We Don’t Need No Education

One of my all time favorite movies is Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Have you seen it? It features the incomparable Peter Sellers (one of my all-time favorite actors, male or female) in four different roles, including Dr. Strangelove, who invented The Bomb.


I’m also awesome in I Love You Alice B. Toklas.

It’s a satire about the fear that permeated the consciousness of Americans during the Cold War of the 1950s and onward, where one superpower – the United States – continually engaged in psychological battle with another superpower, the U.S.S.R. There are any number of excellent histories on the Cold War, including many by Anne Applebaum, check them out. There’s also I Love Lucid: The Cold War, Feminism, And The Ideation Of The American Family.

This isn’t a post about the Cold War though. This is a post about the Language that Transwomen/Men/Allies deploy in their never-ending battle to intimidate Gays and Lesbians (but especially Lesbians) into accepting their propaganda about Gender Identity as Gospel Truth.

I have written about some of the verbal tics of the Queer folks before, including how Transwomen sound a lot like violent Men.

Here’s another interesting tidbit I found back in the Fall of 2012.


To hell with psychiatrists; this one is a case for the gulags.

Transwomen/Men/Allies use this language against Lesbian activists when Lesbian Activists assert a boundary based on biological sex.

We need more “education,” and some of us require more extreme education measures than others.

Do you know the Gulags?

This Tumblr user – nydwracu – who is also on Twitter and WordPress – seems to be a poseur manarchist who throws words around that he doesn’t understand in an attempt to bolster his hipster credibility, so I am unsure that HE knows the Gulags.

Ok, so Man tells Lesbians that we need … SOMETHING… because we know biological sex exists.

Do you know the Gulags?

Gulags were prison camps for political prisoners established by communist governments in the former Soviet Union (and elsewhere).

“(T)he Gulag held political prisoners, a group including not only real opponents of the Soviet regime but also many innocents caught up in the paranoid clutches of the Soviet secret police. Most prisoners were the victims of arbitrary and severe legal campaigns under which petty theft, lateness, or unexcused absences from work were punished by many years in these concentration camps.”

If you disobeyed the dominant culture in any way that displeased the dominant culture, the Government sent you to a brutal prison camp with harsh and often deadly conditions. The Gulag also served the function of “reeducating” these dissidents, so that they may once again become productive members of society.

Show of hands…

How many times has a Queer Person or a Transgender Person or an Ally of a Transgender Person told you that you need more “education” on Transgender Issues, or that if you *knew* a Transgender person, you would “think differently.”

It is a common tactic in  Queer activism for Transwomen/Men/Allies to tell Lesbian Activists that Lesbians need “reeducation” to know that Transwomen are actually Women.

This tactic, of “continuously reeducating” a willing flock of lemmings, I’m sorry, ALLIES, through the “check your privilege” Internet Social Justice Culture, is also readily observable any time a Transwoman has hurt feelings (you can page through Laurie Penny’s Twitter to see her grovel for forgiveness every time she’s accidentally concerned about Women’s issues and a Transwoman calls her out for being “transphobic.”).

Oh, Woman, you are talking about Abortion as a Woman’s Issue?

That’s Transphobic, because Men need abortions.

Oh, Woman, you don’t recognize prostate examinations as a Woman’s Issue??

That’s Transphobic, because Women have prostates.

You don’t think my surgically constructed hole is a Natal Vagina?

Bigot. Let me show you how my surgicially constructed hole is BETTER.

Oh, you don’t think my Penis is Female?

Bigot, let me plan a conference to collaborate with other Transwomen about the best ways to manipulate you into seeing things MY way.

Repeat a lie often enough…


We don’t need any more Education about Trans issues.

We are Trans critical BECAUSE we know Trans people and because we can read.

And more and more of us decide each day  that we would prefer to endure the social cost of speaking out against the conservative ideology of Gender Identity than the emotional cost of disrespecting ourselves and our own experiences.

And we hope for that day when the QUILTBAG Community and the Liberal Community might actually tolerate dissent from whatever the Party line is (and whoever was elected to create this party line, shame on them!)

Your Thoughts Do Not Belong To You.

Your Thoughts Do Not Belong To You.


  1. Shouted down one too many times · ·

    Curious… within the “Community,” out of the whole panoply of acceptable gender expressions and ideations, there is exactly one, and only one “identity” which is absolutely, positively and completely verboten! That “identity?”


    That;r right… the one thing that cannot and will not be tolerated is a born male renouncing all claim to male privilege and it’s special-ness, and then…quietly and meekly assuming a second class status as female no different than any other.

    Perish the thought! That anyone born male might have had and an issue about their sex organs being wrong for them rather than their gender… (cause we all know that the penis rules!) and if that issue of sex is in fact corrected as far as is humanly possible… And if. being more than painfully and completely aware of the unscalable limits between them and natal women, yet they still wish to simply move on and become as best they can, the, wives, and mothers they have always needed to be… sans any and all desire to rub their painful past in everyone’s faces… they are branded heretics of the worst sort and having been so branded, they given the exact same treatment that any woman who denies them receives… bullying, vilification, endless harassment, and in the end, erasure… like I said… curious, no?

    1. Female is not an identity.

  2. Shouted down one too many times · ·

    That’s exactly my point! Female isn’t an identity! Female has never been identity, anymore than male is! Yet here we are, whenever the subject is broached talking about such utter nonsense! This is why it’s become completely impossible to discuss even the most basic facets of this subject with the least hope of rationality, because two steps in we use their words, and as soon as we begin using their words we become hopelessly mired in the trans-tar-baby lexicon they’ve created because they control the language!

    Why is that? Why DO they control the language? Why is it they but insist upon using their new speak when it not only erases what is female but what is transsexual as well? Whom you should be asking does this “great equality” serve? Find the answer to one and you find the answer to the other!

    1. Because men rule the world.

  3. Shouted down one too many times · ·

    correct, but trite… might as well say “because the world is an unjust place,” or “Because it is a woman’s lot in life” While it certainly feels good to stick an easy label out on it, like “Because men rule the world.” It does little towards actually fixing that injustice!

    Look, the only reason they, and I am speaking here of the unwashed legions of men in dresses, get away with it is they are allowed to keep their stolen narrative. When they are exposed, pun not intended, as was Colleen Francis. They always trot out the narrative of transsexual. They are not transsexual, they are not women, and they are most certainly NOT female. But, as long as they can keep up the obfuscation making the world think that these are all the same. They can keep on hiding behind the ones too weak and certainly too few to stop them from doing it!

    Separate transsexual from “trans” and their house of cards falls apart. Draw that bright line they fear more than anything betwixt the many and the few, and the few get their treatment and move on, never to darken your doors! Do that and it becomes crystal clear to everyone that the hoards of “loud and proud really are nothing but men with ill designs upon women and women’s spaces.

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