This Is Not A Lesbian Issue

Autostraddle, this is not a Lesbian Issue.


  1. From the post: “The past year alone has brought us an SNL skit mocking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), an invasive and judgmental Nightline “documentary” on trans* youth, drummed-up controversy over Chaz Bono’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars, and ABC’s Work It.”

    I would *love* to be able to point to only four crappy media things about women in the last YEAR. Color me unimpressed.

  2. Hierarchies of “passing” in the trans community– particularly in the specific context of transwomen– is NOT a lesbian issue.

    Lesbian is a SEXUALITY, not a gender.

    Further, sex is not gender! Sex is not gender. Sex is not gender. This article conflates the two, by insisting that sex does NOT MATTER. In fact, sex has grave consequences for almost all women. Stating this is not transphobic; it is honest.

  3. Cynthia · ·

    Ugh, what is this post doing on that site and why are so many trans women around on there to keep the chat going? I generally dislike censorship but this is one of the reasons I enjoy blogs like this that censor irrelevant ramblings about “baww baww twanz issues” from infecting unrelated spaces.

  4. Cynthia · ·

    On another note alongside Lishra’s comment, if all they have to complain about is humour based on merely some of the members of their group, then they should be colouring themselves lucky.

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