animal Rights Movement, Worker Rights Movement, including being a social-activist musician for positive social change from the age 17 till now age 56.

I have experienced and witnessed many very powerful and effective ways to push for positive social-cultural-political change. Boycotting was the last strategy, when all else failed, sometimes steps away from extreme actions leading to fear, misunderstanding, aggression, violence and sometimes war, leaving people splintered and separated. In this case, I feel that a boycott is an over qualified strategic action for a path to changing the MWMF core values and intentional gathering.

Some of our shared basic core-values as Human Beings are respect, dignity, cooperation, integrity, honesty, equality, fairness, peace, kindness, safety and freedom. These values I stand strong and courageous for, this is why I play and create the music and the songs I share with you.

I’ve come to learn from these historical movements for positive social-cultural- political change is that everyone wants understanding, respect and reconciliation as part of the process for peaceful and lasting change. I have also decided as I have become more expanded in my consciousness, that I will never again use my energy against anything, only for that which I want to bring into my personal and shared reality. We want the same, how we get it is where our humanity, strength and integrity shine.

My response to your courageous request that I cancel my Drumsong Workshop and the Drumsong Performance by participating in a strategy of a boycott against my own employment, my fans, my students, my peers, my musical, spiritual and cultural community of womyn and against the collective MWMF community, this is not the method of change that I want to participate in. They old ones would say “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face “. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. I do listen to the teachings of the Elders. I speak only of the method and not the essential cause of which I want more inclusion in the discussion of change through peaceful dialogue and interaction. We must be watchful of horizontal hostility. There’s got to be a better way !

“A true revolutionary has a deep sense of Love,” Che Guevara

I would love to participate in the powerful process of understanding, making way for mutual respect, leading to reconciliation towards peace and happiness for the highest good of all. 2013 is about relationship building, elevating the conversation, mindfulness, compassion, healing, forgiveness, expansion and transformation. These are very delicate times of change, change and resistance to change can be very uncomfortable while necessary. The human species is changing on the evolutionary timeline, new branches of the Tree of Human Life is introducing new ideas to us, new possibilities, new ways of being and expressing our Human-ness yet to be define or named, while the branches that are already well defined and established provides a foundation for growth. We do stand on and rely upon each other’s shoulders along the way of the path of self-discovery, expression and survival.

“Desiring to be with ones own likeness is not a statement against difference or diversity it is a desire for same-ness.”

Defining our selves, according to ourselves and maintaining our own self-identity is historical and in the natural order of the human experience. Birds of a feather do flock together, this is in the natural order in nature, as there is value and benefit to this instinctual nature for comfort, safety and survival in same-ness. There are times when I need to be with “my people” and times when I need to be with a diverse community. Most children prefer to be with other children their age, this we understand, respect and support as natural behavior. Feeling separate and left out is an unwanted feeling by anyone. Desiring to be with ones own likeness is not a statement against difference or diversity. This I must respect for me and for others.

I can feel the negative vibrational energy by my name being listed on your performer target list of the petition. I do not want to be associated or affiliated with this call to action. I ask that my name, which means “Unity Is Best ” be removed or perhaps linked to this communication. Please post or share this communique publicly with all members of our shared communities and I will do the same for transparency and understanding.

Let’s let the Love of our shared values guide our actions towards each other with the highest expression of our human potential. The patriarchal model for change is waning with the old paradigm of force, pain and suffering. As we evolve with our humanity intact, know that we are all in this together ! We can have unity in our diversity ! The respect of our unique differences is to appreciate and celebrate our own reflection that ultimately reveals our essential one-ness. I am a proud woman-born-female, I am biologically and energetically self-defined, and just like being in the forest or a garden, I appreciate unique self-identities of our human quilt, and yet for me, ultimately at the end of the day….my Soul authentic, not ethnic and has no gender, therein lies my true identity from where I express my humanity !

Thank you for this great opportunity to be part of this process. Invite me into your circle, I will come with my drum, a open heart and open mind. May we all know peace, community and freedom!

From My Heart to Yours, Ubaka Hill


  1. Does that mean she wants the women of color tent to be integrated?

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